PlayStation Home: LittleBigPlanet Invades Home Square!

Once again it’s that time of week where we let you all know about all the new content that’s on its way into Home. During our regular Thursday maintenance starting at 08:00 GMT we’ll have updates from LOOT, Lockwood, Konami and something special to celebrate the imminent release of LittleBigPlanet 2.

LittleBigPlanet 2 launches this week, and we’ll be celebrating with a Home Square makeover. Cardboard and carpet transform your familiar Home Square into an environment where Sackboy will feel right at home!

PlayStation Home Update - LBP2

Over in the LOOT store this week, you’ll find the latest prop bundles for the Stage Set. Including Airplane and Ghostbusters themed pieces, these bundles offer a new range of choice in laying out your stage. That’s not all you should be looking for at LOOT: the newest companion, Steve from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, will be available, along with a pair of cute cuddly cats. We promise they don’t moult all over your clothing!

PlayStation Home Update - LootPlayStation Home Update - Loot

PlayStation Home Update - LootPlayStation Home Update - Steve

England football fans should look out for Konami’s England football kits. These kits will be available for both male and female in Home and Away colours. Accompanying the kits is an ornamental English flag ball and English flag tall hats.

Finally, Lockwood release a new range of male clothing, consisting of shirts, jeans and sneakers. Check out the screens below for a taste of what to look for:

PlayStation Home Update - New Lockwood Clothing

PlayStation Home Update - New Lockwood ClothingPlayStation Home Update - New Lockwood Clothing

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Looks like a great update :) And the Home square looks amazing ;)


Looks all great was thinking LBP 2 will deffo be in Home this week.

Cool update hope there be some LBP 2 rewards/content



Home Square’s looking good! wasn’t expecting it tbh.

looking forward to check the rest of the space out!

any chance that we can see some Mass Effect 2 gear soon?

I want my N7 Armour

Thanks for news alex

Can you tell news for the apartments :

-Playstation Home Mansion
-Hollywood hills
-Amaterasu yacht


I’ve got no news to share on these at the moment.

No mention of the Ungawa thing?


The Ungawa content from nDreams will be released today. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of the content at the time the blog was drafted, so we were not able to include it here.

erm it seems the old lockwood outfits and hairstyle previously released in NA Home have been forgotten again.

Any items to win in the Home Square with the LBP place ?


Lockwood content already released for SCEA that has not arrived for SCEE will be released as soon as Lockwood make it available to us.


Any updates on aurora alex

almighty-slayer 19 January, 2011 @ 18:21

Someone should totally make a Sackboy costume. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

im sure a sack boy companion pet would go down well also


No that good update, only thing i will look forward to is the LittleBigHomeSquare :\

Why not a sackboy outfit like bomberman one?

almighty-slayer 19 January, 2011 @ 18:47

Oh yes, a sackboy companion :D Want. Make it happen, home team! hah


I’ll make sure the team know that a Sackboy companion is wanted! Likewise for the costume suggestion.

Hey guys. There is a Home related quiz over at SixthAxis. I’m not spamming I came up with the quiz! Good update but I still think PS+ members should have a bit more than a bar. Maybe trials of spaces? Any news Alex about more PS+ stuff?

I want a sackboy companion, a mansion and the hollywood hills place! Please?


Got to laught at the “i want…” we see here XD

Its almost like you’re all “dear santa, this christmas…” haha

I’m sorry to have to say this but Home is pretty much a waste of time now that something as epic like DC Universe is now available.
You can social, fight crime, fly, skim across water with the flashes speed, you can even travel to the alleyway of where bruces parents were murdered!
There’s nothing better having 3 other mates with you flying thru da air.
Home is one big waste of time. And HDD space.

Cool :D I got to visit LBP in HOME this week then

@Kap. Yes all that for just £9.99 a month. Or you could talk, play pool, play bowling, take part in competitions for………………….. NOTHING. or free.

WOW! Square looks reallu cool now:D

Hey peeps & Kap still think our region better home content i ask a question.

What do get if you cross a avatar with guns?

answer you get a new game AKA conspiracy check the vid out are we getting that Alex. :)


Conspiracy will be released for SCEE as soon as localisation of the content is completed. That process is currently underway.

the UNGAWA Collection cant be bought, it has an ERROR on the price, i’ve tried going in & out of the shop over & over, my friend from OZ also gets it as an error, WHTS UP ?????

o yes, why hasnt Robot Chicken clip in the theatre changed in more than 2 months, come to think of it, it might even b 3 ???


thylaudax, dhere is a error in the store, i can not buy ungawa, can the hometeam fix dhat?

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