DC Universe Online Alert: End Game Alerts & Raids

Greetings Playstation.Blog,

This will sadly be my final DC Universe Online Alert blog post, but don’t fret – I have definitely saved the best until last.

Check out the below video where Chris Cao, Game Director of DC Universe Online, takes us through some of the final end game alerts and raids.

You’ll be let loose on Arkham Asylum, Ace Chemicals, Kahndaq and even The Batcave.

Until then, I’ll see you Metropolis!

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It will be a while till my PvP villain hit’s 30. Not because I’m rubbish but because the villains are out numbered 10:1 on crossfire and the heroes like to bound around in groups of 20 with at least 10 level 30’s in mission areas meant for below 10!

When the voice chat will be repaired?

Fighting in the Batcave?

Isn’t the Batcave just next to (under) the Wayne Mansion?
So much for Bats secret indentity.


…or no dice.


Just got my Ice Tank to lvl 30 last night, looking forward to all the end game content. Got this for the PC cause my mate doesn’t have a PS3, but if you like MMO’s get this game.

Great Work folks, loving the game :)

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