ModNational Holiday Greetings!

Happy ModNation Monday, PlayStation.Blog!

Josh here with a petrol-fuelled ModNation Racers update.

ModNation Mondays!

With the festive season just around the corner, we’re giving you the opportunity to add some Christmas calamity to your tracks. In this week’s PS Store publish, you’ll be able to get your hands on the ModNation Holiday Parts Pack!

Create a winter wonderland with six scene props: a Snow Fort, a Christmas Tree, a Christmas House, a Reindeer, a Candy Cane and a Wreath.

Cause massive pile-ups with five festive track props: Presents, a Teddy Bear, a Snowman, a Toy Soldier and a Sleigh.

And don’t forget to unleash some icy mayhem with a brilliant dynamic prop: the Snowball Launcher.

ModNationRacers Holiday ModNationRacers Holiday

ModNationRacers Holiday

ModNationRacers Holiday ModNationRacers Holiday

We’ve been blown away with your creations using the Stunt and Carnival Props Pack, so can’t wait to see what mischief you will cause with this festive pack.

Don’t forget that qualifying sessions for the ModNation Racers European Tournament kick off this evening, so be sure to check how your nation are performing on the ModNation Community Site.

See you in the ModSpot!

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Need a snow theme!

On the European MNR Tournament France Vs Portugal : France Win Tonight Enjoy ;)


Let the best team win! ;-)


Guess the new parts pack is the same price as the others (€4.99)?


That’s correct!


♥ This game, as well as these theme add-on packs. :D


How about some MNR DLC code giveaways on the E.U blog? Jebus knows the U.S blog has had a few!


Keep your eyes peeled over the coming weeks ;-)

What an let down :(
Where is a new theme!!!???? Snow and ice would be perfect.


Need some help Josh!

On the Irish store the MNR DLC was in 2 groups, one for BCES-00764 & one for BCES-00XXX (cant remember what it was). The DLC that works with my copy is the BCES-00764 version but went on the store today and there is only one group of MNR DLC with no mention of any required BCES number.
Not buying the new pack until i know that it’ll work with my version of game. Any idea whats going on?


Apologies for the confusion, we’ve updated the Store text to save future confusion! You will be able to access the content no problem :)


So it’ll 100% work with BCES-00764? Just checking as i know SCEE are not fond of giving refunds!


I’ve had a word with our PSN Operations team who have confirmed that all future ModNation content will appear on the store without a BCES code reference. Once you have purchased the DLC, you will have the option to choose between and download the correct BCES version. Hope that helps?


Seems there might have been a mix up with DLC with the U.K & Irish stores, Josh. Have a look at comment #229 on yesterdays store update blog post.


Does indeed! Cheers!


I’ve downloaded the DLC (& Dead Nation!), all is good.

However, now that we have the option to choose between & download the correct BLES version, the store guys should remove the “You need BLES-00764” from the info box?

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