LittleBigPlanet 2 – European Release Date, And More!

The year is drawing to a close, here in the UK we’re recovering from “SNOW CHAOS!” – but soon the days will slowly start getting longer again, so let’s celebrate with some great LBP 2 news…

LittleBigPlanet 2 Demo, Beta Trial Expansion And Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves

European Release Date!

Over at Media Molecule, everyone’s been working harder than Santa’s elves, and I’m pleased to confirm that LittleBigPlanet 2 has now ‘gone gold’. The new game is 100% finished, and will be released on Wednesday 19th January 2011 across Europe, Thursday 20th January in Australia and New Zealand, and Friday 21st January in the UK and Ireland. Just four weeks more to wait…

Check out Media Molecule’s own take on this great news here.


All the folk at Media Molecule have done a fantastic job of filling LittleBigPlanet 2 with even more fun, possibility, excitement, creativity and delicious cake. It’s an amazing combination, but don’t just take my word for it; you’ll begin to see reviews hitting over the next 2 weeks, and the first score is already in – a delightful 10 out of 10 from Official PlayStation Magazine UK!


“Full of simple-to-grasp tools, all with huge potential – and you could easily lose more time to LBP2 than any other game released in 2011.”

“Never going to build anything at all? This is still an indispensible package, rammed with creative potential and imaginative gameplay.”


Even more excited now? Desperate to get even a small taste of that delicious cake? Then don’t forget that the LittleBigPlanet 2 Story Mode Demo will be available on PlayStation Store tomorrow, 22nd December. Here’s your chance to experience a few of the many cool gameplay additions, like the Grapple Hook and Sackbots, and meet some of the characters that will be joining you on your epic Sack-quest.

There’s lots more cool stuff to come in the new year, as we get closer and closer to release – so I’ll see you all in January with more news – in the meantime, Happy-Christmas-Holiday-Festive-New-Year-Seasonal Sack-Greetings to one and all!

Oops, one more thing – after all that, I couldn’t leave you guys without a little more trailer-y goodness, to keep you going until 2011…

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I am extremely surprised you didn’t do anything special with PS+ members for this for EVERY SINGLE one of them rather than a handful.


Hi ShadowDoGGG – As well as opening up the Beta Trial to a limited number of additional subscribers, all PS+ subscribers were able to download Sackboy’s Prehistoric Moves for free, a week before it was made available to people generally on the Store.



and any news on a decent collector’s edition? otherwise not getting the game on principle

So even though it’s an English game, we get the worst CE and we get it later than everybody else?

That’s fair.

MelficeSilesius 21 December, 2010 @ 18:16

So… any more information on Collector’s Edition for Europe?
Like an explanation on why I haven’t seen a single Dutch retailer offering one?

… the Collector’s Edition is gonna be a UK, Germany and France-only deal, isn’t it?

That’s the best cover of OPM so far :D

I ordered the US collectors edition (the one with the bookstands). Why not bringing that one to the EU?
Still looking forward to this game!

MelficeSilesius 21 December, 2010 @ 18:20

“So even though it’s an English game, we get the worst CE and we get it later than everybody else?

That’s fair.”

It’s an English game, published by a Japanese-gone-Global company. (Also: Find the release date for LBP2 for Japan. It’s published by Sony, a Japanese company, but they get it last!)
It sucks, but this is how it is.

Also, you get the worst CE, but at least you’re getting one. As my above message said, I haven’t seen a single store offering it in the Netherlands.

Agree about the CE, I’m disgusted by Sony’s heap of poop they are giving us compared to the US. I’ll just have to ship one in from there and forego any DLC.

Or maybe they will surprise us…


Hmmm, is the UK and Ireland not in Europe then? lol


Very good point – I should have said ‘across MAINLAND Europe’ – apologies :)


Why is uk now got a worse collector edition and also getting the game several days later. I dont mean to complain but can you explain why this is as im sure you can understand how to us this seems extremly unfair.


Hi laticspieman – The difference in releases dates is something common to nearly all games releases – retailers in the UK and Ireland restock with new releases on Fridays rather than Wednesdays. I know that’s frustrating when you want to get your hands on a new game though!

Woah, that story trailer was epic.


Nice stuff :)

@10 blame the UK retailers, always have released on a Friday (for a while anyway), we would get it at the same time as Europe but they insist on Fridays…

Is the story levels in the demo the same as in the beta?

have been in the beta for some time now. its a ffff great game.
but that story trailer!! damn i want more..

Omg the music in vid #2
Win <3

Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-sssss. Finally!

After playing the beta I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, this is going to be a game of the year contender for sure.


Glad you’re enjoying the Beta Trial – and I agree with you about ‘Game of the year contender’! :)

Brilliant, but why are UK getting shafted with a crappy CE and later release date?

You’re UK devs for christ’s sakes.

I think it stupid that UK get it last, its a british game!


Please can people not blame Sony, and blame the retailers instead. They dictate the day of the week, which is normally a Friday in the UK, Thursday in Australasia and Wednesday in mainland Europe. The exce[t to this is for a major release (eg. COD, MGS, Halo, GTA etc..).

Also, SCEE, retailers have had 21st January listed for weeks now, so the release date is nothing new. So please confirm it sooner in future.


Thanks ObsidianKam – you’re right about the difference in release dates, it’s something common to almost all releases.

The reason why we’re only just officially confirming the date is that we prefer to wait until the code has gone ‘gold’ before doing this – that way we know 100% that the release date is right, and we don’t annoy anyone by changing the date at the last minute! :)

That’s really great news. I just wonder what about co-op in demo ? Or it’ll be just single player adventure ? ;)


GT5 was released on a Wednesday thought… just wish the retailers would do the same with this game! Am totally gutted about the CE thought. I wanted a cuddly sackboy :(

Can’t wait to get my hand on this game :)


This game will not be a Game of the year contender……It will be GOTY, no doubt about that :)

The release date not being in your hands I can accept but why do America get such a better CE for roughly the same price?

Another one of the CE complainer here, can we please just have a dedicated answer to shut us all up now, I got so excited seeing that US CE and i thought we would have the same deal here, but alas we get a crappy steelbook and half the DLC, Can you please tell us why?

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 21 December, 2010 @ 19:08

Congrats on finally reaching gold! Looking forward to tomorrow’s demo, I’m sure my little brother will be over the moon too!

nicolaischwartz 21 December, 2010 @ 19:13

Looking forward to tommorow! And cant wait to the 19 january.


I am sooooooo looking forward to this. Some of the things created in the beta so far look brilliant. I cant wait to see what the whole community gets up to with the final game.

LBP2 looks great! loved the first one, never really used the creation features though. may wait a bit until getting my copy as get no PSN access back at uni and i think a title like this deserves full connectivity. looks great

Any idea how big the demo file is? My connection is slow :(

As much as I like the game I just can’t keep silence over what you did to the different CEs. Just why’s that?
It’s supposed to be the same since it’s the same Edition, am I wrong?

Of course I’m grateful that you gave us a steelcase, but that’s just it! different Awesome avatars, Not confirmed. Costumes, less.
I’m afraid there’s nothing more I can say since I mintioned every piece coming with the EU CE (which are too many to count) AND that there’s a catch in it /:

’19th January 2011 across Europe’ OMG i can’t wait :P :P :P LOVE LBP;)

Come on please just tell us why about the CE, I don’t want to have to spend more on an import and miss out on a load of nice costumes for my sackboy :/


Will the costume of the sackboy shown first in the post be availible in game or will it be a dlc or is it not real?

I haven’t seen a collector’s edition around here either. Now we have to wait in anxiety :(

LOL @ShogunDarius #3

Cutting off your nose to spite your face? :D

I’m sure the “standard” version of LBP2 has more content and goodies than most of the Collectors Editions available for other games.

Awesome , can’t wait. How can anyone say with will be GOTY with UC3 , ME3 and Skyrim coming out though? That’s just ignorance .


I really don’t understand why do we (UK or Europe) never get decent collectors edition? Media Molecule is based in London, so we should get something better than anyone else but yet we get some crappy tin box and it has a collectors edition name on it wow this is ridiculous i was waiting for an announcement but you guys have definitely disappointed.

Are you able to play the demo with more than 1 person?

Is the demo the same as the beta?

“Friday 21st January in the UK and Ireland.”

A huge Twenty Seven days to spend all my Christmas money and game cards on…Something else! Perhaps a collectors edition game with…Collectibles? My hype for this game has been drained and drained as they’ve made all the same mistakes as LBP1’s launch. Hope everyone enjoys the online lag, dlc fest and the sever downtime because this trends growing. I’m officially off this game franchise for life. I understand it’s not PSBlogs problem so I’ll still show you guys the love.

Another note: The trade-off for not getting open beta was a free PS-Move game? A PS-Move game near the launch of PS-Move and the ideal window for people to be buying it (Christmas) Yeah that’s called “Marketing” You get no brownie points for that. I already own a Wii I do not need a late over glorified one.

What a great day to release the game :D I’ve just come home from 2 weeks offshore at that point, and is ready to blast through LBP2 :D Thanks a lot!

I so hope that the cool costume (eskimo?)on the start will be in the game.

still not happy about the lack of a super duper collectors edition. Which is why i shall be putting off purchasing this till later in the year as i will be mainly playing DCUO

Hi and great news on finally going gold! Just a few questions:

1. Is GAME the only retailer we will expect to get the collector’s edition or will it be available from, etc.

2. Will you post all of the pre-order bonuses on the blog?

I’m asking because the release date is fast approaching and i want to pre-order as soon as possible before its too late.


Thanks to your screwing us over with the CE I went down to normal edition, prettier boxart, cheaper (at my retailer) & I can buy the costumes when they get out on PSN if I’d ever want them.

Once again i say this: alex why don’t you open Up LBP-2 ß To all? i‘m Fed up To my back teeth we always get the raw deal in EU not on Par with SCEA.

all that remains is to wish MM & Co a happy/Merry Xmas :|

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