PlayStation Home: Lockwood, And Heavy Ink Updates!

Welcome to 2011 and the first PlayStation Home update blog post, from all of us here! For those wondering about last week’s update, it consisted of removing the Winter Wonderland and winter-themed Home Square along with an update to the Lockwood store. We hope you enjoyed your holidays!

Speaking of updates to the Lockwood store, there’s another this week! Lockwood’s been monitoring feedback and noted calls for new hairstyles, so this week they’re delivering four new styles. The Natalia hairstyle brings you a sweeping, gently curled ponytail contrasting the Jennifer’s chic fringe with long, flowing locks. For the guys, two neatly trimmed, side-parted hairstyles: the William with a tidy close-crop and the slightly longer and spikier Harry. And because no outfit is right without those little touches, this week also brings a selection of watches to suit all tastes, from blingin’ gold to classic, understated black, to funky bright colours.

PlayStation Home Update - New Lockwood HairstylesPlayStation Home Update - New Lockwood Hairstyles

It’s definitely a week for store updates. The latest in the V-Store this week features Judge Dredd hoodies and posters. Over in the Billabong store, meanwhile, there will be a range of new dresses, hats and shorts available. The highlight, however, may just be the second batch of Heavy Ink tattoos, with 40 new designs!

PlayStation Home Update - New Billabong Clothing

PlayStation Home Update - Heavy Ink Tattoos

Finally, for those who have been enjoying the recent Worthersee displays in the Audi Home Terminal, make sure to drop by tonight as the third and final special A1 design will be saying farewell tomorrow. As with the previous cars, the Hot Rod free costume will become available in the Audi store.

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Amazing update…………..


Welcome Back Alex

small updates before the EPIC waves of content

looking forward to what i’ve seen so far


We have some public spaces and other new content coming soon.


more tat to buy I see . I’m out sorry wasted enough money in home

Are we gonna get any new footwear from Lockwood soon Alex? nd happy newyear


I’ll need to ask and get back to you.

Ugh, a few weeks ago I tried to buy the Gabriel Belmont-hairstyle (male) but something weird happened. I was charged for the item, but I can’t find it anywhere! It doesn’t show in my purchases in Home, but if I try to buy it again, it says something like ‘this content isn’t available right now’ D: Where/who should I contact with this problem? :(

What New public spaces it 2011 we still haven’t got namco game space to go with last year Namco essentials Game From the store it a rerun of uncharted 1 all over again from inferior SCEE :|

ppl are gullible i guess.


Namco have not made the public space available for us to release, so we are unable to release it.


@3 +2

devilwithoutfear 12 January, 2011 @ 19:40

are we getting Killzone 3 Home spaces and costumes?


Hey Guys,
A quick question.
Playstation Home seems to base my text prediction options on my PSN Account’s location. This means that I, living in the Flemish part of Belgium, only get dutch words predicted.
I only have this problem in Home, text prediction works in English in the XMB.
What gives? Is this by design? Doesn’t make much sense with all the english-language chatting going on in home.
Could somebody follow up on this?

Happy new year alex and do you have news about the home mansion, when was it planned for europe?

I’ve kinda gone off of Home now. But I still jump on to see whats to buy. I kinda use it as a creative thing to mess with. Like decorate or build an avatar or w/e.

I recently bought Garry’s Mod for the PC basically for the same things (and to mess around with video game models which I thought we could do in Home, but we can only dress like them.) I also found a replica of the Playstation Home “Harbour Studio”. The studio can be made into one awesome space given the right furniture (and the right amount of storage space which I still think you should let us buy). I have the Left 4 Dead props including fake walls, I decorated the space with walls making a new room just for a Bathroom era. Sure, the “loot” props could work just the same.. if it wasnt for the wooden props holding it up.. and the lack of a decent storage space.

When will the full game of Shatter be fixed for Playstation Plus subscribers?

We are still awaiting for a response as it is still seen as a trial game on my console.

I am not alone.


You’ll need to ask someone else, I’m not involved with PSN games or PS+.

Hi alex,

Just wondering if if the gold ps3 codes are still being sent out?
also originally i was sent the email where the code would have been but later was sent a email saying it was actidentlly sent proberly due to not having both boxes ticked (only had the first ticked recieve stuff from sony),
If the codes are still being sent out & i have met the criteria already & should have got it originally will i still get it or do i miss out?.

When does this stuff go live? I just logged into Home and none of this update is there yet.


Maintenance and new content addition work is carried out on Thursday mornings UK time, same as in 2010.

I’ve not really used home much. What would I be buying these items for? What do they do?

JENNA-BABE-88 13 January, 2011 @ 01:59

LOL good question Sandsman, I think the answer to your question is GENERATE PROFIT for SCEE.

Yeah, thats the only answer.

@ Sandsman. What they do is they put you on a pedestal & make you feel like youre the world’s lollipop. That new for guy’s hair style is like the other one with the silly side bits goin up in the air. Ohhh hairstyles that make me angry.

That reminds me. What’s up with the single pieces from Darksiders characters costumes. We get Angel wings but miss the other four bits. Likewise with the silly demon’s horns, but nothing below. It seem bizarre, and just lame, especially since the Darksiders costumes came months after the complete range was introduced in SCEA’s Home. I don’t understand why they bothered really. And worst of all the mean people at T.H.Who didn’t release the War av whom is the protagonist of the game. Something is not right here. I think folk whom own Darksiders should get the War av free, but I’d be happy paying for it its so cool. I don’t understand them.

solidsnake494 13 January, 2011 @ 10:07

i dont want to wast my money . I have too many games to play

people actually use home ? i thought it was a pointless app. will u EVER add a trophy room or anything that was shown at pre launch. tv streaming ect ect.


“Posted on 13 January, 2011 at 1:26 pm by BRISTOLAD

people actually use home ? i thought it was a pointless app. will u EVER add a trophy room or anything that was shown at pre launch. tv streaming ect ect.”

What a narrow minded and selfish post. :(

pardon u, don’t get ur knickers in a twist on views now wil u. selfish , umm doubt it.

This is a really bad update, im getting pretty annoyed with PSHome in Europe.

Why does the US get a mansion, and we some lame tatoos and hairstyles? Why do they have the godfather 2 space and others we dont? Why do they have so many extra items in the stores? and why do they have so many personal spaces available we dont? When will we get such items?

Please do something about the lack of European support for Home!


dear thylaudax, heapy nen year, and i have a quastion for you, why we not have anouch apartemends? usa have lots of apartments, europa not, why is dhat? sorry for my englich, my englich is not goot, i hoop you wil undestand it, thank for your atention, greets, detoekomst / the future

@17 @18 @19

Thanks for clearing that up. I thought I’d missed something.

I spend enough on real clothes and hair without buying virtual ones… especially if they don’t actually do anything.

Any news on the Home Mansion? It’s the first thing I saw on home that I would spend money on. That and being able to stream music to my apartment is really a must to have me get on home a lot


Hi there,

I have got a great problem when i log into playstation home. When i visite outside of the appartment to a space elsewhere than my playstation will automaticly shutdown after severial minutes (no longer than 5 minutes). This problem i have it only when i am in home.
Can you tell me why?


Again it’s me. I was just now playing singstar with cd and also in the middle of singing the second song the whole playstation shutted down. I bought the thing three days ago!!! This is the second playstation in two years already!

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