PlayStation Home: Helghast Invasion!

Who’s looking forward to Killzone 3 releasing next month? We here on the Home team, but why should we wait? ISA intelligence provided to us earlier this week has been confirmed: the Helghast invasion commences tomorrow, immediately following the completion of regular maintenance.


Please note that due to 18+ content, the Killzone 3 event is not available for German users.

Despite the hostilities in Central Plaza, life goes on throughout PlayStation Home. If you feel the need for the comforting presence of a hero, drop into the V-Store this week, where batman posters make an appearance. The designers at Billabong have another update to their range this week, which includes a variety of shorts, dresses, bikinis, hats and jackets.


This week sees another quality update from Lockwood Publishing. After last week’s manly update we see a great selection of hosiery to compliment Lockwood’s extensive collection of skirts and the recent addition of short shorts. After a heavy day in heels or boots, there is something wondrous about the freedom of running in stocking feet; from classic stripes or plain black to fit with any colour selection, to the softer plaid pastel and polka dots that provide a gentler touch for any outfit. Please also note the following items will be removed from the Lockwood Gift Machine on February 10th: Roast Turkey, Christmas Pudding, Sparkling Christmas Gift, Christmas Gift with Gold Bow, Mini Christmas Tree, Snow Globe. These will be replaced by a new range of items.

Looking for a new Companion? The Stuff store may have what you’re looking for, with the Robotic Canine. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out the Ballerina Music Box and dragon (beware of fire!) in a cage active items for your personal space. Speaking of dragons, Alter Ego has just what you need: a range of hand-held fantasy weapons, including swords, axes and other implements of battle.



Finally, it comes time for me to say farewell. This will be my final blog post as the Home Community Lead, as I’ll soon be taking up a new role … one without a 2 hour (each way!) commute. I’ve posted a farewell message to the official Home forums for those who wish to read more. Be nice to whoever replaces me!

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EPIC update Killzone 3 event looks amazing
Robocanine FTW

Thanks Thy for all the blog updates you’ve worked on n more.

Good luck and see u around on Home maybe?



You might see me around, however it will not be under the Thylaudax PSN ID.


Robotic Canine bit is abit misleading, its a active item, where the text makes it sound like its a Companion.


dont tell me thats the job losses starting already , good luck dude


My leaving SCEE is entirely my decision. I’ve spent the last year and a bit losing nearly 4 hours each day commuting. The opportunity to cut that down to 20 minutes came up, and I took it.

If the shooter game you refer to is Conspiracy: it is currently being localised for a SCEE release.


anyword about that shooter games the u.s got alex

Thanks for news alex

When hollywood hills arrive? is it always planned for europe?

Goodbye Alex and thanks for being friendly here with the PS Community and the Home community. You always took time to answer to the community’s questions about Home.
Best of luck on your new job ;)

vaarwel alex, het gaat je goed, veel succes bij je nieuwe werk, en ik hoop dat je nog eens in home komt


ahh gd to hear and thats gd you got a better opportunity . good luck in the new job and thanks for the good work

Thanks Alex, all the best and can only hope your successor is as candid and honest with feedback as you are. Good luck mate!

today is a sad day indeed 1st TTD left now you i guess 4 hours sitting down on train is to much i had ages ago catch a bus to newcastle then downsouth bus are slower 3 hours each way & back it was a 1 off but not good :(

all the best Alex on your new job :|

i will ask the New HCL when music/video & namco :)


All the best for the future and just think, you’ll probably never have to answer a question about virtual picture frames or missing items ever again! :D


I wouldn’t bet on that last one ;).


almighty-slayer 26 January, 2011 @ 19:19

Good luck for wherever you end up in the future, mate <3

Aw, shame you’re leaving, although I don’t really know who you are! :P good luck with whatever comes next! So hey I won the very first Home TV contest and I have yet to recieve my reward, whats going on with that? :P

Oh and is there any plans of making me a SSV-2 Normandy personal space from Mass Effect 2? ;)

JENNA-BABE-88 26 January, 2011 @ 20:23

Very sorry to hear you are going Alex. While Ive not always been very happy with the decisions made by the powers that be at SCEE regarding home, you have always communicated these decisions in a friendly, professional and informative manner. Your cryptic clues relating to future content on the forum via your avatar were a novel touch too. You will be a big loss to SCEE, but I dont blame you for making a move either, a four hour commute is a killer and just makes it all the more remarkable how upbeat you have been this past year with your responses to a challenging community when you must have been worn out at times. I just hope your successor is as charismatic and professional as you are.

Good luck in your new position and thank you for doing such a good job throughout 2010.



It was 2 hours each way, but did mean that all up I was spending a 12 hour “work day”.

BigBoss-420-_- 26 January, 2011 @ 21:54

Sorry to hear you’re leaving SCEE & Home Community Alex. Good luck in your new job position, yeah 4-hours is a mind-blowing travel, I respect you taking the new job, take care & may you have a bright future in your new role. ::Goes & sits in the corner curls-up & crys Alex is leaving:: =*(

twistedintoform 26 January, 2011 @ 22:54

i’d never used home before.. downloaded the client, but then after that it got stuck on “verifying purchased content” for ages, and i could not get into home square. i restarted a few times, and finally got in, but it seems to do that verifying thing every time. as i’ve never used home before, i’ve definitely never purchased anything!

Fare thee well Alex, tho you are not an officer, you were always such a gentleman, and a patient one to boot, having had to deal with us with nary a sharp retort but always cheerful and polite, tho maybe warranted if you had responded, to our excessive badgering & prodding for release times of content. Goodluck in your new ork, plus you deserve the One hour twenty mins of your life you get back every workday.
regards, Richard, NZ.


Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Hope you all enjoy the Killzone 3 event, and the other upcoming content releases.

I love what I’ve seen from Killzone 3 so far.

The code i got when i did all the challenges does not work:( It says that it’s not valid.

Same issue here, went to redeem the code and it says its not valid. From what I can find it seems to only be with us lot in the EU as USA gamers can redeem it no problems at all. Lets hope this gets fixed


I also just completed all the Killzone 3 Home challenges and was given a code to be redeemed in the XMB.. only to find that it claims it to be invalid.

Any idea where we can expect this to work guys?

ColinMurphy09 30 January, 2011 @ 21:10

Hello i just completed the killzone 3 challenges and got a code i went to the redeem code section in the store and it didn’t work what do i do please help.


hey my code still dont work what should i do.

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