DC Universe Online Alert: Smallville

Have I got a treat for you?

It gives me great pleasure to share with you information on a very special group combat alert. We’re letting you loose on where Superman grew up; Smallville.

Check out the below video where Chris Cao, Game Director of DC Universe Online, takes us through Smallville as you’ve never seen it before.

As Chris said, this is a fierce and ferocious fight so make sure you come prepared.
Until next time, see you in Metropolis!

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I unlocked this last night, its a level 30 alert. Going to try and beat it today hopefully!

OMFG!!! im LV20 so far… i cant wait to join the alert! this game is honestly the best. hands down. It just keeps on giving!



almighty-slayer 21 January, 2011 @ 13:34

Still having tons of fun guys, keep the new content coming :)



When will this game work in australia,bought this game two days ago frezzes every time after 2 mins of play
Went to dcuo forums and they know about problem and are working on it but i have lost two days out of my 30 days already and could be more by the time its fixed

What are you going to do to for the aussies that buy your products sony and cant play them!

i Would so buy this game for my PC, but not available on Steam in my region -.- epic fail. Apparently SoE doesn’t know if it will ever be available in scandinavia, and neither does Steam….so i’am like what the hell : D how can neither one know it….

There’s always the disc version. I opted for the PS3 version as I’ve been looking forward to trying out a console MMO (I’ve been playing a bunch of PC MMOs for the last ten years), but they certainly do have the PC version in stores as well.

I much prefer to download PC games as well these days (mostly from Steam), but if I was really intent enough to play a game I would certainly get the disc version. I did just that with Two Worlds II for PC a few weeks ago.

Was very seriously considering picking this up, but the install (25.5 Gig) combined with an ongoing fee of $20.00 a month has put me off – maybe $15.00, but also only when I choose – not automatic.

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