PlayStation Plus Update: Stacking And Killzone 3 Demo

Hi guys, in case you haven’t heard the news already, today is an extra special day for Plus members!

Today you will be getting some amazing extra content:

PlayStation Plus Update: Stacking And Killzone 3 Demo

Stacking – 100% discount on the day of launch

From Tim Schafer’s Double Fine Productions, explore a vintage world inhabited by living Russian stacking dolls. Jump into more than 100 unique dolls and use their special abilities to solve puzzles & challenges. Play as Charlie Blackmore, the world’s tiniest Russian stacking doll, and embark on an adventure to rescue Charlie’s family from the nefarious industrialist known only as the “Baron.”

Killzone 3 Single Player Demo Coming On February 16

Killzone 3 single player demo – free and one week early for Plus members.

Plus members will be the first to get their hands on the action. Killzone 3 may not be out until 23 February but we’re giving you a chance to experience the “Icy Incursion” level that takes place halfway through the campaign.

Strap on that jet-pack and take flight through the arctic environments of Helghan

We really hope you enjoy these two great games with your Plus membership. We are listening to your requests for more new and exclusive content and bringing this to you whenever possible.

I’ll be back on here on the 16th with more mid-month treats for you.

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Appreciate the content.

Do we also get last weeks missing Dynamic Themes per chance?


Hi, Apologies for this, you will be getting both of these today.


Getting Stacking!

:D Already got both from my US + account this morning!

The dynamic themes this month are not on the store, gonna fix that?


Yep, sorry about that. they will both be up today


Stacking is not up yet. What time does the store update?


Hi, It will be later this afternoon but i’m afraid i don’t have exact time.

and what about shatter?? still doesn’t work, still no fix!!


We are continuing to work on fixing this and will let you know ASAP. Apologies for the inconvenience

WOW something decent for a change!

Something I would have actually bought as well!

Well done.

obiadekanobi1980 09 February, 2011 @ 12:07

yes what time is it on the store i hope not the normal time i wanna play killzone 3 NOOOOWWWWWWWWWW

Dynamic themes please James. Thanks.


Up in this publish, sorry for the delay ;-)


Lynch182 – Shatter is working fine for me.

Updates are normally around 4pm GMT, will be grabbing these when I get home tonight.

Thanks folks, I’m very intrigued by Stacking, never thought there’d be a 100% launch discount!


We are listening to what you guys want and trying to get as much new/exclusive content as possible. Hope you enjoy these


Also, any news on the renewal issue? My 3 month subscription ends in March, and I’ll be letting it end so I can buy a year subscription instead. Thing is, I’ve read a lot of people having an issue where all of the content from their previous subscription still says it’s expired when they buy a new subscription.

Please can you give some input on this, as if I can’t keep my current Plus content, such as today’s game Stacking, I won’t be renewing my subscription.


Hi, all of your current content from Plus will reactivate when you get the 1 year sub. I havn’t heard of any problems with this but if you do loose any content for some reason then you will be able to re-download it from your download list.


Great! Look forward to playing Stacking and the Killzone 3 demo (even if the game is already preordered:)). I’m happy to be a subscriber to such an excellent service.


Thanks, glad you like the content and the service.

sweet, both for me. even tho i dont have move yet. i shall be getting it soon and itll be sweet.

any word on a DC universe onlien discount? still had no answer anywhere and its been a month this fri since its been out.


Hi, this has been requested by us and the content guy is looking into it for you. Will let you know ASAP

Great news. Looking forward to both. 3D Killzone!!!! = Happy


Glad your excited. don’t foprget to download the 3D version of it as there will be 2 versions to get on the Store

“Stacking – 100% discount on the day of launch”

sorry to ask this.. but does that mean, that If I decide to download it in the weekend, tha game will not be free for me..? the wording here makes me think it is only free today..


Hi, no. Sorry if the wording wasn’t clear. This has been added to the catalogue for Feb and so you will have until the store re-fresh on the 2nd March to download the game.

Fantastic, but I would really like my old content since renewing to work…


Hi, I wasn’t aware that there was an issue with this. If the content doesn’t automatically re-activate with your new subscription then you can re-dowload it from your download list. Silly question but have you restarted your PS3 since renewing? Please call customer services if you still have problems


Wow thanks, maybe people can stop saying that Plus don’t get you any new games.

Also just wandering when the Dynamic themes will get added?


Your welcome, we are trying to get as much new and exclusive content as possible.
Themes will be added in the re-fresh this afternoon. sorry for the delay


will the stacking offer expire tomorrow morning, or at midnight tonight?


Sorry if it wasn’t clear but you will be able to access stacking at no extra cost for the rest of this Plus month. So until the Plus section re-freshes on the 2nd March


Can you please confirm I got at the start of the subscription is ours to keep forever or not, as the version on my console has an expiry date?



Hi, do you mean the copy of LBP or Ratchet & Clank that we offered free with a one year subscription? If you bought the 1 year membership when one of these deals were on then there is no expiry date on the title and you will keep it forever


getting tempted to try ps+ for 3 months now since i want stacking + shatter :p


go for it!! pleanty more great content to come ;-)

Thank you kindly for these fine treats.


Your welcome. Enjoy


@hanmik – the free offer is only valid today and today only


Hi, Sorry if it wasn’t clear but stacking will be like the other free games you get in Plus and will be available to download until the re-fresh ont he 2nd March. Cheers

Please could you tell us what you intend to do about the fact that we signed up to a service that offers a psone title every month but we have not been provided. Or that we paid our subscription for last month and technically there was no psn title provided as it didn’t work. Anyone who subscription expired after last month would not be able to benefit from it being offered longer would they?

I suggest that customers need to be consulted on these issues as we are being ignored. I have even complained to customer support but after being told it had been escalated and I would be contacted, I have been ignored. The service could be good but there are far too many issues at the moment which isn’t satisfactory for a premium service


Hi, will get back to you ASAP on this one

I wait for demo killzone 3 ;-)

When will be DLC to DC Universe Online?


A big thank you.
Unlike some others I have yet to be disappointed with Plus, its a great service. Keep it up guys…and girls.


Thanks for your comment. Glad you are happy with the service

& Still we wait for this ever slow evolving service where the feature we were promise cloud saves what does sony YOU the word soon means a week a month Months never.

while over the pond they get a new app.

only 2 things i like & they not SCEE what the excuess this time. :/

James Gallagher 09 February, 2011 @ 12:24

If you’re talking about Filmy then it’s coming here today too. I didn’t get the info in time to get a post up.


Hi, with regards to the feature you mentioned I don’t remember giving a launch date for this so i’m not sure what promise you are referring to?? You can rest assured that whenever new features are added to Plus, you will get them as soon as they are ready. and as soon as I have final launch dates I will let you know on here. Thanks

So, just to clarify, Stacking being completely free will expire when any PS+ sub ends?

Just weighing options. ;)


correct ;-)

If anyone wanna know Stacking is 1000Mb download and KZ3 is 1522Mb (1517Mb for the 3D version)…

Been critical of the service in the past,but Stacking is a good enough lure for me.Only done 90 days for now,and will see how I feel after that time before continuing.


Hopefully there will be more great content and features to keep you renewing your membership.

Fantastic news! A GOOD & NEW & FREE game!


See, we do listen to you ;-) Enjoy


when can we expect the update?


I don’t have a definite time yet, but will be later this afternoon

Plus just keeps getting better and better


Please answer my question when you’re on James. A lot of people’s renewals depend upon the answer.


Please see above, this shouldn’t be a problem when you renew

I agree Gavin

@irobotzombie can i ask where you got your info from,because day 1 offer does not mean it is offered for only one day


correct. this just refers to the fact that the offer is on a brand new game. Access to download the game from the plus section will be until the re-fresh on the 2nd March

Signed up to a years plus last week, got a few avatars but no dynamic themes? Im looking forward to stacking and the killzone 3 demo so keep up the great work guys :)


Sorry for the delay. themes will be coming to you today.

AMERICAN_-_SCUM 09 February, 2011 @ 12:24


James Gallagher 09 February, 2011 @ 12:26

Come on, nobody likes the shouty caps lock! I mentioned it earlier in the week, but you might have missed it: one of the themes will go live later today and the second will follow on the 16th.


with the total value of the Plus offering I would hardly call us thieves?! Have you seen this article –

Apologies for the missing themes, thes are both being added today and the symbol art theme will have 3 alternative versions to make up for the delay. don’t forget that you get to keep all the themes forever so you will still have plenty of time to enjoy these.
I’m sorry if you are not happy with the service but calling us a “lazy, idle bunch of thieves” is way over the top considering how hard everyone works here.

Can we play the Killzone 3 demo with the move controller?

I know what the game is about, i just want to know if the Move gameplay is good enough to get this game :)


Yes you can! enjoy

i was intrigued about stacking anyway :D

@tin-cup-70 it does support move

Thanks James.G it will be in Ross heads up you will have to pay for App watch your video camrea in HD app.

James Gallagher 09 February, 2011 @ 12:30

My fine American friends had some info last night, in case you missed it:

@skookie30 the same as america,its 5 dollers

Brilliant work, James. Thanks for continuing to push for all this great content for PS Plus. Today’s update is a ripper.

While I’ve got the floor, I’m sure there are a lot more quiet-happy subscribers than noisy-grumpy ones, don’t forget it. ;)


haha, thanks for your comments. As i say, its always nice to hear from the happy people to!
Enjoy the game/demo!!

This is more like it, content which is new rather than old flops and Minis.

Thanks :)

@rjackett spot on mate



At what time will the store be updated?


All I know is later this afternoon. Try checking aroud 4. Thanks

Well for once I can say both these are for me thanks for that.. But I still have to agree with Skookie30 about our plus evolving real slow.

I read about the new service the guys in SCEA territory are getting and well dissapointed we are the once kept waiting once again..!!

I really hope SCEE would for once close the gap between territories and just give us the same.

James Gallagher 09 February, 2011 @ 12:34

To what service are you referring?

im looking forward to stacking

just a quick question i went to play wipeout today and got “you are missing a key file to run this game. please quit the game using PS button. then download the key file from the view downloads list on the playstation store before rebooting the game”

whys that ?


Hi, if you still have a Plus subscription then there should be no problem with playing the game. I will forward this on to see if there is a problme or its a one off.
In the mean time, could you try deleting the game and then re-downloading from your download list?


Fantastic PS+ update today, i’m getting it all as usual but i fear i won’t have the time to play any of it (except KZ3 demo) for quite a few weeks…just too much games atm (DCU:O ,LBP2 and GT5)


haha, glad to hear you are making the most of the service ;-)

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