Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out!

You’ve seen footage of Killzone 3‘s jetpack-fueled aerial combat along the Frozen Shores of Helghan, and you’ve seen footage of the incredible showdown against the titanic MAWLR. Now, meet the key players of the Killzone 3 campaign mode in this explosive new story trailer!

Along with familiar faces from Killzone 2 such as Sev, Rico and Narville, you’ll find a couple of fresh ones: the resourceful female ISA member Jammer, as well as the hopeful heirs to Visari’s throne, Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock. When the latter two lock horns, their actions will shape Helghan’s destiny – as well as the future of the ISA members still trapped there…

Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out! Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out!

Since Brian Cox’s performance as Scolar Visari is a tough act to follow, Guerrilla signed on two veteran actors for the roles of his successors in the English version of Killzone 3: Malcolm McDowell, who plays the scheming Stahl Arms CEO, and Ray Winstone, who plays the gruff Helghast Admiral. With over seventy years of acting experience between them, McDowell and Winstone lend an intriguing dynamic to the power struggle that rages in parallel to the war on Helghan.

Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out! Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out!

Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out! Killzone 3 Story Trailer Is Out!

Stay tuned to, because in the coming weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at the backgrounds and motivations for the story’s main characters, as well as the actors who’ve brought them to life. In the meantime, enjoy this new story trailer, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Some of the best voice acting and music I’ve ever heard come from a game.

I’m sure this looks awesome but i will wait for the full game so i don’t get spoiled.


Incredible be proud of yourselves Guerrilla I am more than proud to be a Killzone fan =)

Makes Killzone 2’s story look like a baby! D: FANTASTIC!

Goosebumps, well done GG.

Hows the variety in the Singleplayer? I hope you guys havent shown everything by now :(


We have shown very little! There is a lot more to see and play.

plz show us at least 5 minutes of the jungle gameplay,the game looks awesome can’t wait

I want to pre-order the Helghast edition but none of the usual suspects, game, gamestation or HMV, know anything about it. Please could you tell us when the pre-ordering details are going to roll out. I loved the beta. I loved Killzone 2. Now I want to finish this fight in style!


HMV just put their link up. You’ll find it at

WilliamBirkin 06 January, 2011 @ 17:17

Really really well made trailer! Amazing!


I had my worries about how you manage to replace Visari, but going by that trailer it looks like you have done a excellent job. The voice acting sounds very good, as does the music, and the story looks to be even better than the one in Killzone 2.

Great work GG.


Thanks! Ray Winstone and Malcolm McDowell did a fantastic job. There is some more star power involved which we will be talking about on in the upcoming days.


SooperNoodles 06 January, 2011 @ 17:31

Trailer gave me goosebumps!

Trailer gave me goosebumps! this is crazy…i have never seen such a good trailer before, it’s a like a freaking movie! :O

This trailer is AMAZING!

Now I think GG are going in to the right direction… the past games didn’t have much story, we almost knew nothing about the Helghasts… All of the highlights of killzone story were writen in their website and not in the games… I want to see more of the Helghast’s story, what are they motivations, what are they fighting for… I want to see their reasons in the games and not in a website.

TroubleMaker411 06 January, 2011 @ 17:46

This looks phenomenal!
Just an inspired choice of actors. I was worried that they could fill Brian Cox/Visari’s shoes and they have really outdone themselves buy the looks of it.

Now, if only we could get some info on the availability of the special editions in the UK, I will be a happy man.
Been holding off my pre-order to find out where the spec ed’s will be sold

Gave me shivers running down my spine!! Epic.


looks fantastic. will stop watching now to avoid spoilers. but u sold me this game, pre-orderd.

What the deuce? No one told me the PS4 was out yet. That looks insane.


looking stunning! very pretty and colourful, awesome stuff! cant wait to jump into the story… playing KZ2 multiplayer over and over can only take the story so far lol.

one problem though – its not out yet. please fix this :D


Working on it ;)

Are there names for the CEO and Admiral yet or is it Mr scheming and Adm gruff?


Stahl and Orlock. Check out in the upcoming days for more info on the characters.

best. trailer. ever. O_O It’s nice to see a great story within the enemies and not just the heroes.

DAY 1! ! ! :P :P :P

AMAZING!! It gave me goosebumps and it really shows that Guerrilla Games made an HUGE effort for the story in KZ3! Well done!

NOW PLEASE SONY, MARKET THIS VERY WELL!! Put this trailer on Cinemas before the big movies that is running now. Put this trailer (a shorter one, to expensive for the hole one) before and under big games and big events on TV! PLEASE! I want people to know about this amazing game!


SONY should be processed for making so many good games… People don’t have money for them all! LOL

Simply brillaint.

When GG said they wanted to improve on their story, they ment it.
Great work guys.


Nice trailer, it seems the ISA are against insounmable odds.

I hope you’ve got some cool avatars of Killzone characters ready, even possibly linked with KZ3’s trophies that would be awesome. So geting trophies unlock some sweet awards. =D


GGames is there any chance you could make a Killzone retrospective video about the history of this whole conflict?

Simply stunning – and here I was thinking you’d struggle to top Brian Cox’s “The history of these days will be written in blood” speech. March can not come soon enough!

FallingStickman 06 January, 2011 @ 20:21

The trailer is stunning, but I have questions.

Why the hell does the Helghan general (or whoever he is) have black hair (and mustache)? Why does he have hair at all? Isn’t it impossible for a Helghst to have black hair (and very unlikelly to have hair in general)?

And why do the Helghast wear masks on their own planet?

Can someone answer those questions? Did I miss something in KZ1 and KZ2? :D

Emerald-Sheen 06 January, 2011 @ 20:47

that was electric, sent the hairs on my neck into overdrive, truly epic and makes me want KZ3 even more :)

** Killzone 3 Helghast Edition details **

If anyone is wondering, the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition will be available for pre-order as of tomorrow exclusively on HMV for the UK. ;)


all ready pre orderd looks fantastic


That..was….FANTASTIC :D

Great :)

That trailer was soooo cool! looks like the story will be alot more in depth than KZ2 which is fantastic news!

Will this trailer be on the PlayStation Store?

Great trailer. I like the composition, as always. The way the scenes are set up.. a bit too much slow-motion, maybe :p

To the blog-people — do you think you could possibly hide the “inFamous full game” download on the psn store a bit more? It took me fifteen minutes to find it, and I knew it was there on beforehand.


Is that Malcolm McDowell? Because the character looks like him and the voice, I could swear it’s him.


Yes it is.



kanskje du vet d, men et bra tips er å søke på titler oppe til høyre på PSstore.



Malcolm McDowell is a good choice, but I’m witholding judgment on Ray Winstone.
I loved KZ2, but honestly some of the Helghast voice acting was more Albert Square than Visari Square.

Music is Two Steps From Hell – Calamity.
Easy to find on Youtube :)


Looks fantastic, I like the look of the Helghast Terminator type things at the end and look lots of different colours too, hopefully all the “its too brown” people will shut up now. Gonna go pre order this bad boy once i’m done here :Lol:.

PS: While Brian Cox deserves his plaudits for his voicework in Killzone 2, can we please show some love for Sean Pertwee who also did a fantastic job as Colonel Radec.


Brian Cox was great in Killzone 1, Killzone Liberation AND Killzone 2!

So getting this.

Amazing trailer.
You guys are great on creating credible villains. ;)

I’ll play KZ3 only for the campaign so I hope the story will be bettere this time.


That was brilliant.

PS. I hope Rico dies in this one.

Excellent Trailer!

InjusticeJoker 07 January, 2011 @ 01:04

Killzone 3 Trailers rocks, but where is the Playstation App?

kickass!! cannot wait!

im not much of a shooter player, and bioshock is the only franchise i’ve liked recently, but this trailer made me go “dang this might be an awesome game”. good job on the trailer gorilla!



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