DC Universe Online – Area 51 Alerts

Hi guys,

We have a brand new DCUO video for you below which showcases a new gameplay mode known as ‘Alerts’.

‘Alerts’ are high action, quick grouping, experiences where you can get together with your friends (whether they’re playing as a hero or villain) and, as a team, embark on unique in-game missions.

I’ll hand over now to Chris Cao – Game Director for DCUO – to explain this mode to you in more detail:

DC Universe Online is coming early 2011 to PS3 and PC.

See you in Metropolis.

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is it me or is that the wrong video ?

Elliott Linger 22 December, 2010 @ 17:32

It’s not you, it’s the wrong video… James and the blog guys are on it :)

James Gallagher 22 December, 2010 @ 17:46

Yes, there was a mix-up – the right video will be appearing any minute now…

I was just thinking the same

Yep. That didn’t talk about alerts at all.

lol fail

Since yesterday’s price structure announcement for DCUO, I’m just no longer interested. Cancelled my pre-order, and shifted the money to Mass Effect 2 PS3 (even though I already own the 360 version). Buying a game twice? Crazy I know, but less crazy than £9.99 a month.

You aint gonna hide the fact that you’re over charging for the monthly fee’s no matter how many blog posts you make.In the words of duncan bannatyne am oot.

lol glad it aint just me. Maybe the alerts dnt work just like the beta haha

im paying the fee as i like the sound of an evolving game

liked the beta but I wont support a game that have that high subscription. Maybe you guys will learn something than so you give us better prices.


Lack of cross-compatibility is what killed my interest. I wanted to play with the PC folk like FF11 did.


What about the beta patch that the US got over 30hrs ago? I ask of you 1 thing, please don’t do this with the full game. Please release patches/dlc and updates at the same time around the world or at least communicate with the European players the situation on when they will get the patches etc

This is very disappointing, I actually am gonna hold off on buying the full game now until I find out what the situation with patch release schedules in EU is.

James, can you give the Store guys a nudge or something :P

thanks for reply james can you shed any light on why the store has not updated yet !!!! thanks and merry xmas


Currently the European version of DC Universe Online is suffering from bad support. For instance, US testers recently got a patch addressing a number of issues while EU testers got nothing. Not only did we receive nothing but we were also kept completely in the dark about it all. The initial announcement said there was an update coming, not an update exclusive to the US. Almost two days after the update has released and still not a word on what the situation is. I can handle this sort of stuff in the beta but not if it’s going to be the same in the full game.

I’ve no idea if anyone at SOE will take notice of the comments for this article but all I can say is I hope DC Universe Online’s European audience doesn’t suffer from these same problems when the game releases next year. If it does then I doubt much of the EU community will be sticking around for too long.

i do not get one thing, since this is Sonys game why we ps+ subscribers wont get any cheaper price for monthly subscription???.
Sony this way you would attract more subscribers of both.
Also be very carefull and do not kill this MMO before its to late…

Can someone explain this alert thing in MMO terms? Is it like a raid or a group instance?

rossthebassist 22 December, 2010 @ 18:38

Any news on the wallet size increase yet, no update on the situation? i think 24 hours is ample time to ask about these things.

I can’t get the beta to run! The load bar is green up to about 75% of filling up, but then it goes yellow the rest of the way. Is this normal? or should i just delete it & start again?


Basically you team up with a bunch of guys in what is called an “instance” an area seperate from the main game world and take on a bunch of tasks and a bunch of (much harder) enemy dudes. They make a fun change to Metropolis/dungeon/Gotham/dungeon that makes up most of the main game.

They come in normal and hard modes and they encourage teamwork because of the higher difficulties. I think it’s also a great tool for the devs to take advantage of the other locations in the DC universe, Arkham etc.

@ 15,good point !

I really do want to play this, it would be my first MMO.
Should be more enjoyable at lower a lower cost though.

How long is the installer avalable for Ps+ ?
I’ll have 2 wait for my internet transfer b’cause I moved lastly ..

Won’t pay to play.


Hmm… feeling more and more distance to this game. I loved the CGI trailer. But I guess I’m more an ‘Arkham Asylum game’ kind of guy :) (which should have a multiplayer like Uncharted 2 ;)) Either this is gonna crash and burn or it’s gonna have a huge fanbase I never saw coming…


Crash and burn, mate. No one I know is getting this game (and I know a heap of people who game online) and it’s all because of the pricing issue.

Actually, that’s not 100% true, some of them aren’t buying it because it looks like cr@p too…

I’d hate to be an early adopter of this game because I can’t see it lasting long on the PS3 at all.

@ #14. What worries me is your “next year” isn’t as far away as it sounds. The game’s alpha launches mid jan. I mean, I’m horrified to say this, but this gm has grown on me to the extent that I want it when it ships in what? 3 weeks, but not if I’m stuck paying what amounts to at least double what, for instance EA charge for it’s yearly sports titles, & thats just the sub. How much is the boxart and any disc it comes with, if it even has one.Plus I CANNOT access the official site with my ps3 browser which does not bode well for this game for me, either. I am enjoying it but not if its going to continue to take up 16gb of my 120gb hdd.

The Beta isn’t bad, but it isn’t great I believe playstation plus members should get to play this game online for free… ( Might Give Non plus members a little push in purchasing a plus account) just a thought… cause as it stands it isn’t worth paying to play online.


This game looks bad, but I’ll wait for the reviews. If I’m wrong, I’ll give it a shot…


Hey I know this is off topic but my little brother cant view his profile it starts to load then stops at 20% and says
*An error has occurred (80022011)* help please!!!!!

Can someone please tell me how long the installer for the beta will be available for Plus members on the store ?

Can’t acces the store from my pc and my internet connection will be transferred to my new adress the first week of January…
Or is theire a way to d/l on laptop & transfer on PS3?

I hope I can still grab some Plus goodies on time.
Thanks for replying

Also , Consider to give a discount to Plus members.
The lower pricing will get more subscriptions for the game itself and you’ll get more Plus subscribers at the same time and we get a win – win situation ;)

well , i guess i’ll have 2 wait a few weeks and see for my myself if it’ll still be available , kinda lame not even getting an answer from the mods..


Pity there is still no lifetime sub for the p$3.

it was one of the games i’ve been waiting 4 long.till i saw the subscription prices.and i decided THAT GAME DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE!and it’s only MY opinion.Sony killed a game before it’s born. I repeat SONY KILLED THE GAME Area 51 or not.doesn’t matter we’ll continue our lives without DCUOL

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