Get In The Game With Resistance 3!

Enter an amazing money can’t buy competition and appear as a survivor in Resistance 3 for PS3!


Hey guys,

In a one of a kind, money can’t buy competition, PlayStation is giving you the chance to appear as a survivor in humanity’s epic battle against the Chimera in the hugely anticipated PlayStation 3 exclusive – Resistance 3!

R3_Haven_Capelli R3_Haven_Susan

Two lucky winners will not only become gaming legends, but will also receive an all expenses paid trip to San Diego, California along with a friend to have their faces scanned and inserted into the next chapter of the epic Resistance series.

The winners will also get the chance to meet the development team at Insomniac Games and get a hands on with the game before anyone else. Here are a few words from the guys to encourage you to get involved.

To be in with a chance of wining this awesome prize simply head over to and upload a photo of yourself in the middle of a Resistance style battle (or looking like you have just survived one) – the more props you use, the better!

Once you have uploaded your photo, fill in the details required on the Resistance 3 competition page, then tell us why you deserve to be one of our Resistance 3 survivors and click Submit.

R3_Capelli_Grim R3_Ravenger

Ten selected finalists will have their entries showcased across Europe right here on the PlayStation Blog before two winners are hand-picked by Insomniac Games. But you’ll need to be quick – the competition closes on 8 March 2011

Terms and conditions apply – see for more info.

Join the resistance with a new hero, Joseph Capelli, on his journey as he battles to survive a desolate and harrowing planet Earth left ravaged by the Chimera invasion when Resistance 3 arrives later this year. Visit to find out more or, if you haven’t already, check out our announcement trailer below:

Good luck!

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I know this has nothing to do with this article but i hope there are new avatars tomorrow in the PSN update, come one already. We even pay for them and there has been no new avatars for a long time. :(

Good competition.
And for the Italians?

Elliott Linger 08 February, 2011 @ 17:35

Hi pu-pazzo
Due to local legal laws the competition is not open to residents in Italy, only users in the following locales:

Australia, Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and the United Kingdom aged 18 or over.

We’ve opened this up as wide as we possibly can, however in this instance, Italian residents cannot take part.

almighty-slayer 08 February, 2011 @ 17:06

Wow that is a brilliant competition.

Elliott Linger 08 February, 2011 @ 17:27

Good luck :)

I live in Sweden and I get redirected to which gives me a “404 Not found” when I try to follow the link to where you can upload the photo. :(

Elliott Linger 08 February, 2011 @ 17:26

I’ll look into that for you iriihutoR48…

Not another war to survive. Ones enough for me ;). Good luck guys!!

Can we photoshop? I don’t buy replica guns and combat suits…

Elliott Linger 08 February, 2011 @ 17:38

Go for it :)

Finland gets shafted again, shame. :(

Sony, stop lying! Or do your homework. Sweden is left out again, but it cannot be due to local laws.

If it’s a game of chance, you would need a special licence in Sweden, (but getting one is not very hard). However, since participants have to motivate why they should win, this law does not apply.

You understand that your competitions – promoted here on (yes, EU) are big, fat jokes. Your legal department should start doing their job, I guess. Or is it Nordisk Film (your distributor in Scandinavia) that doesn’t want to chip in? Either way, it’s really bad.

And Scandinavians have been without home for THREE WEEKS now, but Sony is doing nothing. (Wrong thread for Home? Sure, feel free to pass it on if you can find someone at Sony who cares – we have tried for THREE WEEKS without succeeding).

Shame on Sony!

Oh freakin’ tell me that there will be a North American version of this contest as well! D:

Hate Norwegian laws. Guess that’s why we aren’t allowed?

The competition is great though!

Wow, this is an awesome competition! Gonna have a good think about this, it’s a brilliant opportunity :)

@10: My guess is that your laws are like ours here in Sweden. So they don’t apply, since it’s not a game of chance… :(

What about North America? Any chance we’re gonna get in on this sometime?

I turn 18 on the 14th of March. Do you think i could still enter?

Shadow_Warlock 08 February, 2011 @ 19:48

I love how for once Europe gets a good competition and America gets shunned for once. It’s good to be noticed!

Great competition! But [DELETED]! The Netherlands isn’t included!

I can’t wait for 2 more mirthless survivors in the next enthralling game in the Resistance series.


It is indeed a very good competition :D

…But the last thing PS3 players want is my mug on THEIR team :P

there’s a little problem with the registration – there’s no Poland in coutry selector

This is probably just me but the characters look really Uncharted-esque, with the lighting and I’m betting they’re really well animated too.

When clicking the link in the article, I’m getting redirected to
(I’m from Denmark, btw.)

However, the only thing that link gives me, is a a 404 error page.
How come? :0

“Enter an amazing money can’t buy competition”

If I offered a £10,000,000 cheque to Insomniac, I’m pretty sure I could get myself in the game.

Your country is not eligible to enter (again)…
Thanks Sony, for hiding behind “local legal laws”, again!


Why does 2 other countries in the Southern Hemisphere get to do this comp, Australia & New Zealand, but not South Africa??

for gods sake, we even have same sex marriage here but we arnt allowed to play a Sony Comp ?

Can someone at Sony plz explain this to us



Epic gameplay Vid i wish it was out sooner :(


morganjones243 17 February, 2011 @ 17:07

2 bad this game ain’t out until september


Fingers crossed that there will not be another pointless online trophy like there was in Resistance2..e.g (10,000 kills in Ranked matches) that is what stopped me getting a platinum trophy..meh


LOOKS GREAT but ime not realy shure its a good time to release the trailer so long before the games out its a bit like what happened with LBP2. call of duty usaly announce the trailer abbout 3 months before and slowly add to it this way people dont loose intrest ¦[

l can’t wait

is there a minimum age?


l can’t wait

i am studying to be an environment artist can i use 3ds max/PHOTOSHOP


it’ll come out on September in this year?! Why? its such a good game to start playing it. Now i must Go ‘Rage Quit’ *Chases a Chimeran Cow With a Shotgun*

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