PlayStation Home: Xi Museum Arrives!

This Thursday morning will be our last update for 2010, and comes with a range of new content. Leading the charge is the new Xi Museum where veterans can return to many Xi spaces that were a highlight of 2009, and those who missed Xi can experience some of the games and unique personalities (I’m looking at you, Stapler!).

So without further ado, here’s what you can expect with the long awaited launch of the Xi Museum which consists of a series of spaces from Xi, the epic PlayStation Home Alternate Reality Game played by over 750,000 people. Along with an updated Alumni hub space, the Xi Museum consists of all three AlphaZone 1 spaces (Hexopolis, Maximum Tilt and the Text Adventure room) plus all four AlphaZone 3 mazes. The hub also sees the addition of the Xi Museum Shop, which has eleven unique items for sale – from full-size Maximum Tilt bikes for your apartment to your own version of Jess’s Xi party apartment (can you work out how to open the safe?). You can also buy your own active Stapler for your apartment, who will share new words of wisdom with you every day, as well as an incredibly cute Stapler companion. Throughout the Xi Museum you’ll find a variety of tasks: complete them all to obtain eleven collectible Xi ornaments! To celebrate the Xi Museum launch, nDreams will be giving away ten Stapler companion items in a special quiz – check out their Twitter feed at 7pm GMT this Thursday (@patrickol) to take part!

pic13 pic23

With the success of Sodium, a one year anniversary under their belt and the announcement of SodiumTwo fresh in people’s minds, many might have thought the Lockwood Publishing Team were off for a well deserved holiday break. Well we couldn’t have been more wrong. Just in time for Christmas Eve the Lockwood team have released the answer to every Home user’s Holiday Shopping woes, the Lockwood Gift Machine and what’s more it’s free. So if you’re about in Home over the Holidays, grab a gift machine and send a friend a present. The Gift Machine comes with 64 Free Lockwood Tokens and a range of preloaded gift options, you’ll never queue at the store again.

Dino. lilly

SingStar fans should look out for a special festive update to the SingStar space on Thursday, including music and that special wintry feel. Looking for a new look for your personal space? The MyDeco store updates again this week, with thirteen new items joining their range. They’ve been teasing it for a while in their shop front, now the V-store brings a smile to everyone … smiley style! Finally, it appears even zombies celebrate the festive season, as Double Six release a new range of items.

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Where is the Gran Turismo 5 space that was supposed to come today?


We’ve never announced a GT5 space and there is not one planned.

Agree with Kivi95. When it will be released. But coming from the SCEE, i won’t be suprised as they never reply to PS3 users.


@#1 Kivi95

I wasn’t aware of any Gran Turismo 5 space coming to Home. Speculation is not good, as it is not the official line, and will often lead to disappointment. I would wait for official confirmation first.

will there be another xi or something like it? i missed out the first time, i didn’t even realize it was on till the last minute

Not true, the EU blog has one of the best response rate I’ve seen


i think there was meant to be a GT5 competition

cool update to end the year PSHome has deffo improved over the years
can’t wait till next year to see it become even more epic.

happy xmas SCEE PSHome team


We’re still intending to run a competition, however for a variety of reasons we’ve not been able to get it setup just yet. Look for it in the new year!

were is my avatar???

pitythefool852 22 December, 2010 @ 18:17

Dear Home developers

Is there any chance that we could, one day, play our downloaded Minis and PS Classics in Home.

Your avatar would stay in Home, preferably holding a PSP, but the games would run full screen. After we finish our games, Home would load itself up again.

The reason that I think this would be great in Home is that you could keep voice and text chat running in the background, making the single player experiences of Minis into a community experience. We’d be able to keep our voice chats running without interrupting our gameplay.

Is this possible, or am I just dreaming?


Gift machine seems interesting…

other than that, I’ll pay a visit to Winter Wonderland then skidaddle :P


Any explanation on what a lockwood token is?

I loved Xi, can’t wait see everything tomorrow.

Hello thy! Can you tell news for future apartments :

1.Loot’s Amaterasu experience yacht

2.Hollywood Hills

3.Paris Clock Tower


Intended for SCEE release, however for all of them we’re not able to share a timeline for when they will release just yet.

Great to see the Xi stuff back.
Never thought I’d spent so much time in there, and loved every minute.

Still waiting for the next step in the story, though maybe as a Genesis member, we have to take the next steps ourselves.

actually updated

Any idea if we’;; see the Xi Museaum in the US?


Check the SCEA blog :)

Pardon, what I meant to say is, any idea if we’ll see the Xi Museum in the US?

Looking good. This Gift Machine, is it 1 token = 1 gift?


The number of tokens needed to purchase a gift varies depending on the gift.

XI was the best thing ever to happen to home, can we get more ARG’s in home please?

I look forward to Xi Museum,grate memories will come flooding back. :)

Nice way to end 2010. Merry Chrismas Alex and the entire Home team.


Hey I know this is off topic but my little brother cant view his profile it starts to load then stops at 20% and says
*An error has occurred (80022011)* help please!!!!!

Death_Seaker3000 23 December, 2010 @ 20:51

Hey i need help in Xi Party House. theres a safe code there and i cant get the codes or what am i meant to do anyone help???


This is a really good addition, for those who never experienced Xi.

I hope SCEE do something else like it in the future. :)

Death_Seaker3000 24 December, 2010 @ 11:53

any luck for those have Xi Party house?

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