Lots Of Great News And Offers From EA This Week

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam by Eduardo Vasconcellos

Tomorrow’s the day all our amazing PlayStation 3 fans can get their hands on Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam for the very first time. This expansion pack to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 adds new maps, weapons, vehicles and trophies, all set to some of the most iconic tunes of the Vietnam-era, making for one dynamic tour of duty.

Along with all of this great content comes a challenge to you, our PlayStation 3 audience, directly from Battlefield developer DICE called The Battle for Hastings. This challenge asks players to complete 69 million support actions within Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam, which will unlock the fifth map to be found in the expansion, Operation Hastings.

Get ready to do your part in The Battle for Hastings and download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PlayStation 3 on 22 December! And while you’re at it, take advantage of our newly dropped prices on Onslaught (now €4.99), Shortcut Kit (€14.99), and, in case you haven’t picked up the variety of multiplayer maps through our VIP Pass, you can now pick that up for just €9.99.

Dead Space 2 demo by Jay Frechette

Hello Dead Space fans! Tomorrow the single player demo for Dead Space 2 is available from PlayStation Store. We can’t wait for you guys to play it and wanted to share a couple details of what to expect.


In the Dead Space 2 demo, you will take engineer Isaac Clarke on a terrifying adventure through the Church of Unitology; what appears to be a sanctuary quickly turns dangerous and deadly during the Necromorph outbreak on the Sprawl. You’ll have access to a variety of new tools, including the new Javelin gun that has an electrifying secondary attack, the updated stasis recharge mechanic and enhanced telekinesis ability. Don’t forget to stop at the Store to change into the advanced suit, equipped with jets that will allow Isaac full 360 control in zero-g space. We hope you enjoy it and pick up Dead Space 2 when it’s released on 28 January.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit: Super Sports Pack by Spenser Norrish

One of the fastest street legal race cars ever manufactured has joined the pursuit. The GUMPERT Apollo S—as well as the equally awesome Porsche 911 GT2 RS and Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport—is now available in Need For Speed Hot Pursuit via the Super Sports Pack.

This DLC (available for €6.99) introduces three new events and 11 new trophies into the fray.

Mass Effect 2 demo by Jarrett Lee

Tomorrow will be the first time PlayStation 3 gamers will be able to experience the Mass Effect universe. The demo for Mass Effect 2 has arrived, allowing players to experiment with character creation (which will you chose: play as the iconic John Shepard or your own customised Commander Shepard?), play through the opening levels of the game, and even jump to an area further into the game to try out some of the more intense combat areas and see the kinds of amazing locations that can be visited throughout the story.

Mass Effect 2 for PlayStation 3 is the most advanced Unreal Engine game shipped to date, and makes full use of the PlayStation 3’s hardware to bring this BioWare-created universe to life in spectacular detail. In fact, it was built on the same engine being used to build the recently announced Mass Effect 3. Here’s your chance to see it for yourself – and don’t forget that after the holiday the full game arrives on PS3 January 21st – including six hours of bonus missions and an interactive digital comic designed by BioWare and Dark Horse Comics to introduce new players to the franchise. The digital comic allows players to make key choices about their back-story that will be reflected during their game.

And that’s not all…

Starting tomorrow, EA is happy to offer you the following add-ons for some of your favorite games at a lower price!

  • Dante’s Inferno – Trials of St. Lucia, €4.99
  • Burnout Paradise
  • Big Surf Island, €6.99
  • Legendary Cars Collection, €4.99
  • Cops & Robbers, €4.99
  • Boost Specials Collection, €4.99
  • Party Pack, €4.99
  • Toy Collection, €6.99
  • Toy Car Collection 1, €4.99
  • Toy Car Collection 2, €4.99
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I’m spoilt for choice dunno what to play first.


Sorry, but could you give the prices in UK £ too.

Amherst_Wind_4 22 December, 2010 @ 00:10

Wait, so with the ME2 demo we can start the game and, I presume, continue to use that save in the full game? Is that including the ME1 interactive comic?

man i want nfs shift exotic cars dlc discount

What an EPIC blogpost you have right there! :D

I will be downloading the Mass Effect 2 Demo and the Dead Space 2 Demo, as well as buying the BFBC2: Vietnam DLC and the Super Sports Pack for NFS: Hot Pursuit. I can barely wait any longer, I must have them all downloaded RIGHT NOW. :P

Thank you for this, EA! You’re doing a great job in keeping us all happy here! Half of my most anticipated games of next year are from you guys, so keep it up. ;)

Can’t wait for the DS2 demo. Gonna be sweet :D


“download Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the PlayStation 3 on 22 December!”
What? Can we buy BF:BC2 on PSN? (you are not making yourself clear^^).
Playing BF the best way, on pc. Had BC1 on ps3, but it was only because it wasn’t on the personal computer :P

KillerStefan15 22 December, 2010 @ 02:13

Why is all the DLC more expensive in Europe?
1 dollar doesn’t equal 1 euro.


Great blogpost


or download from US


It’s a shame that is EA that has all off these great licences


Ah, BF:BC2:Vietnam will be so awesome!

And hey, Jay Fresh! Glad to see your name on stuff – sure was a while ago, miss you over at Area5 and Rebel FM =(


I see that: bad company 2 vietnam expansion pack isn’t available yet and yet we were informed that it would be available on the 22nd Dec 2010 . ( in the UK )

someone messed up ! big time ! i have alot of on-line friends waiting for this – Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion pack ( PS3 )

Where is it ?
Why is it not available , yet ?
when we were informed it would be available on the 22nd Dec 2010 !
we are not happy about this delay
( posted at 08:52 UK time )
make my day ! make it available by 12:00 UK time PLEASE

This is getting better and better, first the LBP2 demo and now i get to check out ME2 and Dead Space 2 as well. I have never played either of these and am looking forward to checking them out as they look fab, i bet Sony still has some more surprises instore with the offical store update later today, just wish it would stop snowing now, any help guys ?


When will the store get updated?

cuckoodrinker89 22 December, 2010 @ 09:48

Seriously guys?? when does the psn store update? woke up thinkin i was shiping out to nam n ignorin the missus for a day but nope its not there n shes still yappin!!! lol

bluepillredpill 22 December, 2010 @ 10:32

store gets updated from 3pm onwards(normally) that’s always been the case, anyone expecting to get into some Nam action this morning is setting unrealistic expectations for themselves

“This DLC (available for €6.99) introduces three new events and 11 new trophies into the fray.”

That should be thirteen new events if I count correctly?

Or do you mean three new event MODES?

But can I grab it from the US store?
It is $6.99 there so it should only be 5.32

cuckoodrinker89 22 December, 2010 @ 10:54

nah i dont mind waiting for it but when u say 22nd ?? which is today ??? what do u expect people to think ?? so NO it isnt an unrealistic expectation..its what you were i said im not fussed about waiting but i can see the hardcore gamers point of views. Im sure If they were told “you can expect to see it for download around 3pm” they would have just waited till then.

Looking forward to getting hands on the ME2 demo. :)

awesome burnout discounts

Carnivius_Prime 22 December, 2010 @ 11:50

You saying Mass Effect 2 isn’t just a cheap Xbox port like so many other games? I’m not that interested in the game but it’s nice when a big Xbox title finally comes to the PS3 and isn’t worse in some way (like lower resolution, poorer textures, frame rate problems and such). Can’t say I care for the other demos either but I might have to go buy Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and have some extras. I rented the game some weeks ago and it’s by far my favorite racing game since Burnout Paradise (I must really like Criterion)


@Carnivius_Prime Bioware has stated that they have gone through great efforts to improve it for PS3, such as better textures, they said they wanted to make it as good, if not better, than the xbox version.

Still waiting for my Bad Company 2 to arrive!


hi anyone no when the vietnam pack is out for uk? cheers

cuckoodrinker89 22 December, 2010 @ 13:16

quarter past 1 still no Nam…?? wheres the update

Will the German retail disc of Mass Effect 2 have an English voiceover option, or will there only be German voicwork on the disc as it was on other platforms?


Wow, great customer support EA! So many replies to us that I am shocked. All our questions are answeered! :D

Still no update? Come on….

a great deal from EA I was waiting for Mass Effect 2 demo … but still no PSN update till now :(

Tomorrow? Why not Wednesday like normal? Oh well, I’ll have to wait until after Christmas for ‘Nam.

Finaly vietnam is out!!Why PSN was the last to put in the store?


Hey I know this is off topic but my little brother cant view his profile it starts to load then stops at 20% and says
*An error has occurred (80022011)* help please!!!!!

Still shows full price on Burnout DLC in NZ marketplace???

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