Christmas In Amsterdam

Without a doubt, one of the biggest perks of working at Guerrilla is the fact that it’s located in Amsterdam. Unlike the Helghast, the people here are very welcoming to newcomers; “Amsterdammers” are world-famous for their open-mindedness and acceptance of different cultures and lifestyles. Most of them are fluent in English, and they relish any opportunity to speak it.


At the same time, Amsterdammers place a lot of value on traditions. They have their own version of Santa Claus called “Sinterklaas”, whose holiday in early December rivals Christmas in terms of importance. And they insist on using bicycles as their primary form of transportation, regardless of temperature or precipitation. At this time of year, it’s not uncommon to see someone chugging through 2 inches of snow on a bike, with one hand on the handlebars and the other clutching a bag Christmas shopping.


Above all else, the people of Amsterdam appreciate atmosphere – or, as they call it, “gezelligheid” – and nothing brings this out more than the holiday season. When the days grow short and the weather grows cold, the city takes on the nostalgic charms of a Dickens-inspired Christmas village display. The sight of so many cozily lit canal houses and decorated high streets is enough to warm the heart of even the coldest Helghast polar trooper.

If you’d like to experience Christmas in Amsterdam someday, you may be in luck – Guerrilla is hiring! Check out our website at for the full list of job vacancies. Who knows, by this time next year you could be walking – or, if you’re brave enough, biking – around Amsterdam yourself.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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One thing I’ve really missed since returning to the UK from living in Amsterdam is Christmas over there – lovely time of year to be in the Netherlands!

Merry Christmas!

You make it sound as if Sinterklaas and riding bicycles only happens in Amsterdam; but the Netherlands is bigger than only its capital! ;) There are some people on this world who think Amsterdam is the country…

Merry Christmas though! Cool to read up on some of our national traditions!

I’m from Belgium (we speak dutch too) and “Sinterklaas” isnt really our ‘own version of Santa Claus’ (we have Santa Claus too..)

Amsterdam looks a bit like my own hometown (Ghent) and it’s very cosy (gezellig) indeed..Big ups to Guerrilla for putting the Dutch on the map in gaming land :p

I always wanted to visit Amsterdam ones.
Maybe soon.


Born in Amsterdam and now living in Lelystad! Amsterdam is the best city from the Netherlands! Three things: Ajax Amsterdam, Guerrilla Games and the Red Light discrict :P

Happy Christmas :D

i wish i could go to Amsterdam or Holland in general just to smoke weed ;) just kidding … Happy new year Guerrilla.

Het is altijd prachtig om in deze tijd van het jaar door Amsterdam te lopen (of fietsen :P)
Fijn kerstfeest aan de beste developers voor de playstation!

Since you are hiring do you need a tea boy, I’m also great at making coffee and hot chocolate and I can make them super fast. I could also double as a game tester.

I’m sorry but Sinterklaas is not our version of Santa Claus. Don’t know where you came up with that idea. But I guess you are not a native Dutch?

The difference is most families have “pakjesavond” with sinterklaas instead of gifs under the Christmas three…

AnalogueAutomat 23 December, 2010 @ 19:33

Amsterdam is like a huge bong to me…

Maybe he meant that is is our counterpart (as in importance, you can’t really say Santa Claus is as important as Sinterklaas is)

@CasperH01 / #11,
I know, but don’t be mistaken, I think its a 75% that celebrate sinterklaas, 15% that celebrate Santa Claus and 10% that do both (from the people that do).

But maybe the biggest reason for people to get confused is it might sound “the same”(-ish).

@myself / #9
I meant Christmas tree and not three…

Lots of people celebrate christmas too, I think it should be closer to 50-50

Santa Claus actually is a rip-off of Sinterklaas.

Greetings from Amsterdam by the way ;)

btw for the people that don’t know who sinterklaas is have fun reading it :)

Is the cost of living particularly high in Amsterdam? I’ve heard a few tales of crazy rent prices. Should say, it does look like a really lovely place to be especially in those pictures.

I do love Amsterdam, a very nice city with lovely friendly people.

I will be heading over there with some friends in a few days for an Intergalactic New Years Party!! Cannot wait.

@ Bearskopff prizes in amsterdam to live are very high mabey company’s get some money back becuase they get people to work but to live its very very prizy

haha een stukje over ons kleine hoofdstadje Amsterdam. platbranden for all I care! Alleen Guerilla games kantoor mag blijven staan want ik wil mijn Killzone 3 fix in februari!

hah see how I relished any opportunity to write it!?

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