PlayStation Home: Seek Shelter From The Zombie Apocalypse

PlayStation Home is now offering respite to any of you desperate souls trying to survive the zombie apocalypse in Dead Nation, the hit shooter exclusively available from PlayStation Store. The Safe House, a new space opening with this Thursday’s regular content update, is an eerie, dilapidated hotel where you can replenish your health and plan your attack on the undead.


To ensure you’re properly prepared, hone your skills on an improvised shooting range in an abandoned car park. Take out as many zombie targets as you can to top the leaderboard and prove that you’re equipped to tackle the necrotic horde.

From neck-nibblers to bite-sized games, February is minis month and the minis space lets you explore a wealth of top little titles, such as the infamously moreish Angry Birds, the excellent Who’s That Flying?! and the legendary Pacman CE.

February is also the month for love, if you’re into that kind of thing, and both Lockwood and Codeglue are bringing Valentine’s content to melt the heart of any Avatar.


There’s also a selection of new clothes and costumes in Threads and Alter Ego, including the Pop Starlet and Aqua Suit bundles for the ladies, and the Crusader and Ninja bundles for the guys. Home Stuff also has an eerie new arrival in the form of a Mysterious Doll. Just whatever you do, don’t turn your back on him…



Finishing off the week, there’s an update to Novus Prime that includes the new Codebreaker Space ship and Ion Beam bundle. You can also pick up the DataBot Jnr. and Lil’ Sis companions to tend to your every space combat related need.



In case you’ve not noticed yet, I’m not Alex. He bade us a fond farewell in last week’s PlayStation Home update. I’m standing in for the time being, and will sit down with the Home team on Thursday morning to respond to your questions.

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Another bad update….

There are even SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many t-shirts already…


Sweet update guessing the Dead Nation mini-game will have some rewards?

Can you go into upcoming games that will have game launching like killzone 3?


James Gallagher 03 February, 2011 @ 10:04

There are three zombie statues to decorate your apartment with, and you can grab them by playing the shooting mini-game.

Yes!!! More tshirts.

WHEN ARE YOU FIXING HOME FOR PEOPLE IN SCANDINAVIEN?? It’s been 2weeks and home is still not working.

James.G is the New HMC/HML lol :D

i‘m not impress of course i bet SCEA home blog is better & i still haven’t join KZ3 in home yet i may tomorrow.

Home is becomeing stale i buy 3 Tv‘s 2 radio‘s & what is it good for F‘ing nothing useless junk no video/music streaming.

& I really envy the early beta members they had music/video & sony took it away FACT. :|

James Gallagher 03 February, 2011 @ 10:10

I wouldn’t go that far! I’ll just be writing this blog post until we find someone that can do as good a job as Alex did.

I saw a video of that ‘Mysterious Doll’ on YouTube and it’s creeeeeepy! Just like Chucky from Child’s Play – awesome! :D

Hey James, nice of you to do the Blog post about Home! :)

James Gallagher 03 February, 2011 @ 10:07

It’s no big deal. I was a writer on when Home launched, so I’m pretty used to writing about it, although it has changed so much since then.

as i predicted more tshirts YAWWWWWN

Death_Seaker3000 02 February, 2011 @ 19:19

Is the space be public or personal at €4.99?

James Gallagher 03 February, 2011 @ 10:05

It’s a public space that is free to enter.


home has really just become a overpriced shop for virtual tat

wow, the weekly Home Blog Post has NEVER been this quiet………maybe it was wrong of Sony to let Alex go hahahahahaha

@Death, it’s prob a public space, but……..these guys prob dont know either, there’s not even a hint as to what item you can win on it.


James Gallagher 03 February, 2011 @ 10:06

Of course we know! I should have mentioned the rewards though, see my above comment.


… SO like…

Does everyone moan HERE now?

Cool ;D

Zombie space = uber
Everything else = I have no moneys for Home


Chucky Doll?

Death_Seaker3000 02 February, 2011 @ 19:30

@ MonkD13

It may be a personal space coz there furniture in it etc

Nice looking space. But I bet thats all it is right? Just one little room thats fully decorated already and will be £3.99. I hated how America had the Ghostbuster house and items for about $3.99 and we have the house on its own for £3.99 ($6.44) and the items for roughly £1.99 ($3.21).

I hate the fact that these TVs we have are just props and wont be converted into the real thing if we do ever get streaming.. hardly worth it.

I think BioWare should make a few Mass Effect spaces like random areas of the Citadel, and of the Omega club as well as a Normandy SR-2 space linking off onto random deck spaces with the captain’s quaters as the personal space. Sure it’s tiny, but it’s awesome. Oh and the full SR-1 Normandy would make for a nice personal space. Thennn they could give us avatars like turians, quarians, krogans, salarians, etc. That’d be fun.

Oh and Capcom with Resident Evil stuff.

Death_Seaker3000 02 February, 2011 @ 20:14

@ Tydeus

R.E is old now n theres already stuff 4 R.E

Pretty sure the Dead Nation space is not an apartment. It was never mentioned as an apartment and it accidentally appeared on the navigator as a public space last week in the US.


These updates are getting worse and worse – what’s happened?! :I

I think you should take a look at the PlayStation EU PS Home Forum and take a look at our ideas.

Dreadful :(


…Have you seen any of ‘our’ ideas?

It would cause the end of Home as we know it :o

Guides, UFO Fishing Games, and less t-shirts is all we’d get :P

Death_Seaker3000 03 February, 2011 @ 10:12

Cheers. I was wondering n confused lol. :)

Anyone else think that they ripped ‘Johnny’ (the doll) off of Chucky? Hmmmm.

Tut tut tut… I use to enjoy finding out what the update is on wednesday’s but since the start of 2011 they’ve all failed, what happened to removing the xmas lockwood items and replacing them with new items? without a HMC are coming updates are not looking good if it includes poxy t.shirts.

I really hoped the update would be nothing interesting so I wouldn’t waste money on useless stuff and my wish was granted.

A virtual world should never be more restricted than the real world!

Oh and I forgot :-)

The next update I wish we can download protest signs with slogans like “Fix Home” and “Bring down the Home government” or “freedom!”

Scandinavians can’t log in on Home. It’s been over TWO weeks now. FIX IT! Some of us have paid for content, so don’t say “it’s free, we don’t promise it will work…”

Of course, according to the Sony Atlas, I believe Scandinavia is a small village with 50 residents… so why bother?

Exactly, fix the problem with Home asap!

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