PlayStation Access Heads To Glasgow

Moving on from the trial of PlayStation Beta in 2010, PlayStation Access launches in February and is here for good! Touching down in Glasgow, Access will be giving Gamers the chance to get hands on with the great new software releases planned for this year as well as a host of other opportunities, giveaways, competitions and exclusives.

Main room

Access Glasgow will be taking place over the weekend of the 18th of Feb and applications are still open!

Staff demoing

The event will be kicking off on Friday evening, which will play host to our 18+ session. We will then have 4 more sessions that will take place over the course of the weekend, including intimate developers’ sessions with Media Molecule and Open Emotion. We’ll also be hosting the FIFA Interactive World Cup tournament, where we will be taking the winners from each session through to the UK FIWC Final! What’s more, if you’ve recently got yourself a copy of GT5, get practicing, as we will be hosting a GT5 Time Trial competition, where you could be in with the chance of winning a pair of tickets to the UEFA Champions League Final taking place at Wembley in May 2011.

Evolution Developer session

And if that isn’t enough, we’ll also have playable code for Infamous 2 Playstation Beta and SOCOM 4.

For more information and to register for tickets, please visit the PlayStation Access Facebook page by clicking through to

Hope to see you there!

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First of all Sqeee!!!!!!!!!

Got my invite for Friday night can’t wait now that I know iFamous 2 will be there.

You have “Countries” wrong, it should only be GB (again, sad enough).
Please make a EU site and a GB site, It´s clearer for your customers.

Lovely. =)

Sweet, cant wait :D. get to try me some infamous 2

Got mine see you’s saturday

Aaaaaaaaargh, the submit button not working on FB!!! panic panic panic

Im glasgowdave so I have to go :D


I put my application through on Facebook but didn’t get any instant confirmation? I really hope I get it, I’d do anything to get a shot of inFamous and get the chat with Mm! :(

Hope to see you’s there.A few members of ps3scotland will be there fri night and sat afternoon .

Put in for Saturday mornin, Hope i get a invite. :)



kingofscotland 15 February, 2011 @ 17:45

I’ll be there Sat night, looking forward to it- see you all there :-)

I don’t use Facebook as they have a very interesting take on the ideas of privacy and security; is there any other way to register for this event?

tehPete you can still register for it without an account

kingofscotland 15 February, 2011 @ 18:06

@ tehpete – you don’t have to have a Facebook account, just follow the link and complete form. I don’t ‘do’ Facebook either :-)

Nevermind; I see you’ve actually set it up properly :)

Ty to heedbaw & kingofscotland btw, your messages had come in between page refreshes. Gotta love a helpful community :)

how about getting us in Northern Ireland and ireland an opportunity to go to events like these :(

i know Glasgow is close to NI but it’s still a distance away

@2 and 11
You could come in theory so no, it’s no UK only :P
Also, we’ve had a event similair to this one (Room 299)

can we have this happen at some cities between London and Glasgow, Sheffield maybe?

maybe a Mnachester venue, to start applying the “access” part of this. My colleagues from PS3Scotland attended the Glasgow event and had a great time. Would love to go and have a good look!

Well enjoyed myself at the event Thanks guys for bringing it to Glasgow

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