ModNation Monday: In The Zone. The KILLZONE!

ModNation Mondays!

Greetings PlayStation.Blog.

Happy ModNation Monday to you all.

The Helghast Invasion Begins Tomorrow!

With Killzone 3 only a few weeks away, we wanted to kick the month off with a Mod and Kart forged in the fires of Helghan itself!


You’ll be able to get your hands on this Helghast Pack via the PlayStation Store on Wednesday for €1.99.

Reminder: Time Savers Pack.

Don’t have time to unlock everything in Career Mode? For only €2.99 the Time Savers Pack gives you access to everything! That’s all tracks, karts, mods and props – more than 2,000 items, in an instant! Available on the PlayStation Store now.

Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on ModNation, soon.

See you in the Modspot!

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I think I’ll need to play some Modnation again soon. Been on my mind for months, but I’m so behind on playing through other games that I just never get to it. Though I’ve always bought map DLC (and also character DLC that I’ve liked) on the day of release so that I’m ready for whenever I have time to play it more again :D

This is a day one buy aswell.


Helghast invasion begins Wednesday not tomorrow? ;)

Also the Super Fan mod/kart DLC will be on the E.U store this week too.


Great spot, my mistake. Now tomorrow, today… ;)


Also, nice to see Modnation Mondays back on the E.U blog. Hopefully every week from now on & include the creations of the week/hot lap roster?


This is definitely something we’re working towards!

people still play modnation?
i stopped playing it after the “loading time cut” patch was released and made the loading worse

Shou_Kobayashi 01 February, 2011 @ 07:58

I would be happy if the Time Savers pack would actually reduce the load times :(

@ james.G you need to tell the system update ppl it telling me and my friends to updated again the 3.56 1 :o

what should i do :|


@ reply to #2

Wait i am confuddeled! So when is the Killzone DLC on the E.U store, tuesday or wednesday?!

It will be available in the weekly Store publish, as usual :)

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