Insomniac Games’ Full Moon Show: Behind-The-Scenes On Resistance 3

Hey folks! The Full Moon Show has been relatively quiet this year, focusing on retrospective episodes and bringing you bigger insights into our previous games, and even a cancelled one. We will be trying to ramp back up next year, to bring you all the latest info on Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One and Resistance 3.

During our PlayStation.Blog takeover, we wanted to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at Resistance 3, what we’ve been doing the last two years and what the last year of development will bring us. We also discuss our Resistance 3 “war room” at our office, as well as the making of the GamesCom and VGA trailers. You can download the episode at

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That’s it for our takeover of the PlayStation Blog. We hope you enjoyed our favourite games of the year, the retrospective of our Insomniac Holiday Cards and this very special episode of the Full Moon Show. Make sure you Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter for all of the latest and greatest about Insomniac and our games!

From all of us at Insomniac Games, have a Happy New Year!

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TheKillerSnowman 29 December, 2010 @ 17:22

i hope that this resistance is not the last one

Resistence 1: Never played

Resistance 2: A hot mess, didnt really like it much

Resistence 3: Looking pretty decent



Resistance 1: Most fun I had in FPS this gen. I don’t know what it did but I completed it like 8 times (with a few different people in co-op and a couple times on my own).

Resistance 2: It felt like the team lost direction and just tried to do whatever was popular in the FPs scene, big fail and the dullest FPS I’ve played this gen.

Resistance 3: I hope they just go with their design instincts and hopefully create another game with the spirit and fun of Resistance 1.

My question has nothing to do with this!Will u bring Vidzone in Greece?We are waiting it for 1 year!Please Reply!Oh and Happy new year!

Never played Resistance 1, because it didn’t look good enough for an FPS game in that gen.

I liked Resistance 2, quite unique. Got boring though.

Resistance 3: looks AWWEESOMEE, and hopefully they don’t lose track:)


I can hear it but can’t see any video, is it supposed to be like that?

Resistance 1 – Heard good things about it. Played once. Was alright, but definitely couldn’t see what the fanboys ere creaming in their pants over

Resistance 2 – Got as part of bundle. Now collecting dust because it was the most dull, boring and repetitive FPS i’ve ever had the misfortune of playing. The Multiplayer was also a horrible, complicated mess. Hard to comprehend that the masterminds behind Ratchet and Clank could come out with such a tedious, bland mess that it makes gruel look like Steak Tartare.

Resistance 3 – LOLNO. Trailers and behind-the-scene stuff don’t give a fair viewpoint on the game itself, and after Resistance 2? I’ll wait for the reviews.

RFOM was my most favorite FPS ever and it was my first ever online game so I hold some very fond memories of that game especially the gaming nights I had waiting up until 1AM in the morning so I could play and chat against the staff at Insomniac games. They had hugh Moon symbols beside there online IDs.

It was great fun and it made me a fan of them for life. R2 was good but coming off of RFOM my expectations were high and it didn’t live up to the hype I had for the first one even though it was still a good game.

I’m hughly excited about Resistance 3 and I’m counting the days til september. Seriously I am. I love the art direction this game has taken and I absolutley love the way Chimera burst into one hugh pool of gore. I just hope yous ditch the 2 weapon rule of resistance 2 and bring back the weapon wheel of RFOM.

Oh what ruined the online version of Resistance 2 for me was the way after each match you had to search for a game again from the main menu instead of moving onto the next match with the people you just played against. That was horrible because searching for a game took over 5 minutes and every 15 minutes you had to do a 5 minute search. Horrible.

The Resistance series are awesome! R2 was great!
Insomiac are amazing devs! How many games don’t they develop parallely and they always deliver in time and high polished gaming experiences!


As a big Rachet fan I liked what R:FOM brought to the console FPS genre, even though it was not particularly ground breaking visually. R2 beta was very fun, but not enough for me to buy the game. Visually it really started to show what the PS3 could potentially do. I hope to buy R2 soon so I can follow the story arc to its conclusion in Restistance 3.

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