PlayStation Home: The Terror Of Dead Space 2 Hits Home

There is such an eclectic mix of new items in this week’s update that I am struggling to spin a narrative thread to link it all together, so I’ll just dive straight in.


If you’ve completed Dead Space 2 on Zealot difficulty, then you have my respect and permission to wear the Isaac Prototype Suit – available in male and female variations from Alter Ego – around Home Square with pride. For the rest of you, Alter Ego is also offering what they only describe as “Literally The Most Colourful Suit in the World”.


In the Loot store, we have the Mad Scientist Starter Kit, which includes a wall and floor of flashing LEDs and two Ghostbusters computer consoles, while the nDreams store is offering four posters and a tentacle ornament based on the film ‘Monsters’, released earlier this year. In the Furniture Store, we have a range of Blue Toad Murder Files themed knick-knacks, including a Toad Seat and a Cow Sofa.


In Home Stuff we have a selection of animated animals, including a dog, horse, rabbit, hamster and a snake.


Finally, there’s another batch of content from Lockwood, which I’ll let them introduce:

“Are you rugged, responsible and hard-wearing? Do you enjoy the weight of responsibility and the air of authority? Well this week’s Lockwood Catalogue update has got you in its sights; weighed, measured, assessed and ready for action.”


“After the recent Helghast visitation to Home Plaza everyone could do with a little peace of mind, so why not increase the peace as a handy security guard? Perfect for patrolling any club space, or keeping the riff raff out of a VIP event, the Perilward Security Guard Outfit has everything for the modern security professional including the rugged boots and combats, heavy duty torch, headset and Security T-shirt with ID tag.”

Speaking of the Helghast invasion, this week is the last opportunity to pick up those precious Unlock Points to use in Killzone 3.

There you have it. Do your thing, as ever, in the comments.

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Any news on Scandinavian Home, why we still can’t login? After… hmm, about 3 weeks or so…

They should do Trophies for HOME i.e give you a Trophy for visiting HOME, or staying in HOME for an hour, or buying something for the 1st time etc etc. . . It would make me visit a bit more ;)

almighty-slayer 16 February, 2011 @ 19:24

Pretty awesome update this week, thanks James :)

When do we get a new Home community manager posting on here? :p

James Gallagher 17 February, 2011 @ 09:38

I’m not sure, it can sometimes take a while to find the right person so I guess it’ll take about as long as a piece of string. Until then, you’re stuck with me.


I agree you should get trophies for home like stay on home for 5 mins or more without getting bored should be worth a platinum.

almighty-slayer 16 February, 2011 @ 20:47

Nice one andy. Trolling a Home article saying there’s nothing to do. Herp derp

obiadekanobi1980 16 February, 2011 @ 20:49

wheres th dead space 2 suit theres only 1 from dead space 1 and its not free what gives??????????


Sweet update.

But a question; Will you be bringing back that Heavy Rain space but instead as a personal space? I think something that unique shouldn’t be thrown away and me and many people would pay! =D

No news for hollywood hills apartment?

FOUR weeks without Home in Scandinavia… but now it’s finally working again – or maybe not. Sure, it loads, but it’s soooooo slow, a lot slower than it used to be. So how did you “fix” this? By redirecting us to that Google DNS? We told you that going through Google was slow!!!
It’s so slow that it’s practically useless! I had to give up checking the stores, because I can’t spend half an hour waiting for it to load… Of course, you don’t deserve more money until it’s working properly. SO FIX IT – it’s been FOUR WEEKS NOW! But please tell us: What did you do to make Home “work” again. Maybe it was just a coincidence that Home was slow tonight… :(


As always, not coming to children’s playground aka german’s Home.

In other news: please adopt the new mobile theme from your US colleagues – this is very slow on Android and I’m not dropping RSS in favor to the app.


cool update the BTMF knick-knacks looks groovy

still havn’t got my dead space 2 game lost in the post somewhere


Would really like to log on to Home to redeem the Killzone 3 points but haven’t been able to. Is there any chance you could extend the event so we could get in on it too?

I even deleted the game data and all that but nothing helped, but now I know it’s a widespread issue here. :(

UPDATE: Home was working yesterday, for the first time in FOUR WEEKS, but that was just luck I guess, because today it’s not working… :( :(

This is getting silly, Sony. FIX IT!!!!!


The worst part is that SCEE just ignore us when we tell them it is not working! “Just pretende their comments aren’t there and it will be alright”

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