Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home

Beginning on Thursday, January 27th the American Central Plaza will be transformed into the last remaining ISA stronghold when Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home. Join the remaining members of the ISA as they defend Home against the relentless Helghast assault. European combatants can join the battle by visiting the ISA dropship in Home Square to be transported to the Central Plaza.


The Central Plaza Defender is a first-person shooter that pits you against wave after wave of Helghast forces. Fire at the approaching enemy forces to shoot down Helghast air units, infantry units, and dropships. Alternatively, assist gunners by collecting and delivering ammunition and first aid. Complete challenges to be granted exclusive PlayStation Home rewards. Furthermore, completing all three levels will grant you three Unlock Points, which can be redeemed for new weapons and abilities in Killzone 3 multiplayer.

Killzone 3 Invades PlayStation Home

The enemy is well-armed, resilient, and fuelled by Visari’s martyrdom. Your success will require both a strong sustained offensive and support from your unit. Be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this Thursday to play this exclusive game and assist in the defence of Home from the Helghast invasion forces.

Please note that all recruits must be 18 years or older.

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Looks fantastic. Can’t wait to give it a try.


wait so we can go to the US central plaza ? and does that mean its US users there to or just a EU version of the us plaza


EU version of the Plaza for this particular event.


just confused like hell by that


I hope i have a chance to visit this :(


Wait, play awesome game in Home to win unlock points for even more awesome game?


I know, it’s great isn’t it? This is one of those updates that’s been really difficult to not talk about :).


Cheers alex

one question the jetpack is that pre order unlock or reward ?


so alex are these unlock point for in game items gonna be a new thing for 1st party games or a feeble attempt like the home rewards in games ?


you guys should really try get the core update team to allow people to see were your m8s are exactly in home similar to what playtv update has just done with allowing people to see what you are watching , e.g

joe bloggs
playstation home – in london pub playing darts something like that as it would really make it for more like a community feature


You can already see where your friends are in Home from the Navigator.

How do you get the jetpack?

This i gonna be awsome!

Amazing. :D


Now THAT looks good! :D

almighty-slayer 24 January, 2011 @ 22:33

THIS is cool. I LOVE Home how it is, but more of this type of stuff would be fantastic – stuff that lets us unlock things for the full game. Brilliant job, Home team :)

Just to clear things up, EU users will get the US Plaza but only “Killzoned”.
And nice job btw!


An EU-hosted “Killzoned” version of the Central Plaza. Correct :).

this is very intresting indead.
basicly it is possible then to goto the others stores from different regions..

whooooooo. the Tester,finally some use for the theater..
my Hollywood house i can goto also with my USAaccount :)


@15 – I very much doubt it…!

almighty-slayer 25 January, 2011 @ 00:55

Uh, no. They made a EU version of the Plaze for this even. That’s what he said in the comments…


I LOVE how you guys are transforming the plaza for each event! It’s freaking sweet! :D

who says about going to other region stores because of this event, you gotta be jokeing it won’t happen YET.

it‘s like asking me to go run up town naked that won’t happen :P

it‘s Sony Old 3/4 region system again to not allow EU Meet SCEE home folk can’t buy across all stores i loath the system.

here a other reason i loath it i had a message from a friend saying he got a EU version of LBP2 i got the UK version, he says he can’t join any UK PPL only EU.

Bravo Sony & MM you made a great game into a FAIL. :(

Anyway i was gonna put a continue post saying This is a great use of home we get to taste what conspiracy will be like that a FPS too avatars with guns always good fun i even said how about games that put your avatar in grave danger & getting killed in the forums ages ago.

& while we wait for namco space, video/music streaming etc i can wait a bit longer well done SCEE Home Team. :)

firstly, congrats! this is exactly the kind of promotion that home should be used for… I’d love to see more stuff like this in the future!

Secondly, where can I order the special edition of Killzone 3? it’s getting close to launch now and noone seems to have any idea on how to get the sexy collectors edition!


SWEEEEET well done SCEE team looks EPIC and if this does happen with all 1st party game titles that be awesome


Oh i look again sorry it not like conspiracy that is 3rd person avartar with guns shooter never the less it still look Cool i will be there this thursday to fight the good fight & Kill thoses Red eyed SCUM. :)

It’s great SCEA is sharing this space with SCEE, can we USA users get your Plus Club space? lol


Talk to your SCEA team about that.

obiadekanobi1980 25 January, 2011 @ 12:31

this looks fun as hell cant wait to kill the helgast scum also off topic but still relevant as there is no answer on the othe kz3 post so here i go
cant wait for this (kz3)it looks and plays awsome lucky enough to be part of the 10,000 beta users. i am upset though that the co op single player is not online which i think is a silly mistake the though of me and my mate playing and earning the trophys at the same time as finishing the game together now itll look all wrong half a screen each thats soooo 90′s guys come on sort it out. there saved hundreds of pounds of therapy thanks ps blog lol


no you can’t or else europe won’t have anything left for itself

@spydudefx alex said it our EU version a clone of SCEA central plazza the only players are there be us EU folk there wont be any yanks to team up & help us Shafted EU folk against the Red eyed freaks.

and its 1st person you wont see your avartar being Blown Up STAB NUKE etc etc. :)

Death_Seaker3000 25 January, 2011 @ 15:20

Hey Alex. :)
Im wondering about how do u get the jetpack killzone 3 outfit. do u win it from the game? or the from the extra 3 unlock points? or is there a redeem code round plaza?


meh this looks pretty decent but im done with home..

Probably a silly question, but would it be possible to get timezones on dates?

This looks like it could be interesting. Got my ISA uniform all ready to go!!

twistedintoform 26 January, 2011 @ 11:26

i don’t have any part of home at all currently installed, so how much would i need to download/install in order to use this?.

The code i got when i did all the challenges does not work:( It says that it’s not valid.

Same issue here, went to redeem the code and it says its not valid. From what I can find it seems to only be with us lot in the EU as USA gamers can redeem it no problems at all. Lets hope this gets fixed


I also just completed all the Killzone 3 Home challenges and was given a code to be redeemed in the XMB.. only to find that it claims it to be invalid.

Any idea where we can expect this to work guys?

I cant Finish the Last two Challenges! Ive Tried like 100 times & Its A No Go! Anyone Feel Like Being Kind & Helping A Young Brother Out? Until Next Time….Peace

Same problem as a few of the other guys here. Invalid Code. What gives!? Is it time activated?

Hello, I have some questions for the EU-version.
1. Will we be able to pre-order through home later on?
2. Will we be able to Redeem our codes because we can’t now it says “Invalid Code”.


My code doesn’t work. Same problem as the other guys here.
When is this going to be fixed?

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