PixelJunk Shooter 2 Will Be Released March 2nd!

Hey PixelJunkies, the date has been set in stone – PixelJunk Shooter 2 will be released on March 2nd! The glowing previews should begin flying in soon too (fingers crossed).


Compared to the original this game is packed even more full of lovely gushing liquid action across three entire new worlds, and there is a whole new game in itself with the online versus mode we have put in there (over 20 weapons and abilities for you to use against your opponent). This is why it has taken a little longer than expected to get this into your hands, but we’re really happy that now, after winging its way through the digital tapestry called “game submission”, it has been approved for release.


Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks as we have some very interesting things to announce and remember to tune into our PixelJunk Radio podcast if only to hear us talk in dulcet tones.


If you have any questions about Shooter 2, fire away below and either myself or Ariel will attempt to answer them.

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Cool how much will it be??

Looks great!

Can we expect a trilogy of the PJ:Shooter series..? ;)

Day 1 purchase for me :D
Any chance to play Shooter 2 with PS Move in the future?


Any news on a price and/or news for earlier for PS+ (or a discount)?

ps+ discount would be awesome but i’m getting it anyway.


ps+ discount would lure the cash out, but it looks great anyway.


oh, a genuine question, will remote support still be compatible? I would love to use it, as portable gaming with this would be a blast.

if so, can you consider a new control scheme, i remember doing countless loop-de-loops just to aim on to an enemy in PShooter1, so i dunno, holding L makes the ship alter camera?

Finally! I really need to listen more to your podcast too. Only ever listened to one episode even though I liked it.

Awesome. I loved the first so looking forward to this one too.

Day one.

Day one purchase, but what will be the price? More specifically, what will be the price in Polish Zloty (PLN)?

Captain-Ultima 10 February, 2011 @ 23:31

I too loved the first Shooter so im deffo getting this one from day one.

Questions….Questions…ummh, okay. Two i can think of:

1. Any Playstation Home unlockables on this one?

2. Any bonuses from having the first shooter?

Can we have another add-on for pj monsters or even pj monsters 2 :)


Jippi! Can´t wait!

awesome :)
all pixeljunk are belong to us :D

I love pixeljunk games awesome.

i havent even finished the first one yet!

Home unlockables? Also any chance of extra content like dynamic themes and premium avatars?


Loved the first one, hope this is just as fun.

Looks great, loved the first one but this looks bigger and better so will be a deffo purchase.
Would be nice if you got a reward for 100%ing the the first one too!

WANT IT! Day 1 purchase!
Any idea on the price? €9,99? €14,99?

I’ll pick it eventually.

absolutely loved the first one will be a day 1 purchase for me

can’t believe how much time i spent on the later levels not really playing the game but messing about in the oil – black sludge stuff in the magnet suit

also any news on a soundtrack from the first one?

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