Killzone 3: The Right Tools For The Job

If you thought the multiplayer arsenal was deadly in Killzone 2, wait till you see what we’ve included with Killzone 3‘s online multiplayer mode!

Our philosophy when it comes to weapons in Killzone 3 is that every weapon has its own unique role in Killzone intense battlefields. A sniper rifle is a sniper rifle, a shotgun is a shotgun and a giant armored exoskeleton is a giant armored exoskeleton. Whether you prefer the close-up carnage of a LS13 shotgun blast to the face, the clean, calculated kill of a VC32 sniper rifle or the agilty and stealth of the M66 Machine Pistol, Killzone 3‘s armory has the right tool for any job.


M4 Revolver

Faction: ISA
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The standard side arm for ISA soldiers, the M4 is a slow but powerful fallback weapon in case the primary weapon runs out of ammunition.


StA-18 Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The Helghast counterpart of the M4, the StA-18 sacrifices some power and accuracy for a higher rate of fire.


M66 Machine Pistol

Faction: ISA
Class: Side arms
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The preferred sidearm of ISA Shadow Marshals, the M66 has a very high rate of fire but not much accuracy unless fired from a crouched position.


VC8 Shotgun Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corp.
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
The VC8 offers good stopping power at short range, but quickly becomes less accurate over larger distances.


StA-2 Battle Pistol

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Side arms
Sights: Iron sights
As a sidearm the StA-2 is only really useful in close quarters battle, where its tremendous power can fell most targets in a single blast.


M82 Assault Rifle

Faction: ISA
Class: Rifles
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The M82 is such a solid all-round assault rifle that its basic design has hardly changed over its years of service. Its low recoil, high fire rate, good range and holographic scope make this the workhorse of the ISA.


M82SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)

Faction: ISA
Class: Rifles
Sights: Holographic reflex sight
The suppressed version of the M82 fires in bursts to reduce recoil even further. The added suppressor prevents the player from showing up on enemy radar.


StA-52 Assault Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Iron sights
The StA-52 assault rifle is the mainstay of the Helghast army. Although it lacks the accuracy of its ISA counterpart, the M82, it makes up for this with a higher rate of fire and larger ammo drum size.


StA-52SE Assault Rifle (Suppressed)

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Iron sights
The suppressed version of the StA-52 assault rifle fires in bursts to minimize recoil. Although it reduces the fire rate, the suppressor keeps the player from showing up on enemy radar when firing.


StA-14 Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Rifles
Sights: Reflex sight
Fitted with a reflex sight, this powerful low-recoil rifle is the best suited for mid- to long-range engagements. While it lacks the extreme accuracy of the VC32, it has a much higher fire rate.


VC32 Sniper Rifle

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corp.
Class: Rifles
Sights: Illuminated 2x and 5x zoom telescopic sight
Two different zoom levels allow the VC32 sniper rifle to be used in mid-range and long-range combat. For optimal accuracy, the weapon should be fired from a crouched position.


M32 Combat Knife

Faction: ISA
Class: Close quarter weapons
The M32 is the last resort of close quarters combatants. Suitable for both stabbing and slicing, it makes for a brutal melee attack.


LS13 Shotgun

Faction: ISA
Class: close quarter firearms
Sights: Reflex sight
The LS13 is a pump action shotgun with devastating close-range damage. It’s not very accurate, however, and loses its effectiveness at anything other than close range.


StA-11 Submachine Gun

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Close quarter firearms
Sights: Iron sights
The StA-11 SMG boasts low recoil and a high fire rate, and does tremendous damage at close range. It is ideally suited for ‘run & gun’ type tactics.


StA-11SE Submachine Gun (Supressed)

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Close quarter firearms
Sights: Iron sights
The suppressed StA-11 SMG keeps the player from showing up on enemy radar while firing. The state of the art suppression mechanism does not sacrifice fire rate or accuracy.


LS57 Submachine Gun

Faction: ISA
Class: close quarter firearms
Based off the M82 design, the LS57 SMG suffers from more recoil than the StA-11, but makes up for this in range and firepower.


M224-1A Light Machine Gun

Faction: ISA
Class: Machine guns
Sights: Iron sights
The M224-1A is an LMG with large magazine capacity and plenty of range. It’s an excellent suppressive weapon, but has a comparably low fire rate.


StA-3 Light Machine Gun

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Machine guns
The StA-3 is an LMG with a sizeable ammo drum and a tremendous fire rate. It is unmatched in its suppressive capabilities, especially when fired from a crouched position.


StA-62 Minigun

Faction: Helghast
Class: Machine guns
Intended strictly for stationary defense, the immensely powerful StA-62 can project a wall of lead that will tear anything short of an armored vehicle to pieces in seconds.


VC9 Rocket Launcher

Faction: Helghast/Visari Corps
Class: Rocket launchers
The VC9 is ideal for taking down enemy vehicles and entrenchments. Although it lacks the homing capabilities of the W.A.S.P. Launcher, it has a relatively fast reload rate.


StA-X3 W.A.S.P. Launcher

Faction: Helghast
Class: Rocket launchers
Like the StA-62, the StA-X3 can only be fired from a fixed mount. The weapon launches a volley of homing missiles in primary fire mode, and a targeted ‘bunker buster’ strike in alternate fire mode.


StA-X6 Jetpack

Faction: Helghast/Stahl Arms
Class: Vehicles
The StA-X6 comes equipped with a belt-fed submachine gun based on the StA-11 design. The range of the weapon has been upgraded to allow the wearer to fire from great heights.


LS209 Exoskeleton

Faction: ISA
Class: Vehicles
Slow and clunky but extremely well-armored, the ISA Exoskeleton is equipped with a heavy machine gun and a rocket launcher. It does have a weak spot that can affect the operator, however.


M194 Fragmentation Grenade

Faction: ISA
Class: Explosives
The M194 is a standard- issue fragmentation grenade with a digitally enhanced fuse igniter. It is ideal for sweeping rooms or clearing out enemy entrenchments.


PXM199 Proximity Mine

Faction: Both
Class: Explosives
The proximity mine tracks the proximity of enemies and explodes when one enters within a two meter radius. Unless the target is extremely well-armored, this is usually enough to neutralize any enemy.


VC116 Sentry Turret

Faction: Helghast/ Visari Corp.
Class: Special
The VC116 is an automated defense turret that can be deployed by Helghast Engineers. It has excellent detection range, but only average firepower and accuracy.


LS116 Sentry Turret

Faction: ISA
Class: Special
The LS116 is the ISA equivalent of the VC116 Sentry Turret. It has an equal detection range, and matches its counterpart in firepower and accuracy as well.

5 Author replies

Which tools do you look forward to using?! Let us know.

LS13 Shotgun with the Sabo class is an instant win :D Can’t wait.

Killzone 3 scores 88% in 1st review.

Where are the weapons that where in the DLC for Killzone 2?

StA-X6 Jetpack


M32 Combat Knife,, all I need ;)
Otherwise I will use StA-52 Assault Rifle if I have too =/

Anything suppressed. I love suppressed weapons. :P

Any type of Rocket launcher does it for me! :D
They all look cool tho. I can’t wait for KillZone 3 :P


i loved the ISA rifle and the Helghast assault rifle in kz2. so probably one of them. but it will b nice to check out the new ones also


That would be the LMG for me please.
Seriously looking forward to this.


Good, not long now!

loadstone007s 24 January, 2011 @ 18:45

M82 is my favorite for YEARS! :)


The M66 is back?! Man, I loved that gun in Killzone and was a little sad that it was nowhere to be found in Killzone 2.


Couldnt include those supressed versions or that ISA submachine gun in the beta huh?

well, can’t wait to get my hand on them.


They were not ready yet! ;)

I’m going to use the sniper but why no suppressed version?

Off topic: Will you only be able to play split/screen in story mode? Or can you play split/screen in online mode or even in bot zone?


You’d want to be cloaked, sniping from a large distance AND have your gun silenced?! That would be cheating ;).
Splitscreen is for Singleplayer only.


Would like to try any of them with the PS Move Sharp Shooter accessory!


joygasm all over the floor larhhhhhhhghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

lol forgot about the cloak. Is there any chance that you are going to add split/screen for multiplayer as dlc or as a patch?

C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 24 January, 2011 @ 19:46

What class gets to use the minigun, might I ask? Also, any chance of seeing that menacing-looking new Helghast flamethrower in multiplayer?


Great work on the weapons, they look great! Off topic also but on most peoples minds, I see a fellow gamer has asked about the splitscreen aspect of the game. I would like to know if the campaign will be playable with a friend online? If not, with the splitscreen campaign will two people be able to earn trophies similarly to what LBP2 has done? This is my only worry with the game so far as I have not been able to find out the correct answer, only rumours. Is there anything whatsoever you can tell me? Thank you for your time.


Co-op is splitscreen only, not online. I need to check on the Trophies.

LoneJustice87 24 January, 2011 @ 19:56

Will the game have online co-op campaign?

BOOM! Literally.

AndreasAchilleos 24 January, 2011 @ 20:10

Will the Sharpshooter gun be out in time for KZ3 and any ideas of what price it will be?


@AndreasAchilleos – Will be out on or before release of KZ2 and will retail at aroud £34.99


I ment KZ3! :P

AndreasAchilleos 24 January, 2011 @ 20:19

@Carl_88_LFC – 3-0 loool and yeah £35 thats a lot jeesh


lol :( yea it’s because the move controller actually plugs into it allowing for better button mapping and the funky reload bit at the bottom. It will also be compatible with Socom4 :)

AndreasAchilleos 24 January, 2011 @ 20:24

I see, oh well i’ll still get it loooool


Yea look’s good, think i’ll get it once completing it. I have a 3DTV so that will do for now :)


Every time I mention Co-op Campaign Online, it goes very very quiet!


It’s splitscreen only, sorry.

sta-18 pistol or m66 machine pistol with my all time fav weapon VC32 sniper rifle
and maybe some gunning with the sta-18 with sta-52 Assault rifle (i have to test the silenced one to decide clearly)

Also i think i’ll go for the helghast edition though i’m not the collector edition type… Killzone 2 (soon it’ll be KZ3) is my favorite fps and i really love guerilla guys because they care about the gamer before the money!
You guys rule! Keep it this way please!


Guys, where have the pictures gone?

The proxy mines will ruin objective games, everyone will place them at objectives.


OMG dit ziet er goed uit


i cannot see any photos, please fix it…


@Aryeh Loeb – Thank you for your reply. Having multiple sign in would be great, do you know if there are any Co-op specific trophies? lastly would rule out ever implementing Online Co-op in the future like Killzone Liberation? And will there be any news on the Campaign itself before release? Thanks. I would also like to say congrats on such an amazing job you guys have done with Killzone 3, I’m sure you get a lot of questions and complaints but i’d like to thank you guys for what looks like a strong Game of the year contender. Really can’t wait to get my hand on this game! The Beta was great and from the latest killstreak video it’s nice to see feedback being listened to :)

obiadekanobi1980 25 January, 2011 @ 12:20

cant wait for this it looks and plays awsome luck enough to be that 10,000 beta users. i am upset though that the coop single player is not online which i think is a silly mistake the though of me and my mate playing and earning the trophys at the same time as finishing the game together now itll look all wrong half a screen each thats soooo 90’s guys come on sort it out. there saved hundreds of pounds of therapy thanks ps blog lol

Most definitely the W.A.S.P
but it’s nice to see u upgraded the arsenal..

off topic
I assume the open beta is the same as the ps+ one,right ?..
sorry 2nd post..


@Gamniac – No, it has all the updates. It also has Move support and 3D.


wow..disappointing..killzone 2 had a shortage of weapons and so does this one aparantly..they couldve atleast put in some more assault rifles..that M82 or whatever (the default ISA assault rifle) is pretty much the only weapon i played with in killzone 2

ive also been wishing for them to put in the amazing helghast assault rifle/shotgun from killzone 1…but so far it seems like a lot of the same weapons from killzone 2..


Me too, but I think it’s a pity that all suppressed weapons are burst-fire, instead of just a bit slower fire rate or less power… Silenced pistol is a must as well, by the way ;)

(although revolvers rock, the ultimate icon of style and they kick like a mule ♥)

twistedintoform 26 January, 2011 @ 11:41

you consider the M82 to have low recoil?!?

>> Any type of Rocket launcher does it for me!

but the VC-9 is the best! :) rocket launcher is now a secondary weapon only, and if i remember, it only comes with 1 rocket as default.

>> What class gets to use the minigun, might I ask?

they’re mounted.

i hope they’ve made some changes to the weapon/class combinations that were in the beta. some of them were… odd. engineers from KZ2 might be a bit surprised to find that you can’t use the shotgun. :D i’m a bit miffed that you can’t have regular grenades and proximity mines, only one or the other. they were my two most effective weapons in KZ2. :)

Defiantly the VC32 Sniper rifle as I love sniping. Also would like to see more snipers as far as i can tell there is only 1.

SilentShadow777 27 January, 2011 @ 13:35

loving the slienced assault rifles, if i manage to steal one of these wen im a sniper nobody will ever find me :P

This game is gonna RAPE cod black ops, moh, and bfbc2. In my opinion. By the look of the multiplayer trailer, i say this game is BEAST.


Don’t the demo come out on the 8th for us PSN+ subscribers?

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