inFAMOUS 2: Packfront Unveil, Special Edition & Hero Edition!

inFAMOUS 2: Packfront Unveil, Special Edition & Hero Edition!

Hi guys,

I’m really pleased to share with you the brand new packfront for the upcoming PS3 exclusive from Sucker Punch Productions – inFamous 2! Check it out below:

InFamous 2 Stand_3DPack_AW_ENG

inFamous 2 continues the saga of Cole MacGrath as he takes a dramatic journey down the coast to the Southern city of New Marais, where he faces a new, darker entity, known as “The Beast.”

Throughout his journey Cole is once again faced with the moral choice: to use his extraordinary abilities to save all of mankind or follow a more chaotic and destructive path.

inFAMOUS 2: Packfront Unveil, Special Edition & Hero Edition!

inFamous 2 introduces advanced superpowers, an improved melee fighting system, destructible environments, a vibrant, dense and interactive city with over 100 simultaneous characters on screen, and much much more.

Come launch, for you fans out there, you will be able to get hold of the inFamous 2 Special Edition which will have a stunning HD 3D lenticular cover. Check out the good and bad variants below:

InFamous 2 Digi_3DPack_AW_ENG InFamous 2 Digi_3D_AW_ENG_BAD

In the Special Edition you will receive a voucher code to download the following exclusive items:

  • ‘Electrocution Grenade’ limited edition power
  • ‘Original Cole’ skin
  • ‘Golden Amp’

special ed items

For you true inFamous fans out there, we are also producing a limited “Hero Edition” version which not only includes the Special Edition, but also a replica of Cole’s sling bag, a Cole figurine, limited edition comic book, soundtrack and all of the pre-order/promo powers (phew)! Check it out below.

inFAMOUS 2: Packfront Unveil, Special Edition & Hero Edition!

The Hero Edition will be limited it quantities and only available in certain PAL territories – so please check with your local retailer for availability.

Finally, we also have the following pre-order bonuses which will be available at select retailers.

  • ‘Lightning Hook’ exclusive power
  • ‘Kessler’ skin
  • Original Soundtrack

preorder itemsSoundtrack

Again, please check availability with your local retailer.

Cole - Float Jump at St. Ignatius

Finally, if you haven’t seen it already, check out the latest duality based inFamous 2 gameplay trailers below.

That’s it from me for the time being. For more information on inFamous 2, check out our new website: or visit

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YES YES YES!!! 1st day buy, will there be a demo??

Date? June 7th in US, EU? 8th?

Why didn’t we get a Date like US did?

Really like the cover! Might pick up the Hero edition if money allows it.

Any idea how long it’ll be until retailers start accepting preorders for the special editions? Or is that something that is entirely store-side?
I think I’ll be picking up the Hero edition myself, that bag looks sweeeet. What material is it made from?

i don’t usually buy SE of games but that Hero Edition is sweeeet! and i love you guys at SP so i’ll be picking that up!

Any idea of the price for it? and if it’ll be exclusive to a certain retailer?

a release date would be nice also please :)

I hate these pre-order promos, it means no matter what retailer you use you are missing out on something, please do not defend this with the hero edition having all, some of us are only interested in actual game things, not bags or figures.


Woop ! Love it!


damn getting The Hero Edition deffo looks EPIC
looking amazing cannot wait for the game


How come the US guys get a release date, but we don’t :(

almighty-slayer 18 February, 2011 @ 16:18

How about a date??

the pre-order bonuses would better be available at amazon…


Damn I want to know how much the Hero edition is going to cost me…

ok guys so where can i preorder the legendary edition?

please feed to the higher ups we HATE RETAILER EXCLUSIVE CONTENT.

The EU cover is so much better than the US one. I loved infamous so this is a day 1 for me.

Okay, this is awesome. I’m going to have to import this to France.
Please let us know where we can get this Hero Edition as soon as possible. :)
And a price range would be nice. I’m thinking somewhere near 130€, up to around 150, because it is nice content, though I don’t know the scale and quality of the items.

Thanks for the info!


PS: By the way, I just want to make sure, but the lenticular cover is the same, just changes from Hero to Infamous face? There aren’t two versions you can buy with the Hero Col in 3D and another with the Infamous Cole, right? I’m certain you wouldn’t try and sell two versions, but one can never be too sure. ;)

almighty-slayer 18 February, 2011 @ 16:35

Why do the special and Hero editions have the AWFUL America cover? They better all have the superior EU cover.


Where I can pre-order Hero Edition? I chcecked, and (still) nothing.

Worth it just for the bag.

Carnivius_Prime 18 February, 2011 @ 16:50

Looks great. I imagine EDGE will give it a 7/10 like nearly all quality PS3 exclusives…

I don’t think the special editions should be announced without the prices…. It just gets people looking forward to buying them and then when we find out the price is too high it’s really annoying.

SCEE keeps on giving that mid finger to PS supporters in Europe. Market that give biggest support to PlayStation products keeps on being treated like second class citizen. WHERE IS RELEASE DATE FOR EU?!

Give me pre-order details now. Please. I have got the Killzone Helghast edition and want this too. Dam my stupid collecting habit.


Scratch my last comment about the price. $99 in the US. I’m expecting a good exchange rate, say, $1 = 1€. For a change. (no pun intended)

I know Sucker Punch doesn’t have autority on the price so my sarcasm goes to SCEE, of course. ;)


I’ll probaly buy that! But some more info on the bag would be nice and the price ofcourse. :P

Loving it, glad to see lesson have been learnt from the LBP2 Collectors Edition. Now I must pre-order post haste but which UK retailer will be stocking it? Place bets now ;)

Are the special editions going to be retailer exclusive or can we get them anywhere?

Evil Cole has more hair? :P

Anyway the ‘Original Cole’ skin is better than the one of inFAMOUS2.
I’m pleased that you have added this feature, now I expect you’ll release the ‘New Cole’ skin, the one you throw away.

Probably I’ll pick the Special Edition.
The Hero Edition at 120€/100$ (Killzone 3 130$/150€) is too expensive.



You seem to have missed the point of the limited edition cover. The point is so that when you tilt it, it changes from good Cole, to Evil Cole. If they used the standard cover then it’d change from that cover to…Nothing? There would be no point in that at all. This way you get the 3D changing image on the front, and the standard cover underneath.


awesome, hero edition is getting ordered


Whilst I did enjoy the first one – you picked to release it at a time where every tom dick and harry was releasing them kind of games.

Prototype was at very much the same time and I think another one before that – so I didn’t feel the satisfaction from playing a ‘new’ game.

Will import this if they don’t announce this for the UK as well.
Just for a change I would like the UK to get the same superior editions of games that the US always get.

You are spot on. EU cover is perfect.


Lulz, the original Cole skin :P I guess people really made you guys add this in some way :P

Also it looks very very cool, I just pray the DLC doesn’t arrive 10 months later


Also I wish it was released on the 2nd of June, it would have made a nice Birthday present for me ;-)

Kill-MC-Mildred 18 February, 2011 @ 18:20

Ive really been getting into CE right now & i will get this as long as its under £100, im getting KILLZONE 3 Helghast Edition so im tight on cash right now.

Thanks guys, this looks insane. i loved inFAMOUS so it’s a day one pick for me, and the Hero Edition looks so damn sweet, I will buy this edition when the Price is good.

So.. any information on the price from the Hero Edition? and a release date?

Important question. The lenticular cover is ugly. Is the actual cover art of the actual box the much better standard edition art?

@ X_Weapon Your right… If there is going to be such a big difference between the American price and the European price I’ll probaly pass. =/

OMG!!!!!! The Hero Edition IS AMAZING!!!!awesome!!!! I hope the game come out later, because l pre- order the ps3 slim 320gb with killzone 3 :P :P and i don’t have money :(

Nice with the Hero/collector’s edition.
I still think its sad that we didn’t got the US version of the LBP2 collector’s…
Now I just hope that the Hero edition comes to Sweden.

SICK!!!! That’s one amazing special edition! The box is simply kick a$$! Bravo Sucker Punch!
I love the first one and I’m definitely buying this!

I was actually looking for a bag like Cole’s not too long ago. If this looks decent quality on closer inspection I may have to get it. Standard edition box art is amazing, but I’ll probably end up getting the special edition for extra powers. Now give us a release date!


I loved the Special Edition from the previous game. The Comic Book style box suits perfectly with this game.

Special Edition for me please!

WinterSnowblind 18 February, 2011 @ 19:51

Very cool to see we’re getting this in Europe, as we usually miss out on this sort of thing. Will be ordering ASAP.

This is nice. Hero edition it is!

I want the hero edition so i can carry my Infamous backpack everywhere ;)

nemesisND1derboy 18 February, 2011 @ 20:16

Any idea if the Hero Edition is available with the “bad” Special Edition box art, I think it’s way cooler :P

I actually convinced some friends to play the first game just by talking about it and now they want they are waiting for this one.

Open world hero games are rare and I personally think inFAMOUS is the best there is (before it, was Spiderman 2), so it’s pretty obvious I’ll be getting Hero Edition.

The only thing that I find less good is the primary backpack colour being yellow…

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