LittleBigPlanet 2 – New Community-Created Playable Theme Coming Soon!

Hi guys – I’m sure that lots of you LBP fans out there have worked your way through the LBP 2 Story mode, confronted the mighty Negativitron, and are now exploring the intricacies of Create mode and the hundreds of thousands of new user levels.

If you’re hungry for some more Story mode-type Sack-venture, or looking for some creative inspiration and examples of just how powerful the new tools are, then here’s some very cool news for you, direct from Media Molecule…

We are very proud to present to you the preview trailer for Hansel & Gretelbot, a very special community project based loosely on an old fairy tale, and that’s nearly ready for you to play!

LittleBigPlanet 2 - New Community-Created Playable Theme Coming Soon!

Hansel & Gretelbot is the creation of 12 community members, names you may well recognise:
Wexfordian, Comphermc, Morgana25, rtm223, Hilightnotes, xkappax, Catiers, GruntosUK, CENTURION24, Jaeyden, Cuzfeeshe and steve_big_guns.

A few months ago the Community Molecule set them a challenge – could they create a full game experience? Their own complete LBP Theme, using the new LBP2 tools to develop all original story, mini-games, bosses, cutscenes, music, and voices.

The team was gathered, designs were drawn up, themes were picked and building began, now several months later they are very nearly ready to launch their project for you to play!

Once upon a time, in a little cottage on the edge of the Dark Western woods, lived a humble Woodsman, his wife, their son Hansel and robotic daughter Gretelbot. One sad day, the Woodsman’s wife was taken ill, and passed away not too long afterwards. Time passed, but eventually the Woodsman became stricken by loneliness, and he remarried.

The Woodsman’s new wife was a wicked woman, who hated her new step children. They were the reason, so she said, that they had to live in such poverty. They would eat them out of house and home, the Woodsman must get rid of them! His will weakened by his heartbreak, the Woodsman relented, and led Hansel and Gretelbot into the Dark Western Woods, leaving them to fend for themselves, with no idea how to get home…

Hansel & Gretelbot should be out later this month, keep your eyes peeled for more info!

Look out for more details coming soon – and in the meantime, why not share some of your favourite levels (even your own!) in the comments below? Remember those links, so that we can all queue them up ready for this evening… :-)

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Sounds awesome cant wait :D

Will this be a downloadable back with trophies etc, or do we just play them like any other community level?


It’s going to be very cool :)

They’ll be available like other community levels (so no trophies I’m afraid).


It looks amazing and I’ll definitely be checking it out. I need to play LBP2 more anyway, I’ve barely touched it since I got it, been too busy with other stuff.

Looks FUN;) I am still playing the LBP 2 Story mode. LBP2 is brilliant :P

Carnivius_Prime 11 February, 2011 @ 15:29

Looks good. I haven’t played much LBP2 since finishing the story due to the multiplayer infinite loading bug pretty much killing the main reason I play LittleBigPlanet. Have they patched that yet?


Sorry to hear you’ve experience some of those problems. Some tweaks have already been made to improve this – so it’s worth giving it another try this weekend if you haven’t for a while – and there’s a full patch on the way too.

Looks great. Pity i’m useless at making anything near as good as that.

Heres my level if anyones interested. Basically all the sackboys that you unlock playing the game.

Whoa! Those levels look incredibly fun. I hope the levels are “multiplayer” levels, so I can play them with a friend.


Nice, looks great, glad you are getting the community involved

We need the ability to remove photo’s from our pages, having them permanently stuck on there is a massive oversight.
Can we please have tools to manage this content soon please?


Hi divine1000 – thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure this point is passed on to the right people as it’s a good one.

I brought LBP2 the day it came out and I don’t even have my PS3 yet! LOL!


Well, the box art is pretty – hopefully looking at that’ll keep you going until you get your PS3! :)

If its not coming via DLC with trophies, then there’s no point in playing it

my opinion anyway


Because it’s fun…? ;)

if i want to have fun, i’d rather play Halo Reach


Fun certainly can take many forms… ;)

i’ll post this here aswell:

I’m soo close to the 50 unique players trophy, help me obtain get it fellow bloggers:

Shamelessly posting my level here to gain some momentum, despite great feedback plays can be hard to actually get sometimes…

It’s a copter level :D


It looks really brilliant but why Mm always favored the same creators ?
Most of them were invited to LBP2 game jam, sponsored projects, got their levels Mm picked, are GOTY creators, are promoted on blogs, websites, trailers, forums, TV advs etc… by Mm. The LBP community is huge so give their chances to others persons. By promoting tirelessly the same players, you are forgetting the rest of the community. There are some others brilliant creators in LBP…

That looks great, I´m for sure going to play it!
In the mean time try my little level

Looks good.
BTW I need feedback on my level, so give it a try
Thanks :)

That looks great, nice work

Here is some really good levels/Games that I came across this week.

Omicron – Neon City (RPG in the making)
Pegged 2
Stereo/Mono 2
Galactic Base Defence -
Hungry Hungry Hippos!
Bluedot City
Tank Buster

My level Frantic is doing brilliantly :D


Here is a tip for you guys.

Levels like this should have a few trophies to get more attention.

its odd really, alot of people have become trophy whores without realizing it.

PS:LBP2 is amazing and i try to play it every week but GT5 (87% complete) and DC Universe:online (level 29 on first character) tends to steal the LBP2 time, i have completed it but not much more than that yet.

keep up the good work


A community collaboration is a really great idea. Can’t wait to play it!

In the meantime, have a go at my Multiplayer Versus Level called Like A Boss!

It’s got guns and swinging and a button that kills the person standing on the red platform.

Thank you!

Wow those levels look fun… they don’t need trophies imo lol. I just want to play them and have fun (that wont be hard if that “teaser” is anything to go by).

BTW can you guys all play my level, its killzone themed and its easy… enough said haha. Here is the link

Thanks, and i will play your level if you want me too….


I pre-ordered the LBP2 and I didn’t get any special costume :(

super-mike1990 15 February, 2011 @ 16:37

This looks really good! I haven’t been on the game for a while, When ever I try to join other people’s game they always ignore the request….. Might have another go on this tonight!

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