Vidzone Update: Vidzone Is A Completely Free Music Video Service!

I know people can be very wary of the word free these days. Free usually means “free to download but then some kind of hidden service charges later”, “a free 1 day trial” or “free to look at the word free but £100 to download”… NOT VIDZONE! VidZone is 100% free for any PlayStation 3 user to download and use as much as they so desire.. forever! Think of a free music TV channel that you get to choose the video you want to watch or let us suggest some you might like… We have over 30,000 music video so there is loads for everyone! I know a lot of you are fully aware of this, but we have decided we don’t shout about the freeness of our service enough… so this is me redressing the balance!


This week we continue our live music series with kings of metal (in my best Bill and Ted voice… ahem) Iron Maiden Live At Long Beach Arena for you to rock out to, next week will be hooking up with Gorillaz Live in Harlem… Watch for free.

Want to watch more videos by the artist you are currently watching?
Go to “On Demand” Menu, scroll down to “More By This Artist” and it will display all the results to you to watch for free.



Hot New Videos
This week’s blazing hot musical hotness Include David Guetta ‘Who’s That Chick? (Day Version)’, Maroon 5 ‘Never Gonna Leave This Bed’ and Rihanna ‘S&M’… So hot you better call the fire brigade…

Official Playstation Magazine


This week featuring David Bowie ‘John, I’m Only Dancing’, Blondie ‘Hanging On The Telephone’ and Yeah Yeah Yeahs ‘Date With The Night’. These guys just keep picking some amazing videos. Watch here… for… FREE.

The VidZone Chart
Watch the most streamed videos in your country and see if your taste fits the taste of the rest of your nation. I’m sure both you and your nation have impeccable taste. ;)


Artists Of The Week



We have Alexis Jordan in the UK Including new video ‘Good Girl’ plus behind the scenes footage. Next to Bosse in Germany with new video ‘Weit Weg’ and moving to Ayo in Denmark, France, Italy and the Netherlands including new video ‘I’m Gonna Dance’ in Oz and NZ you are getting Two Door Cinema Club (who I love btw) with new video ‘What You Know’. Ireland Belgium and Norway get Enrique Iglesias with new video ‘Tonight (I’m Lovin You)’ you lucky people from Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Austria and Switzerland get the mighty Justin Bieber with new video ‘Pray’ and we finish with Roxette with new video ‘She’s Got Nothing On’ for Finland and Sweden… PHEW…




One To Watch – Mona (UK and Ireland)
Ohio born, Nashville based alt rockers, Mona… Like Kings of Leon… but different… are this week’s OTW and I really think you should check them out, if you like KoL or not… Featuring new video ‘Teenager’.


Brit Award Winners 2011 (UK, Ireland)
The Brits are here again, and what a line-up they have for this year’s nominees, I don’t know who won yet so I can’t tell you who will be in this feature… but rest assured it will be good! And you know what? Its free (not the Brits.. this feature).



Artists of the Week
This week including the very talented Noah and the Whale and well, a load more… unfortunately we haven’t finalised all of them as yet… but it will be good!

Neon Trees Celebrity Playlist
One of the brightest stars in the “new bands 2011” nebula Neon Trees have sat down and trawled through our immense catalogue to pick their very own celebrity playlist… watch what they chose here.

Exclusive Interview with Morning Parade
Morning Parade like to say words in forms of sentences that are in response to direct question from an interviewer. So we had our interviewer interview them to dislodge those words from their respective mouths. Listen to the words here.

Remember to check out our ever changing Video Of The Day which you will see as soon as you open VidZone and as ever, if you want to contact us about anything then use the following channels below:
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Customer Support –

I’m off to count the amount of times I said free (UPDATE: it was 15 times including that last one).


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SupaTrooperCoops 17 February, 2011 @ 16:16

IRON FREAKING MAIDEN ! love you vidzone, thanks! glad to see you have good taste ;)

prefer ACDC myself. :)

really?? justin bieber artist of the week?!

how much are they paying you?


Hi moss022

you wouldn’t believe how much money they are paying us… I almost drowned in cash the other day… Our tea lady just bought a Bentley!

… That could be/is a lie…

devilwithoutfear 17 February, 2011 @ 16:38

Good thing we didn’t get Justin Bieber as Artist of the week.
though I wonder if there’s any change 3JS with Je vecht nooit alleen can be put on Vidzone?

Hey VZ peeps. I have a few instances recently where VZ has ‘failed to connect to the Vidzone service’.

This leaves nearly all graphical content missing, for example track icons, background, control bar (play, pause etc), track names will only show when scrolled over, scroll over doesn’t show etc….it was all pretty messed up.

So far this week this has happened every evening between around 6 & 8pm. Restarting the application doesn’t correct it.

Is the service getting battered lately? My internet connection is fine and dandy.

Anyway, no huge issue as I can get unfettered access most other times, just a mention.


Hey Danlisa

Could you email with those details (just copy and paste it to save you writing it again) along with any other details you can think of and we may use for some testing if you wouldn’t mind… Thanks



Is there any chance of VidZone becoming available in other countries (Croatia for example) any time soon?

I think Vidzone is great. Is there anyway you could expand on the number of bands and record labels represented? Would love to see Green Day and My Chemical Romance added. :)

Also, need more McFly interviews/performances! Preferably shirtless! :D


Hey WP-start

We are working on GreenDay and MCR along with many many more bands and artists…. and as for topless McFly… I will see what I can do… I’m not promising anything though ;)

I am from Greece!WIll u bring vidzone here?I asked this maynt times and u didn’t answer!Please tell me Yes or No?


Hi Tenchuwoh

I can’t answer either way, we need to be able to make money through advertising in each country. We are looking into lots of countries to see if we can make enough money to launch, these things are horribly slow and full of hurdles. We would love to be in every country and will do whatever we can to do so. But we have to make money else we can;t give anyone music videos for free.

Hope you understand.

‘FREE…is the Magic number’ Er erm… :D

almighty-slayer 17 February, 2011 @ 16:52

So how much does this thing cost?



Almighty slayer…

I’m not sure… ill ask… “how much is it?” “It’s Free” “Really?? that is awesome!!” “I know… you should probably start watching some free music videos then” “I will!”

Yes… I did just have a conversation with myself… it’s been a long day!

hey, my girlfrind loves vidzone. evry party she holds, its on the ps3. (the lack of heavy metal makes me use youtube..).

one thing tho. she would like to know if, when you watch a chanel, you can add a song to “favorits” or “setlist”, not leving the chanel to go to on-demand. she and her frinds finds alot of god music… but when they are.. “tipsy”, the just want one/two butten add song thing. would make vidzone even better IMO


Hi Ryttern

Brilliant, we think VidZone is the best thing ever for a party… Unfortunately you do have to go to the On Demand section to add more videos currently. We are looking into all interface issues and always take our users comments on board. We will put your comments into our “big book of user suggestions” and suggest it next meeting :)

Isn’t there going to be a premium subscription to remove the adverts?

When Poland ?

Maybe never.

“…or “free to look at the word free but £100 to download”… NOT VIDZONE! VidZone is 100% free for any PlayStation 3 user to download and use as much as they so desire.. forever!”

i wondered about that part too :). especially that “for ANY ps3 user” part :)

almighty-slayer 17 February, 2011 @ 17:34

Haha nice one Ben ;) You know i’m a big fan of VidZone and have been since it came out on PS3! Keep up the good work :)

Thanks for the answer Ben=)!I will keep hoping…

Justin Bieber?!

I’ll be avoiding VidZone until he’s gone, unless I can get a free Pixie Lott as a gift? ;)


Any plans to add some Japanese music to vidzone?


When I saw Bieber’s face on this blog, I screamed like the girls do in horror movies when they see the killer.


“VidZone is 100% free for ANY PlayStation 3 user to download and use as much as they so desire”

Lie. still waiting for VidZone service to be available.
Enjoy your matrix guys!


When i used VidZone last week, i could not use it. All text in the VidZone app was black and so was the background. So i was not able to see the artist/song name at all. Is this fixed and are you aware of the problem?


Hey Jeldtoft

We have a few people reporting this issue… can you email with as many details as you can, it will help us locate and fix the issue


Ben, if you like Two Door Cinema Club, have a listen to the Passion Pit re-mix of Undercover Martyn, they’ve don’t a brilliant job on it. I even prefer it to the TDCC original


Hi X201

I have indeed heard that remix. it is very good. Have to say my favourite is The Twelves remix of Something Good

It’s on Spotify if you wanna check it out.

I’m having the same issue as #22 jeldtoft the song names are in black font get mixed into a black background so you can’t read the song names


Hey Reload101

We have a few people reporting this issue… can you email with as many details as you can, it will help us locate and fix the issue


Doesn’t That picture of justin bieber Make you wanna punch him in the face look lol :D

*WHACK* :)


… couldn’t possibly comment…

money for nothing and chicks for free


i loved vidzone … until i couldn’t connect to it anymore.

it’s a real shame that extra French countries can’t use it anymore


Hi R_Thanatos

Could you email ps-problems with what country you are trying to connect from, we may be able to get you up and working again :)

keep up the good work ! I love vidzone :)

I’ve been eagerly awaiting Rihanna’s S&M, and was glad when you announced it, but why is it that I can’t find it? Did you not release it after all? I find the other two videos you mention in “Hot New Videos”, but not S&M. :(

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