PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

Hello all,

The most interesting fact about this month’s issue is that there’s a preview of True Crime: Hong Kong. Yep, the one that just got whacked. Either Activision changed their mind real quick or somebody didn’t get the memo. They flew our writer over to the US to meet the devs and see the game in action. Just before they canned it.

Anyway, let’s forget that sadness and move on to all the great stuff that is happening in the issue, which looks like this.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

The biggest thing this issue by far is our look at The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. We’ve been out to Bethesda to see it in action and interview director Todd Howard. The game looks huge, with an utterly jaw dropping world to explore. It also heads up our feature on the future of fantasy on PS3, with Dragon Age II and the Lord of The Rings: The War in the North amongst others.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

After months of leaks and rumours the PSP2, or NGP to its friends, has finally been revealed. Firstplay’s Nathan Ditum was in Tokyo for the launch event and got a personal demonstration from Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Worldwide Studios, before getting hands on with Uncharted and a few other titles. The handheld looks incredible so here’s where you find out all about it from someone who’s played it.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

I’m actually reviewing Homefront right now but I can’t tell you anything just yet. That’s for next issue. Instead, editor Ben has been playing it and interviewed the lead designer Chris Cross (yep, that really is his name). Ben’s written up his thoughts on THQ’s shooter head of next issue’s review. A pre-review, almost. Or preview, even.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

The last highlight this month is our DC Universe Online review. Still not convinced about taking the plunge with PlayStation’s first MMORPG? (That’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game just in case you weren’t sure. (I know, I’m sure someone was embarrassed to ask.) I’ve spent quite some time flying around in tights; foiling fiends and punching monkeys. And if you want that last bit explained you’ll have to read the review.

PlayStation Official Magazine UK Issue 55

Aside from all that there’s plenty to keep you busy. We talk to the MotorStorm Apocalypse director about how Evolution Studios helped build Sony’s 3D dream, and check out the future of three dimensions. We also round up Amazon’s dumbest reviewers – one star for Dead Space? Really? We get Killzone 3‘s Hermen Hulst to answer ten questions for us, play through Portal 2’s co-op campaign with one of GamesRader, plus there’s more on Uncharted 3, LA Noire, Crysis 2, Bodycount and poor old True Crime. Oh, true Crime, we never even knew you…

Don’t forget, you can talk to the team directly through our Facebook page here where we’ll feed you all the latest info, pics and videos as we get them. Plus we’ll answer questions and generally hang out on Twitter, too, at You can also email us directly at

The issue’s on sale now for £5.99 with a playable demo disk. Or you can save up 50% if you subscribe to

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I will pick up my copy tomorrow :P

i stopped buying this magazine as well as others when i realised the ridiculous amount of money i was spending each month on them.

The writing quality is top notch and i cant fault the quality of the magazine however the demos on the disc can be downloaded for free and as soon as the magazine hits the shelf its already old news, look no further than True Crime: Hong Kong.

so whilst some may enjoy it, im giving it a miss from now on.


True Crime’s an exceptional case, though. The writer still pretty much had jet lag from flying to the US to see it when it was canned. A flight Activision paid for. And, as for old news, have you seen the Dead Island trailer? We’re the only mag that’s gone to see the actual game in action. Bloody, nasty action…

Picked this up last night – Another great edition. The Amazon reviews article was very funny!

The disc has a demo for lego star wars III – which I don’t recall seeing on the store.

Keep up the good work OPM team…

I want to subscribe to the magazine but I need a UK bank account. Is there a way to subscribe from Ireland?

I don’t even bother with the OPM’s

The OXM’s are better, they offer you free exclusive not available on xbox live gamerpics and themes

can you not start offering avatars, themes and even home items with the OPM’s? a lot more people would buy them then

@2 I agree with alot with what you said but you also got to understand that there are loads of gamers without internet access (yea, crazy i know) and/or commute to work and what better way to get gaming info from then the official ps mag.

More and more people have internet access but there are still those that either cant get access where they live or choose not to connect there PS3s to the internet for whatever reason so the mag is a great way for gaming news.

Regardless tho i totally agree, im always online checking out either Eurogamer, N4G, VG247, Gametrailers etc so theres simply no need to spend six quid on a mag.

But each to their own right?

Have got OPM from day one and I think it’s top notch even if I they did ONLY give the original Dead Space an 8!!!

Thankfully their creditability has long been restored since in my eyes!

Like Lucreto I woudn’t mind the option of being able to subscribe also.


This mag isn’t worth £5.99 of my money tbh, bought this hoping for some exclusive info on the new elder scrolls game. But everything has been taken from press releases/interviews already shown by Bethesda over the past couple of months. What a rip off!

This mag is a waste of money, if they put more time into writing articles rather than the marketing side of things I’m sure the mag would improve. Every other page has an advert.

I for one will not be buying another copy of this tripe. Six pound wasted. Wouldn’t reccomend.

I used to buy this magazine but the information inside it doesn’t justify the £6 price tag.The demo disk is point less when you have access to the PSN and the magazine has alot of adverts in it to say you bought it for £6 and I get most of my gaming news from websites like N4G,IGN,Gamespot, it just seems all to pointless

Number 5

Grow up! Avatars….(roll my eyes)

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