Farewell, Canal House

Early next year, Guerrilla will relocate to a new building. It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally outgrown the Canal House on the Herengracht. When we moved in here we had more space than we knew what to do with – two adjoined buildings, a monumental garden house, six stories of seventeenth century architecture and a reinforced basement which had doubled as a bank vault at one point. Now, every nook and cranny of the Canal House is filled with high-tech gadgetry, network cables, dev kits, monitors and action figures.

We knew the writing was on the wall when our power needs became so demanding that our neighbors started to experience brownouts. Adding an electrical transformer allowed us to at least finish Killzone 3 without bringing down the whole block, but the rising number of employees and the start of a new IP meant it was only going to be a temporary reprieve. (And we’re still hiring, by the way. You can check out for a full overview of available positions.)

Anyway, we’ll miss the old Canal House – not just for its quaint atmosphere, but for its unique construction as well. Between the parallel-but-uneven stairwell columns and the mixed-height floors, it took new employees months to get a grasp of the layout. Many were the times an intern would get hopelessly lost, ending up in the wrong room or even on the wrong floor after returning from a meeting. The Canal House would’ve made a pretty good multiplayer level, but somehow we never got around to including it in a game.

As for the studio itself, Guerrilla isn’t going far: 700 meters to the east to be precise, to a lovely location overlooking Rembrandt Square. By sheer coincidence, the new building also used to be a bank – but unlike the Canal House, this one was constructed in the twentieth century. That means there will be plenty of space for high-tech gadgetry, network cables, dev kits, monitors, action figures and anything else we might choose to bring along.


See you in the New Year, everyone!

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Heh cool! I wonder after KZ3, are Guerilla working on KZ4 or a new IP? They’re talented devs… I hope it’s a new IP.

Rembrandt plein, mooi hoor! Blijven jullie trouw aan het shooter genre of word het echt iets totaal nieuws?


Good luck guys. Can’t wait for KZ3 and your new IP :D

cant wait for killzone 3 and the new IP

New IP eh? If that was a little tease, judging by the comments so far it worked.

Come & live in my house :D All i ask is for you to let me play your amazing games 1st :P

w00t new IP ! Can’t wait for more info. I just hope it won’t affect on making Killzone 3 and DLC/Patches for it.

New IP you say, *checks* Guerilla Games working on new IP Confirmed, were you meant to let that cat out of the bag?

Cables?! :O

Pity there aren’t any job listings for IT staff or I’d be there like a rocket!

Is this the Guerrilla blog or what ?

Went by Guerrilla HQ on my trip to Amsterdam in May. Unfortunately, there was nothing to see, except for the Guerrilla on the door.

*Guerrilla logo on the door.

Succes met de verhuizing naar het Rembrandtplein! Heb daar al vaak mogen genieten van de Killzone 2 reclame op het grote scherm wat daar hangt ;)

more posts like this pls

Well, at least it’s still near Tuschinski.




At least this is a sign that you can move on to bigger and better things, good luck in the future

New IP!
Aryeh, can you tell us a little bit about it please?!

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