Top Darts Is Now Playable In 3D

Hey there, sports fans!

My name’s Ray Khalastchi, and I’m the Associate Producer on Top Darts.

This is just a short message to let you all know that, as of right now, your copies of Top Darts have been automagically patched to display the game in glorious 3D.

Darts At The Ready... Fingers Steady... Welcome To Top Darts!

The patch also fixes a couple of small bugs, and all of this goodness is coming to your PS3s for absolutely free.

For those of you that haven’t yet bought Top Darts, don’t forget it includes 14 game types – including some explosive ones that would get you thrown out of your local pub for playing – as well as cups, leagues, local multiplayer and total customisation of the game; from your darts and avatars to the dartboards themselves.

So go grab your Move controller, put on your 3D glasses and get your mates round for a great game of Top Darts…

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Great news but I would like to add online play.

online play pleas :)

Always good to to see post-release enhancements etc. One quick question, is it possible to save your progress part way through Cup competitions? I’ve only played it once but couldn’t see an option to do this?

Is there a demo for this? I haven’t seen any.



My TV will be happy, thank you very much!

Wish I had a 3DTV… Keep pushing good games/films out and I will invest soon enough though… well, once the tech get’s better.

Hey, guys, want to know how to play Darts in 3D without spending ludicrous amounts of money on 3D-ready equipment?

1) Buy dartboard and darts
2) ???
3) PROFIT!!!



Gagnez une séance ciné en 3D

Gagnez une séance ciné en 3D

Gagnez une séance ciné en 3D


Update: been playing the game all day today, my only gripe with it is the annoying announcer and the fact that I suck at it :(

Great game though, the 3D effects are subtle but well implimented

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