MotorStorm Apocalypse: Cover Art…And A LAUNCH DATE!

Our cover art has been sent to shops and websites ready for pre-order. Once again we’ve got different boxes depending on where you live; I thought I’d share a couple here.

Here’s our European box. Our priority here is to show what is new in the game, and it slightly harks back to the box for MotorStorm 1. It is quite unusual for a racing game and we spent a long time working out what we thought would be right.

MSA_PS3_2D_PackShot AW

…and here’s the US version. It is much more of a ‘classic’ box and is based on an image we created in early 2010 that I absolutely love, which means I can’t decide which l like best…

MotorStorm Apocalypse: Cover Art...And A LAUNCH DATE!

I’d love to know which you like best – and what cover art over the years have really stood out for you. My all-time favourite is probably the EU / Japanese version of Ico, painted by Ueda-San and inspired by The Nostalgia of the Infinite by Giorgio de Chirico. I’ve also get a nostalgia buzz from looking at the games I played in the 80’s with airbrush art by Bob Wakelin. Good times :-)

Oh, and we now have a date confirmed for our European launch: the Apocalypse hits from 16th March 2011. Stick it in your new diaries!

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I think the top one is the best. Which is great because thats the one I’m getting!

Nice,and good to see Sony pumping out a new game each month again like last year.
So I’m LBP,KZ3,MS3 and I think Yakuza 4 is april/may again.

Wow i thought this game would come out in april but this is even better!!!!! Day one buy!!!!

I like the second, why the box art change from continent to another ?

i prefer the EU cover more.


I like both of those. My favorite boxart ever is probably the EU Metal Gear Solid 3 art.

A month before America :O Awesome!!

Motorstorm Mondays to return ;)


16TH March SWEET played this at EuroGamer Expo can’t wait the game

and the box art for EU looks the best i reckon with the reflection on the visor


SilentHitoshura 13 January, 2011 @ 16:11

I agree Matt, I love the ICO one, and the SotC one along with the posctards inside the EU versions.

Have you seen the cover for ‘Shadow of Memories’, the japanese cover? It is really fantastic and contrasts vividly with the diabolical photoshop 101 of the Eu and NA versions.

I can think of numerous box arts that are awful, but not many that stick in my mind as being great.


EXCELEENT . dont like you know our boxart totally pawns the american 1 haha


dont lie sorry

I’m not fussed by the front cover as a normally reverse them to display the artwork on the inside,but I do prefer the EU version.

oh and how come it that we in europe get that game almost a month before the US?(Never thought that would happen)

EU better.


I think the EU one is better because of that collapsing building and the darker colours, it is more atmospheric and indicative of the game itself.

Anyways looking forward to seeing more of the game, especially the customisation.


I like our EU version better, as for the game I played it
at the EuroGamer Expo in 3d & thought it was pretty sweet.

I prefer the bottom one. There’s too much clutter going on in the visor of the top one.

If you were in a shop and had never heard of Motorstorm before and saw them both from a distance, you would know instantly that the bottom game was a racer of some sort. You wouldn’t know what the top one was until you got a lot nearer.

Why are the logos different?

Damm, same day as Shogun 2 and only a week after Dragon Age 2(assuming UK date is that Friday), so its going to be a very busy and expensive March…

I can’t wait!

almighty-slayer 13 January, 2011 @ 16:24

Awesome news :) Can’t wait.

WilliamBirkin 13 January, 2011 @ 16:29

ofc the european cover looks best.

My favs over time are the europena box arts for the Metal Gear Solid series.

Cannot wait. Any news on a demo/beta?

WOOP WOOP. america get it on april 11th, OUCH

Plus, Is the UK date the 18th due to retailers or is it the 16th??

almighty-slayer 13 January, 2011 @ 16:34

Oh and i love the PAL box art :) it’s different and rather nice.


A month before the US amazing :D will there be any preorder goodies?

I like the EU box art the most.


With GT5, NFS:HP, Blur and Split/Second I find it hard to get excited for another racer.

Not to mention incoming games like Mass Effect 2, LittleBigPlanet2, Dead Space 2 & Killzone 3 – Finding spare funds for MotorStorm Apocalypse is next to impossible !

I’m a big fan of Bob Wakelin, his work at Ocean was great, my fav was probably Daley Thompson’s Decathlon & the loading screen on the Spectrum was great !

finlandmonkey 13 January, 2011 @ 16:49

1 month before US :) Nicee. Both covers looks cool.


Both covers look good, but I much prefer the European cover so I’m glad that is the one we are getting :)

Can’t wait for the 16th March, I already have my copy pre-ordered.

addyjones1234 13 January, 2011 @ 16:59

EU one is the best and good to finally get a date :D

Now where’s those betas you said you were doing at Eurogamer ;)

And a Collector’s Edition?


I like the European cover box better, the US one is nice too but too classic, the European one is like it has evolved. I have pre ordered the game already, can’t wait!

Needs more robots. Otherwise good.

Awesome! I’ll buy this on day one (if I’m not at work then)!
The EU coverart is way better than the US one.

the first one is really awesome i beg you guys please make that cover for EU (UK) version


I Prefer the EU cover art to the US. It is a beautiful cover ! I don’t like the US.#

Nice work !

As a biker I prefer the EU version above the US version because of the cool helmet close-up with mirrored visor. The US version also looks really nice.

(Except for the Pegi/ESRB and 3D TV logo’s, but I know you have to put them on the cover ;-).)

WOW :P So it’s –

LBP2 this month
KZ3 next month
MotorStorm:Apocalypse in March :P :P :P


EU cover looks nice. Picked MS2 up a few months ago, havent had time to play much thou. Its pretty good and seems like they really expanded the game with updates and DLC. I hope they do the same with the third installment.

I wonder when games will get PS+ content thou.. SONY needs to push that a bit more.

Haha u knows whats even better about the EU box it will be arriving a whole month before the US one. :D. So amped for this game. Gonna be awesome. love the 4 player splitscreen online feature.


The EU cover looks soooo sick! :D

Throw in a few Ninja and I might buy it

Carnivius_Prime 13 January, 2011 @ 17:29

They’re both nice but I’ll be spending much more time actually playing it and I’m very much looking forward to it. I loves Motorstorm games and own all three previous ones.

The EU box art looks great! (And better than the US box art, imo).
And March already? I didn’t expect it that soon! Man I have to get my money together.

EU one looks better.

This still going to use rubberbanding AI though? I find it defeats the point in a racing game.


Sorry, Matt, but that isn’t the final European box art for Motorstorm: Apocalypse. The European box art has a purple sticker on the left hand side, covering the falling building:

I suspect SCEE have pulled a fast one on you.


@ObsidianKam / #44

Not [Deleted] again :-(. Why can’t they leave the covers alone?

It won’t be a sticker it will be printed on the cover to destroy the artwork :-(.

pokrytysniegiem 13 January, 2011 @ 19:30

LBP2 + KZ3 + MS3 = This is Living!


That EU box art is incredible! When I saw it first, I just thought, could that be the official art? :o Then, I see now that it actually is! Great, and the game’s looking outstanding to match. MotorStorm roars again, and the festival will soon kick off!

I don’t really like either, but if I had to choose i’d say the US one is better.

Good to hear it’s now comeing out in March, I thought it was gonna be April! :D

@ObsidianKam / #44

Not again :-(. Why can’t they leave the covers alone?

It won’t be a sticker it will be printed on the cover to destroy the artwork :-(.

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