inFAMOUS 2 Update And 2010 Recap


Hey guys, hope you are having a great holiday break. 2010 was a huge year starting with the amazing response to our announcement at E3 to the sharing of Cole’s comic book inspirations at Comic Con. Whether it’s exciting new powers, gruesome new enemies, or a new comic book, there’s a lot in store for our hero/villain Cole MacGrath.


We’re busy working on making inFAMOUS 2 the best action game experience we possibly can, and we’ll have more to share in the New Year, including some big announcements. What will Cole’s powers be? How will your choices affect the game? What lies unseen in the city of New Marais? Your questions will be answered in 2011.

Until then, check out the holiday issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine where you can get more details on inFAMOUS 2 and soak in some new images from the game.

We’ll have more updates soon — thanks for your support!!

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Looks great. Can’t wait for the game!

Really looking forward to this game. It looks insane!


Is there a release date for inFamous 2? I seen 11th of March listed on Zavvi but don’t see it anywhere else so i’m guessing that it wrong?


Can’t wait for this game. Loved the first, this one just looks epic.
It’s really the first “comic-game” that works for me. :) The overall style is just amazing! I have the Post-Blast comic, love it, can’t wait to see what you guys are making for the future comic books.

As for inFAMOUS 2 itself, I hope we can get a release date to know how much longer we’ll have to wait. ^^ (and, oh, maybe a special edition? =P)

Happy holidays, you guys at Sucker Punch!


Been busy playing through the Sly collection and i can really see the heritage shining through in Infamous! Im curious when youre going to announce Sly 4 though, the teaser looked amazing. Cant wait for the tech in Infamous 2 being used in a new Sly!

Looks superb, I played through the first one twice, something I almost never do. It was a really enjoyable experience.

truly can’t wait for this game, just got platinum on the first game and i’m really excited about the sequel!!

Love you Sucker Punch, have a platinum in Infamous, boy those Shards were a pain but satisfying. Can’t wait for this game <3 you guys.

Infamous 2 will support PlayStation Move?

I´m so looking forward to this game.
Thanks for all the efford you are putting in there. And please, no Move support. I have attritis and can´t do the Move stuff so as an option it´s ok but not when there isn´t a way around it to have the same experiance with the regular controler.

Project2insanity 27 December, 2010 @ 15:54

Aside from the fact almost every large game gets a sequel, I was surprised when I learnt inFAMOUS was getting the treatment. Without spoiling anything, I felt the original’s ending was very conclusive (inspired genius too!). I hope the story carries just as well in this installment.
In either case, I wonder if Cole still uses a fly-zapper in the summer…

Good stuff.I loved the first,staying away from vids and stuff of two but it’s day one.


Cannot wait for the new one, this will be my first day 1 game

I can still not shake cole’s changed voice, especialy when he says “take me to wolf, now”, sounds like some sort of illnes

I’m really looking forward for inFamous 2 :-)

Hope it will be as great as the first one ( and single player ).

this will be EPIC

inFamous is one of my favorite games on the PS3, and I really like a lot of the stuff you’ve shown from inFamous 2, but seriously, in the recent gameplay posted on the YouTube PlayStation channel, Cole’s voice absolutely awful, even worse than what I remembered from the E3 trailer (maybe I just fooled myself because I didn’t want to believe it…).

He sounded like some whíny punk who needs to be put in place by his mom, not the badass superhero/anti-hero we knew from the first inFamous. In my opinion in the cutscene also posted on the PlayStation channel it didn’t sound quite as bad though, so I still have hope it’ll be at least tolerable in the final game, and not take too much away from the experience.

Can’t wait, hope there’s an option to play as the E3 Cole that went as fast as it was announced.
I prefer the other Cole, looked more friendly which I heard was your goal when re-designing.

I’m just really happy that Cole doesn’t look like someone I want to punch anymore. :P Only half joking, keep up the great work guys.

You guys are going to give Naughty Dog a run for their money with this. Looking good.

Will this have multiplayer?

I have to ask (read: hint I want it, not expecting an answer) because £40 for a single player experience isn’t worth the price these days unless it is like 40+ hours long and lets face it this will not be that long, finding blast shards or whatever empty attempt you use in place of them is not extending game lifespan. Rental without MP.

Naughty Dog did it, you can do it!

@KylieDog / #21

Fair point. But what I do hope is they don’t make the multiplayer part of the trophy-set because I’m allergic to broken matchmaking systems ;-).

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