PlayStation Home: Modular Stage Set, Lake House, Zombie Companions, & More!

There’s quite a variety of new content releasing this week! With today being Gran Turismo 5 launch day, we’ll get started with some GT5 news. In the cinema we’ve got a new GT5 trailer for you to drool over if you’ve not picked up your copy of the game yet. Better yet, you’ll earn a GT5 race suit costume as a reward for watching! Make sure to grab yours, as we’ve secured some great GT5 prizes to give away and you’ll need one of the GT5 race suit costumes for a chance to win! If you haven’t already, make sure to check out the GT5 Facebook app.

PlayStation Home: Racing

Ever find yourself wanting a pet to add some life to your personal space? A loyal creature to take for walks through Home Square? In that case, say hello to the newest in Home essentials: Companions. Drop into the nDreams store this week, where they have the first two companions: Nipper and Benji. The best part? They’re zombies, so there’s no need to feed them!

Race over to Estates this week, where you’ll find the Lake House personal space. This spacious, extravagant, and modern waterfront estate comes complete with awe-inspiring views and is the perfect addition to your virtual real estate portfolio. With an open floor plan, this is the perfect place for hosting your next party!

PlayStation Home: luxury

If you are into making machinima, LOOT has the perfect personal space for all your video editing needs this week. The Modular Stage Set offers you unprecedented levels of control over all aspects of the machinima creation process, including backdrops, lights, camera systems and more! Included with the space are the portable Active Camera and Active Light items, allowing you to film in any personal space you own. To help you with creating the best possible machinima, LOOT are also releasing themed stage prop bundles. The first two of these will be available this week – Spacecraft and Talk Show – and there are plenty more to come!

PlayStation Home: Stage3

PlayStation Home: ActiveLight PlayStation Home: Air Bundle

PlayStation Home: Spacecraft Bundle

PlayStation Home: LOOT

Some great additions to the Shopping Centre this week, ranging from clothing through new pool table designs. Look for the latest fashion in ladies skirt and halter neck tops in the Lockwood store, then swing by Billabong where there’s new stock of beach wear. Make sure you don’t miss the latest in the V-Store: Judge Dredd costume and posters!

PlayStation Home: dredd

PlayStation Home: billabong

Finally, Lockwood have let us know that a few select items will be coming off the shelves at Lockwood, specifically:

  • Guardian Circlet of the Sunless Kingdom
  • Sorceress Tiara of the Sunless Kingdom
  • Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom

If you have these already, don’t worry, this isn’t a recall, so if you’ve bought any of the above items they will be safe. However, if you’ve been thinking about picking up one of these lovely items, then get your skates on, as after this week’s maintenance Lockwood are taking them off the shelves.

9 Author replies

I want that GT5 racing suit


Damn Epic update guys looks sweet

Judge Dredd FTW i am the law


For confirmation:

Is the suit from the video going to be the same as the one on Facebook or different?

If you use Twitter, look us up: @PSHomeEU

Link to the GT5 Facebook app where you can earn the black suit was tweeted earlier today. A white version of the suit will be rewarded in the cinema from tomorrow.

When will the app be fixed? I’ve tried it again just now, and I’ve tried a fair few times today, and it still won’t give me a code for the GT5 Suit, even though I have done what is requiered in order to get it.

Carnivius_Prime 24 November, 2010 @ 18:13

Judge Dredd costume! OK I’m having that.

That_Girl_Daisy 24 November, 2010 @ 18:26

Is the codeglue female pack a possibility for next week? :)


I’m not sure exactly when it will be released, however it’s very close.

AlphaDogOnline 24 November, 2010 @ 18:34

Do you have to buy the different bundles, or do you get them all with the apartment ?

Also, how much will the apartment be


The add-on modules are sold separately.

Whatever happened with the gamelaunching, a virtual garage, the GT5 (Prologue) game-pods?

Still Tac For the Masses the Film lot looks cool but it outdated it was out ages ago, i don‘t need or forced to go on the Cash-cow & i haven’t been on for ages apart from the 1.41 update.

@Alex anynews about Namco homespace it‘s 30th anniversary of pacman the Game is out Pacman:CE-DX it be nice if we get Namco space Soon. :|


Check again … The Modular Stage Set is a completely revamped and massively improved version of the original Stage Set previously released for SCEA only. This new version is definitely a big improvement for those interested in creating machinima in Home.

Ps if i had a Zombie pet i will Name him/her Alex ;)

Great update this week, just one question Alex, why is GT5 so awesome?

whiteboy38rams 24 November, 2010 @ 19:34

i got my gt outfit from facebook :) is then one from cinema different ?? any pics of zombie companions please , brilliant update , thanks :) best get a psn card now :)


Cinema one is a different colour :)

i did just that & Yes it much better Then old SCEA Stage-set i admit the cash-cow is getting better but still loads to approve & some-one told me that Home be out of beta by Year‘s End.

is that true :o


No, it isn’t. That’s a rumour that was debunked months ago.

Yup, looks like a good one this week (apart from the unfuriating Facebook App of course!) – sweet. :)

I mean ‘infuriating’ of course – see what it’s done to me!!! :D

devilwithoutfear 24 November, 2010 @ 22:01

Still no Tekken/SoulCalibur Home area that Japan has?


Guys where is the GT5 trailer in Home ive looked in the cinema or is in a different location?


It’ll be in the cinema after maintenance, which always occurs on Thursday mornings.


I’ve gotten the outfit from the facebook app and it shows up under personal>my purchases but I can’t find it in my wardrobe. Anyone else have this issue?


Have you checked your storage section?

very good Update, gonns get all that stuff, apart from JD ;)

Are we getting the two spaces the US got soon Alex?


Not this year. The “Gathering Place for Cave Explorers” is currently being localised. The Konami space will be released when Konami feel that the time is right for the EU, as the space is heavily influenced by a title that is not yet available here.


Thanks Alex, to you and the team. Due respect and appreciation aren’t given in some of these posts, but the silent majority think you’re doing a bang-up job. Thanks again.

Thanks Thylaudax for news, I have few questions for you :

1. The new konami penthouse is also planned in europe?

2. When Gathering place will be available?

3. Heavy Water tatoos?

4. and finaly when irem beach content (update USA 11th november 2010) arrive in SCEE?


1 & 2 – see above your post

3 – We’re aiming for sometime in December

4 – As soon as Irem have it ready for us

Yes Alex when are we getting the konami space i laugh when ppl say This is a great update Wrong week after week SCEA got a Big home team that can deliver better More content then us.

I also Know who Konami loyalty to Not to EU that a fact No MGS-PW on sale only in SCEA we pay 32 quid for a digital content each day konami becoming less of my Fab devs. :(

so i got some of these codes (track suit and a car) from the facebook app. however they do not seem to be working. Is it because I have a USA account? please don’t tell me it’s for EU accounts only. if it is, i have 2 codes up for grabs as i can’t use them.


I’m so excited about Stage Set and that it’s finally here as I have been waiting for that space out of all the other spaces for over a year and a half now, will definitely be creating some cool machinima in Home. Just one quick question Alex, Does it still have the huge green screen? Thanks again :)

Thanks for the answers Alex

How do I get the My Chemical Romance suite? :( Have I missed it? I’m a big MCR fan.

You didn’t miss it. It was only available for the North American version of Home :|

It’s not the same space…

Yes, it’s EU only.

The Facebook app is STILL broken! Maybe you should just give out the codes instead, so we dont have to keep messing about with it!


thats awesome

[url=]PS3 Trophies[/url]

After latest update of ps Home I cannot access it :S During start it tells me “You are not old enough to play this game” or something similar. It worked perfectly before and I’m 27 y.o. Has PS Home became 30+ only!?
I will be thankful if any of admins can look into this issue. Thanks!


sony is really serious about this pshome. Does somebody even go there I’ve only been in home like once lol

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