Insomniac Holiday Cards

Getting into the theme of this holiday takeover of the PlayStation.Blog, we wanted to share with you some of our cool holiday cards. We’ve continued our tradition to send special holiday cards to our partners – each card featuring special exclusive artwork from our artists. Here’s a quick look at the holiday cards from the PS3 era:

Insomniac Games 2006 Holiday card

2006 – Resistance: Fall of Man
The 2006 Holiday Card celebrated the release of Resistance: Fall of Man and the PlayStation 3, with the Chimera building a Hybrid snowman, right before noticing the Dragon Flamethrower (albeit a red one, instead of the game’s green flames) pointed at them. This card probably would have been banned in Germany.

Insomniac Games 2007 Holiday card

2007 – Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
The 2007 card celebrated the Drophyd enemy in Tools of Destruction, small goldfish like creatures that controlled death robots. One of my favourite features in that game to this day was the ability to squish the drophyds by stepping on them. Notice the Insomniac moon at the base, and the Lombax doll in its arm.

Insomniac Games 2008 Holiday card

2008 – Resistance 2
The Splicer was one of our favourite and goriest weapons in Resistance 2, and doing a 1950s style holiday ad for one of the best weapons in the game seemed like a no brainer.

Insomniac Games 2009 Holiday card

2009 – Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
This card came out at the end of 2009 to celebrate the release of A Crack in Time. It was drawn by Insomniac North Carolina’s Dave Guertinand was the very first tease image we ever released of some of the updated art style being used for Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, as well as showing the four characters together in a way we hadn’t yet. Now you know!

Insomniac Games 2010 Holiday card

2010 – Resistance 3 / Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One reveals
While we didn’t release a game in 2010, we did show the fully-grown Widowmaker on the cover of Game Informer. Keeping with the 1950s setting of the Resistance franchise, the Widowmaker sits on the Insomniac moon while 1950s-style spaceships attack it.

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Great art! Great studio!

one of my favorite developers. Can’t wait for the next R&C and Resistance 3.


Awsome :D but could you please upload a higher resolution image of the splicer card? I can barely read it!

You guys are fantastic, love the R&C series.

@ James:

Hoping this question doesn’t come off as undesired and too off-topic, given this time I have an opportunity to talk with someone of the Insomniac staff, I’d like to ask about an earlier creation of yours. You know what I mean – I’m talking about a certain purple dragon that has yet to appear on our store.

As much as I enjoyed Ratchet’s first PSP title, I still miss the old times with Spyro. Long story short, my question is: as long as new PSOne Classics won’t come out because of rights, are there any news about a possible re-release of the Spyro trilogy, especially after these holidays your cards have reminded us of?

Haha those were awesome! Insomiac FTW!
Hate you guys! You’re games are some of the few i MUST get at launch! and you are releasing some this year ;)

Awesome cards!½

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