In Killzone 3, Control Is Everything

Killzone 3 Open Beta Coming To The PSN

Whether they loved the original Killzone 2 control scheme or felt that it was too ‘weighty’, most beta participants seem to agree on one thing: the Killzone 3 control scheme gets the balance just right.

In a new developer video, Guerrilla developers Mathijs de Jonge, Jan-Bart van Beek and Arjen Bokhoven talk about the fine-tuning process that helped them come up with a control scheme that would satisfy both fans and critics. They also reveal new details about the other control-related features in Killzone 3:

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The brutal melee system, which allows players to neutralize their opponents in a myriad of up-close-and-gory ways.

The slide-to-cover mechanic, which allows for free-form sliding so players can use it to dodge enemy fire.

The addition of a third weapon slot, reserved specifically for heavy-duty weapons like the Minigun and the W.A.S.P. Launcher.

Enjoy the video, and remember that the making of Killzone 3 is discussed more extensively in the Behind The Scenes featurette that comes with the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition.

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Can’t wait! Loved the beta! And pre ordered the helghast edition!


Some of the gameplay in that video is sweet

as long as i can use L1 to aim, and i have to hold it in, then i’m happy
I was a bit skeptical to buy KZ2 because of the Controls – Press R3 to Aim, press again to come out of aiming

but i was glad that there was an alternative conrol system


That is why we have multiple control schemes and you can select whatever works best for you.



I hope the Move Sharp Shooter will be available in time for Killzone 3’s launch. It’s not even listed for retail pre-order yet, but I want one a lot for this game.

There will be a Call of Duty like control scheme right?

I´m looking forward to play the demo!

Would be nice if their was a killzone 3 sharpshooter bundle :)

The only people who didn’t like the Killzone 2 control scheme where xBots ;D
I loved the way KZ2 was. Can’t wait for KZ3 next month ;P

I have to say, I’m appalling at shooters on every console going so I own nearly none. The fact that I can use the Move is the difference between me possibly maybe getting it one day and almost certainly getting it. Hope the Demo code is good with the Move!


im a huge fan of the controlls of kz2. the best shooter of all time, imo. but im open for change, and i will go into kz3 with an open mind, fingers crossed


How about a just a basic KZ3+Move bundle?

If you guys have implemented Move controls correctly it should be the happy middle ground between Mouse/Keyboard and Gamepads.

Also where is the cheapest place to get a Move bundle in the UK these days?

I want to know why here in the EU, where the game has been made. We get treated like second class citzens?
Why can I not get the Killzone 3 jetpack, because I live in the EU not the US of A…
Freaking mental.
Ive got the HD telly, move and all the other bits, but no jetpack.
Why? Come on SONY, start traeting us equally.

I hope all those whining CoD idiots haven’t ruined the great weighty feel of killzone for KZ3.

A choice of presets and the ability to configure the buttons is all I need……and to adjust the sensitivity.

I like the sound of the slide button… one of the best features of the massively underrated (but undeniably flawed) Farcry 2 was the ability to skid on the floor by crouching mid-sprint… it made for a far more dynamic and visceral sense of control, though few games have emulated this move (which by now should be as common-place as strafing).

If the slide to cover button is remotely similar to how I envisage it, then I can see it being far more useful than the often redundant cover button from KZ2!

that M82 sound,WoW..
and i like the controls and character movement,anticipating the Exclusive demo :D
overall i am very happy so far..

For me control in Killzone3 is still weighty and can be inconvenient.
I found the best control for FPS. It’s Bulletstorm.
In this game i feel the character which i control.

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