The First Of Many December Treats For Plus Members

Hi Guys, it’s already time to give you the first instalment of your festive December treats.

So here goes…

New PlayStation Plus Content

…You may have seen Alex’s post last month about LittleBigPlanet 2 and the amazing new game coming to PSN on 15 December: Sack Boy’s Prehistoric Moves. We thought you guys might like this so we are giving it to you completely free and one week before everyone else on PSN. New, free and early!

Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves

The second treat today is also LBP2 related. We were gutted we couldn’t give you the first LBP2 beta exclusively but to hopefully make up for it a little, we have managed to persuade the guys to extend the LBP2 beta for you Plus members. The numbers are unfortunately limited but if you have been chosen then you should have already received an email and are hopefully playing, creating and sharing as we speak.

Another treat for this month is something you have been asking for: There are two Dead Nation Avatars now available for download. Check out your exclusive ‘Hero’ and ‘Heroine’ avatars today.

Dead Nation Zombie Avatars - The Heroine Dead Nation Zombie Avatars - The Hero

And finally, today you will be able to download a selection of free Hustle Kings avatars. Download them quickly though, as they will only be on the Plus section for two weeks.

This is just the start of the December treats so keep your eyes open for another update very soon.

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Nice :D

And this is a dam quick comment LOL!

Thank you for Sack Boy’s Prehistoric Moves!

James, can I have your email address? I have a few bugs with PlayStation Plus you should be made aware of and one major problem with the service overall.

i said this last time james but don’t know if you saw it so here goes.

Can you guys stop giving us PSN titles that don’t sell well anymore? i mean astro tripper is what 2 years old? don’t you think that loads of people would have said title? you need to give us recent titles as the PSN game. or give us a choice of what game we would like.

I would like tales of monkey island ;)

Oh and if you could get a day 1 discount for the bad company Veitnam pack that would be awesomesauce


Hi, Thanks for the suggestion i will pass it one for you. the content team are constantly trying to bring new titles to Plus and they also do research into which titles Plus members own so existing titles are chosen based on that.
I’m sure these and the rest of the Dec treats will more than make up for Asto Tipper if you already own that.

Woohoo! Time to get up the move controller!

thats a great start, you say first of many! can we expect something every week till xmas?


I wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise but there is plenty more to come! Watch this space

Shame that Prehistoric Moves is MOVE controller compatible only but I’ll take the avatars, thank you very much.


but thanks for the free avatars :)

Move only, what a joke.

Thanks Plus team.. very appreciated. :)


very welcome!

Carnivius_Prime 08 December, 2010 @ 11:19

the LBP game is on the regular store anyways though you have to pay for it. i accidentally bought it. I have a Move but no local friend to play with :(

I never thought i’d say this but thanck you SCEE for the FREE LBP add on.. its great and me an the missus really like it


Glad you like it!


Fantastic. If I had PS Move of course…


Ther perfect excuse to get it!! Move is really great fun but there will be plenty more extra treats this month so don’t worry. ;-)


Great stuff guys thanks! Early, free and a brand new game! WHOOP WHOOP!


– How many plus subscribers actually got the LBP2 Beta invitation? And how many plus members there are in Europe?


… and a free minigame if you first purchase a 70€ controller.

Fail again.

that is awesome, thanks guys….though I thought there was 5 dead nation avatars?…


Sorry, my bad, there was a last min change to the original plan and we could only get 4. Still extra for you though and plenty more to come ;-)

max_resistance 08 December, 2010 @ 11:31

got my lbp2 beta yesterday now i am very happy plus is starting to be very good value for money thanks :)

There no need for Ross to post a heads up store update as it‘s Now live. :o

SCEE you feeling alright why the early store update.

it‘s Not the Best store update but it not the worse either you get 1 extra point for store update on time, i hope the calm before the storm was for next week & not today. :|


Carnivius_Prime 08 December, 2010 @ 11:34

I’ve spent near £30 on the store this week. I think that’s the most I’ve spent ever in one go on there. I been waiting for more Alien Breed and to play Kung Fu Live for ages.

Merry Christmas ;)

Great stuff, nice Dead Nation avatars :D Need to buy a PSN card to get Dead Nation tomorrow, can’t keep my card details on my PSN as I spend money i haven’t got lol Also nice mini game to give us aswell, sackboy FTW :D PS+ FTW :D

Aww man, I really thought I was going to get into the LBP2 beta this time around :( I play LBP a lot and I’ve bought a load of LBP DLC, and I have Plus. Ah well, I guess the demo will be out soon… *sob*

A new free LBP game?! With Move support? Awesome guys!

Hmm no ps + deal for kung-fu live :(
And why is kung-fu live more expensive than dead nation? Dead nation in us cost 14.99$ and kung-fu live 14.99$ but here in sweden dead nation cost 120 but Kung-fu live cost 130kr!!!

Is LBP2 beta available from 22nd or just on the 22nd? I am going away and won’t be back until 30th! Aaaagh


Hi, as far as I know it will not just be for one day so you should be fine. I’ll check for you though

I’d hardly call avatars a treat.


Sorry the new free game isn’t any good to you but the avatars are just the start of the months treats that i’m sure you will love

Got in the beta! Thanks MM :)


“This is just the start of the December treats so keep your eyes open for another update very soon.”

Can’t wait. ;-)

Anyway, thanks very much for Sack Boy’s Prehistoric Moves and all the avatars.

PS+ subscription is definitively worth it ! :-)


Glad your enjoying Plus and hopefully you will love the other treats even more ;-)

Wow thanks guys, this is really awesome! PS+ is more than worth the money you pay and yet there will always be people who complain.




“We thought you guys might like this so we are giving it to you completely free and one week before everyone else on PSN. New, free and early”

Incorrect. Its currently available to ALL PSN users, regardless if your a PS+ Member or don’t have PS+.

Last time I looked, thats not really early :P

Thanks skipping my comment. I have a couple of major issues with PS+ I’d like to actually bring up with you, oh well I guess VG247 and Kotaku will hear about it instead.


Hi, I haven’t skipped your comment but am just waiting for a colleague to get back so I can direct you to the best place to share your issues. As you can imagine, I really can’t give my email out on here as I would have to work 24 hours a day to get through the emails!!! Please feel free to add your comments/issues on here and I will be able to see them?

Where’s your mate with the Store Publish? Contents up but no bloggy. Give him a kick, I want to know what’s on for today. :)

James Gallagher 08 December, 2010 @ 12:07

Working on it – everyone seems to have the flu at the moment so I’m spinning a lot of word-plates right now.

James do you know if SCEA will get the SCEE Plus Home space and other new items?

Hell-Raiser-85 08 December, 2010 @ 12:09

Nice update James. Any hint on the treats to come?

I would much rather do this privately with the product manager if that is ok? Like I said this could impact people actually signing up to the service and I’d rather not make it public if I can get it sorted. I have been through customer support and my contacts in the R&D divisions at SCEE and they all say I need to speak with who ever is in charge of the service if this is to be rectified. I have even sent Andrew House an email regarding this issue. You can message me on twitter or via PSN with contact details. My twitter is @chrissmithster


Bit off topic but could we have the playstation plus store section listed on the psp, so i could see the offers easier.
At the moment i have to look them up on the ps3 or online then find the games in the store.
many thanks

Great news! This is what we want!

1 other recommendation if that’s ok James :)

Can we get a 1 hour trail of the new harry potter game? i know EA and sony get along very well so i figured i’d ask and see if it’s possible.

I just saw the NEO GEO offers for PLUS members: one word: fantastic!

Great month for PS+ subscribers (I just LOVE classic games!!). Keep up the good work!!

I’ve been looking forward to this, had a quick whizz on the LBP2 beta the other night, that was a very pleasant surprise in my email inbox!

Btw, I’d like to second that other guy’s request for Tales of Monkey Island!
I’ve got the two remastered versions and have been enjoying reliving my teenage years of gaming, so the new installments would be very welcome!:)

sharpenedpixel 08 December, 2010 @ 12:32

Wow, I wonder how many people own a PS3, know what PSN is, subscribe to Playstation Plus and have a Move peripheral and are psyched for the minigame? Major fragmentation xD If it was guaranteed that I would get into the beta if I bought Plus now and it would be waiting for me I would be there straight away. As it is, it doesn’t seem like a ‘treat’, just an unexpected disappointment for all the Plus subscribers that didn’t get in and for the non Plus subscribers both.

I commented last week but to no avail…… can we get a free movie rental a month with ps+ or have a choice between minis/psone/or free movies… The playstation 3 isn’t just meant for games right???… Cheers

Sweet!!! More to come you say eh James?? You are such a tease……

CookieMonsterES 08 December, 2010 @ 12:46

I love LBP and I have Move. This monster couldn’t be happier :D

Also, please, James, consider what I posted in your last blog entry about the Plus update posted on 1 Dec, post 162. A Plus FAQ for the new PS3 owners would be a good idea to promote the service. Since you are always looking for feedback, I thought I’d post it here too in case that you missed it.


Is there any reason why Game are charging an additional £5 for the Collectors Edition, when it clearly stated on here it would be the same RRP as the Std Edition.

James Gallagher 08 December, 2010 @ 12:59

I’m pushing for an answer on this, but the basic gist is that we can only provide a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) to retailers, which, in this case, is the same across the two versions. How much they actually sell it for is down to them, which is why prices vary.


hey, could you explain why Sackboys Prehistoric Moves is £4.79 on the store and not free like its meant to be? thanks.

LBP:SPM is showing as billable in the PS+ section

Now this is more like what I would like from PS+, fresh content rather than palming us off with old stale games that nobody wants.

A free copy of Sackboy’s Prehistoric Move is perhaps one of the best things we have had yet…..although it is also a cunning plan to encourage more people to buy the Move, lol!

Thanks though, can’t wait to see what else is in store.


The ‘Heroin’ Avatar is very pretty. When I’ll buy the game probably I’ll play as her. The man is too stereotyped.

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