The First Look At Kaznan Jungle In Killzone 3

Today we are giving you a sneak preview of one of our new Killzone 3 Multiplayer levels: MP08 Kaznan Jungle. It is a tight, intricate map especially catered towards one of our new game modes, Guerrilla Warfare.

The Kaznan Jungle harbors the wreckage of a downed ISA Cruiser. Survivors of the failed evacuation of Helghan must fight for their lives against a Helghast enemy bent on their annihilation, but they are not the only predators in the area… The jungle, the plants and insects that call it home are friend to no-one.

You will also get to see the Infiltrator at work in this video. The infiltrator hides in plain sight, using deception to confuse the enemy while going about his tasks. His basic equipment consists of an M13 shotgun and a holo-emitter that allows him to disguise as a member of the opposing team.

Enjoy the footage and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Looks REALLY small.

LightningSamus 26 January, 2011 @ 20:10


No more CoD for me.

looks great, still, please include this map in WARZONE mode GG…


Wow. I can’t wait for this game.

Fantastic art, and tech as always.

Niicccce…. I enjoyed playing Killzone 2 more than I thought when I first bought the game! The story was awesome and the MP was solid! Got me to the highest rank and still kept playing more! I think I’m going to end up playing the story mode one more time before Killzone 3 just to refresh my memory about the story.

1) thats one creepy jungle

2) just from looking at the shot gun gameplay i can see that the controles in Killzone 3 have been changed but not by too much. I really hope thats the case coz i loved the controles in killzone 2.

Wow. This really does look amazing! Did I actually just see some colour :p

The sounds and animations are easily the best I’ve seen/heard in any game so far! Kudos GG.

DAY 1! ! ! :P

I hate you GG :( Teasing us for 4weeks starting this week with home invasion then the beta and then singleplayer demo and then nothing and then IT’S RELEASING YEAH.This game will own it’s competition!!!!!

I think that jungle is going to be my favorite part in the game. The red and green color combination looks really good.

To bad this game does not have offline/online multiplayer 4 player splitscreen (like warhawk, or the new Twisted Metal). Still going to buy Killzone 3.

I like the vibrant colors :)

I like the US cover art.


twistedintoform 26 January, 2011 @ 23:00

guerilla warfare is hardly a new game mode.. it’s bodycount ripped out of warzone. i still think all 8 maps should be open to all of the game modes, not 3 for this one, 5 for that, etc. not just 8v8 team deathmatch because it’s a smaller map. some of the most epic KZ2 games i’ve played have been 16v16 on the smaller maps in full warzone mode with the objective time limits set really high, such as 30 minutes. holding off an attacking force for 30 minutes that’s been trying to set charges can be a thrilling game experience.. a totally chaotic immersion in the warzone. i think that’s being partly taken away in KZ3. :(

Very Nice…

Looks a bit faster with character movement but still reasonable ‘ realistic ‘

kan niet w8en op dit stukje hollandse glorie,

Esta muy chingon, me gusto este mapa.

just counting down days till release now……looks amazing

This is the reason I ordered a PS3.


This looks a better Multiplayer that Black Ops!


You can really see the detail that the art designers have put into the game, quality

O_O wow, I can’t wait even a minute

“This is the reason I ordered a PS3.”

..oh, good gods you’re going to be disappointed.


so does it going to support 1080p resolution? I would like to adress the question to the key selling point of the PS3 there is only a handful of games that supports 1080p

I’d of liked to of seen a killcam regarding the whole infiltrator disguise. Aside from that I can’t wait for this Helghast edition is going to bust my funds.

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