Introducing I Must Run!

The Gamelion team is proud to announce the I Must Run! release date and to share exclusive in-game footage and screenshots. The game will go live worldwide on PS3/PSP minis on 15 December.

If you are new to I Must Run! and you haven’t yet seen a comic teaser, you can catch up at The story is quite simple: a Marine ends up in jail after a street fight in which the city mayor’s son dies. To avenge the death, the Marine’s girlfriend is kidnapped and he is given 24 hours to turn himself in before she is killed. Our aim was to create a short comic novel with a reference to old-school, B movie trailers. The entire movie was developed by one artist over 2 ½ weeks; the artist who created the music and SFX (Szymon ‘Zombie’ Karpierz) also composed the music to our previous PSP minis game, Boom Beats (he composed the music to I Must Run! too).


Development of I must Run! started six months ago. We thought it would be great to bring an action, running game with a thrilling story to PSP minis. These games are great, because the learning curve is really fast and game longevity is much higher than for standard games, as players try to improve their score. In IMR, we have added extra incentives: the fabulous story and outro.

The game mechanics are very simple (and the famous design quote “simple to learn, hard to master” applies here). There are three keys only in the game: jump, punch and slide. The user has to jump over the gaps between buildings (the closer you land to an edge, the more bonus points you will receive) subway trains and other platforms, avoid obstacles by sliding, and punch to destroy items to earn points and multipliers.

Introducing I Must Run!3

The game mechanics may sound easy, but we have tried to divert the user with lots of amazing animated elements in the background and excellent special effects (shaking screen, weather conditions etc… no more spoilers!).


Bringing I Must Run! to PSP minis was fun, and we think we have done everything to ensure that players have the best gaming experience possible. If you like fast-paced, skill-based action running games, this is a must have title for you. We hope you will enjoy playing I Must Run! Stay tuned and visit us on our Facebook page for more updates, or visit

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Thesnipergecko 14 December, 2010 @ 10:27

Canabalt comes to mind.

Carnivius_Prime 14 December, 2010 @ 10:31

Yeah, looks like Canabalt with nicer graphics though that game itself wasn’t all that original. Used to play a public domain game on my Amiga about 20 years ago that was very much the same concept. Makes a nice mini.


@Thesnipergecko: How strange, same here. Can’t think why! ;)

This looks excellent.


Looks good. Hope the priecing isn’t way of, as it often is with minis. I sometimes get kinda sad when I see a game that is 8NOK on my phone for 40+NOK on PSN =/


Looks exciting! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s store update, even more than usual, now. I don’t know about Canabalt, which several other posters mentioned, but I’m definitely getting a Fugitive vibe off of it. Great idea, and sounds like an ideal style of play, in particular for minis – good one! :D

what a shameless Canabalt clone ;D

Sad to say this looked much better in stills; gameplay seems stiff, jumping in particular. No shame for visuals, of course

cool mirror’s edge on psp :)

Looks like what i do with my fingers when looking out a car window…em…anyway, looks good. Something to pass the time now and again.



Thesnipergecko 14 December, 2010 @ 14:40

I bet this won’t be 59 pence!

Wojciech Wronowski 14 December, 2010 @ 15:03

@Thesnipergecko: The game will be available for 2,99 EUR.

Looks like fun.

Watch out developer.
I once made a game about a sport with a jetpack, and the dev of Canabalt got really angry at me claiming I copied his game (a different sport with a jetpack that was nothing like mine at all). He demanded I credit him for my own game!

Wojciech Wronowski 15 December, 2010 @ 14:09

A playable PC demo of the game is now available for download on the game’s official website

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