Killzone 3 Open Beta Update

It’s less than a week since the Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta hit PlayStation Store, but already you’ve racked up some impressive numbers. There’s been a staggering 62 million – million! – kills, of which around ten per cent have been Brutal Melee kills. Some 400,000 games have been blitzed through, with well over half a million players appearing on the Killzone 3 leaderboards. And two of those players have stormed through the one million XP barrier already. The Helghast don’t know what’s hit them.

Killzone 3

Your dedication to the cause hasn’t gone unnoticed over at developer Guerrilla Games. Far from it: the team has been working around the clock to analyse and act upon your feedback. Below you’ll find a round-up of issues discovered thanks to your hard work, and the solutions that Guerrilla is working on to refine your experience:

High level issues discovered:

  • Connection problems
  • High load caused the database to fall over
  • Score posting
  • Flickering screens
  • Ribbon stats not updating
  • Vulgarity filter

Solutions underway:

  • Guerrilla has already released a patch, which is live at the time of writing.
  • Guerrilla has made improvements for the server connection issues. The server was brought down and put back up for that on Monday, 7 February 2011.
  • The problems with the filter should be fixed now.
  • Guerrilla will continue to update the servers and patch the Beta if needed and are watching your feedback closely on

From Guerrilla: “We are happy that we are encountering these issues now, during a Beta, instead of after launch. This will help us get ready for the huge amount of people that are expected to go online at launch.”

“This Beta also gives us the opportunity to change Killzone 3 based on feedback that we get. Although we’ve already gone gold, we can and will make server side adjustment to things like weapon damage, balancing issues etc. So this is not a demo; it is a Beta for us to test the game.

“Thanks for your continued patience and help in getting this tested properly.”

So, keep playing – the more you experience the Killzone 3 Muliplayer Beta, the more you’ll contribute to an even more polished final game.

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nemesisND1derboy 09 February, 2011 @ 17:02

Sorry to burst your bubble guys, I’m still receiving non-stop 20002 issues since the patch. I realise it’s only the beta, but it sucks not being able to play because it really is a great game!

Chris Weatherhead 09 February, 2011 @ 17:22

Sorry to hear that, I know the team are working hard to resolve any outstanding issues and will be keeping an eye on this comment section to hear your feedback.

I love the game but the patch just made it all worse for me!

Not been able to get since I got the patch. Constant 20002 erros! Gutted.

Like the guys below me have said, amazing game and can’t wait to get my hands on the full game but not being able to play online is really annoying :(

When I get error I log-out from the PSN and log-in again until it enter in the lobby. Works every time for me.

Amazing game anyway, and I’m not a FPS gamer.

Chris Weatherhead 09 February, 2011 @ 17:43

Glad you are enjoying it!

Yeah,same goes with me(well kinda);
I can’t even connect to the network,when I sellect ‘multiplayer’,
it just let me wait while showing ‘connecting’, untill I eventually just quit the game:(

“I love the game but the patch just made it all worse for me!”

Same here, before the patch the only day I had any problems was on Thursday.

Been loving the Beta so far and the melee kills are awesome.

Does XP earned carry over to the full game? I realize it’s just a beta but it’d be great if it did.

I didn’t notice anything wrong with the beta myself. Amazing beta it is :P

Pre-ordered and looking forward to playing it. Just a question though, any news on which retailers are doing the map pack pre-order bonus when buying standard edition? lists retailers for pre-order locations, will this be the places with the bonuses too?

You seriously have to appreciate PSN, yeah XBL may have more features but look how we’re getting all this for free! Thanks SCE! Oh, and Killzone 3 is BADASS!!!


Got the demo when it came out and haven’t had ONE single game game!

I hope the main game isn’t as buggy as this, otherwise there going to be a huge backlash.

Downloaded the patch lastnight and like others have said, still can’t connect to a game. Anytime I click on Multiplayer I’m just left looking at the PS3 saying “connecting” until I get the error message.


cant connect after the patch either but botzones good have noticed a repeat of the same noise of a man dying they all sound identical need more variety in dying sounds

I love the move controlles in killzone 3, but whats with the autoaiming using the move in multiplayer? When pressing L2 it autoaims on the target closest to you. This must be a mistake not removing this in the multiplayer part.

What does ”gone gold” mean ???

error 20002 always, played a few games last week and loved it not been able to play since.. assure me it’ll be fixed come launch!

Wheres the helghast edition competition? or only US members get it?

Shame not fixing real issues like unbalanced map design, removing ranked custom games and server browser and most important to me…no more squad spawning so playing with friends isn’t much fun aside from chatting.

When I have first see error 20002 it (three times in row), I have to admit that I was seriously thinking like : Ho hell with it! When full game comes up it’s better be working properly or else I will not buy next Killzone game!

But I seriously hope that this situation won’t repeat itself on second day of Killzone 3 release.

I’m also curious about how many people actually participating in Open Beta ?

barebackbadger81 09 February, 2011 @ 22:46

minor issue for me
will the controller buttons be configurable in the full game!
sorry cant use R3 to zoom lol

@ barebackbadger81

The controller buttons are configurable in the beta!

You can use the Alternate layout which is like CoD (L1 to zoom, R3 to melee.)

European_Gamer 10 February, 2011 @ 11:25

What’s a vulgarity filter? Can it remove bad words from the headsets?

Love the game, but constant 10002 and 20002 errors keep popping up :/
I’ve been only able to play 1 multiplayer game.


Adjust the heavy feel and THE ASD. Its rediculous how shooting from the hip is more accurate and easy to get kills with than shooting through a scope or iron sight. [Deleted] really?

Please GG listen you have a great game on your hands but there are 2 problems with it.
1: No status updates on the xmb. LBP, COD blops and modnation racers have this feature and it is so helpful. Why is it not in KZ3?

2: When you aim down the sights its the same speed as if aiming from the hip…………GG you have to fix this.

barebackbadger81 10 February, 2011 @ 19:39

TRS-T @ barebackbadger81
The controller buttons are configurable in the beta!
You can use the Alternate layout which is like CoD (L1 to zoom, R3 to melee.) 02-01_mpcontrols.html

i want to be able to put zoom as L1/L2 and fire as the corresponding but on the right trigger (fire R1/zoom L1, fire R2/zoom L2)
seriously i know a minor issue but that is a deal breaker for me lol
Oh and i hate the CoD games, more a battlefield bad company guy myself!

@15 gone gold means the game is already pressed to disk in other words its done and ready to ship to the stores. By the way I’m loving the game but once again the controls can’t be mapped like they used to be in killzone one for the ps2 I don’t understand why

Please clarify whether the standard edition of Killzone 3 comes with the DLC maps or not. Because this will decide whether A) I Buy the game B) Whether I buy it new.

I’m a UK resident.


Calling all Killzone fans

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