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Bit of a change of tack this week. Earlier today, Hansel and Gretelbot launched in LittleBigPlanet 2. It’s a full game that sets the benchmark for what’s possible when the community points its combined genius-stick in the same direction.

I’ve noticed that, every time we post something on LBP, many of you comment with links to your creations to try and drum up some more plays and earn those ego-warming hearts. This blog post is a free forum for you to do exactly that.

However, nobody is going to be tantalised by a page full of links, so tell us what your level is, why you’re so proud of it and why it’s worthy of a big fat smacker from us.

Ross McGrath and I are going to play through as many of your levels as we can this weekend and I’ll tweet out links to any that really impress us via @PlayStationEU, which should help you on the way to those community trophies and pins.

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I guess I don’t really need much promotion, though I’ll throw it out there anyway:

My level is a Rhythm Platformer, which means that the gameplay is synced to the music… That’s pretty much it… Oh, and it induces seizures at random.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 04:32

Woah! I never expected so many! Anywho, tomorrow I’m going to play and heart every last one of these (at the time of writing, which is silly-am) and I’ll tweet the very cream of the crop. I think it’s safe to say that the LBP community is the most handsome, creative and polite group of gamers I’ve had the privilege of interacting with.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 12:48

This level is really stylish and the music works brilliantly! It’s quite tricky in places, but well worth sticking with.

My level is called “The Enchanted Woods – Part 1”.
One day, when walking in the woods, you find yourself trapped with nowhere to go but through an unknown cave. When you exit you end up in the woods again – but is it the same woodland area you were previously in? Is something suspicious going on?

I spent a week on this one, and payed close attention to detail and the scenery. I would love it if you could check it out! :-)

I just want one heart from you guys, that is all. =P

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 04:09


I’ve only built a few small levels so far, this is probably the best:
Sackteroids! – it’s like asteroids but with sackbots that split up into smaller sackbots when you shoot them! Enjoyable shooty action.

And if you want some collectables:
The Girl From Ipanema – A shopping mall playing a cheesy elevator music cover of the famous lounge tune. The tune and a working escalator are available to collect.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 12:51

Sackteroids was a great idea and I enjoyed it, but I think you could ramp up the difficulty and really start spamming those Sackbots as the timer comes to the end. Hearted.

I find it very rarely works online, it continually says ‘Failed to connect to players’ when trying to start at online game. I try every few days to see if the situation has improved, but until everything works I’m not going to start building anything.

Sorry for a bit of a moan, but I’ve had no problems with LBP1 and I’d love to play LBP2 more.

Although I did makes this level in LBP1 – It’s called ‘World Of Eggs’ –

If PS+ Team is reading, any discount (or freebie) on Hard Corps Uprising would rock!

Everybody loves retro, right? Well I know I do and it has been really great to use the new LBP2 tools to make some retro tributes.

Take a look at my Asteroids level which I have tried to make very faithful to the original with splitting asteroids and even a working hyperspace jump but also plenty of added richness like an options menu with colour mode and alternate soundtracks:

Or if you want something simpler, theres just PONG (with working AI for 1P)


Mik :-)

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 12:58

The attention to detail in Asteroids is amazing. I bet your game collection is in alphabetical order.

It’s an attempt at a sporter, Jetpack Football :) 2d goal to goal.

Do you remember the first LBP trailer back in 2007? I made it playable. Why do you come and try it?
Have fun, and don’t forget to bring some friends for more fun.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 14:13

That takes me back! I was a writer on back then and I worked on LBP so I’m pretty sure I would have been the first person to upload that trailer to the site! Hearted, for nostalgia.

my level is called Little BIG Racer , its a top down racer and my first creation on lbp2 :) im super proud of it and very enjoiable and fun, if you guys play it i hope you enjoi as much as i did creating it :)

Mine is just a little level I made for my girlfriend to play last monday, valentinesday :) Nothing elaborate, fancy or big but the effort was greatly appreciated and that’s what counts!

I had hoped for some more plays on monday but I guess everyone was busy doing other fun things ;-)

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:09

Lots of hearts on the level itself, and another from me!


Try my level Space Ace it’s a side-scrolling shooter.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:13

I love it and this definitely needs more plays – I’m going to tweet this out. One piece of feedback is that the ‘enemies’ or threats are quite static. It would be nice to have some rival ships popping in to shoot down.


I’m gonna wait until LBP2 is a bit further down in price. I only see LBP as a mini game compilation created by users so maximum I am willing to spend from the retailer is £20

I actually have 2 levels published at the moment.
1) . My attempt at recreating the Octopus Game & Watch (single player only). This was more of an experiment to see if I could actually build it (not 100% accurate, but close enough for me at the moment).
2) . This is a, top down view, 2 player versus level (although you can play it single player, it’s better with two) based on a hedge maze. Although it is a race, you are encouraged to visit dead ends as it gets you bonus points … but only for the player who gets there first.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:17

That’s one very obscure tribute, love it though! Hearted.

fudgelovinhippy 18 February, 2011 @ 19:26

My level is called Advanced Sackbot partnership DEMO

I basically shows a microchip for a follower command with a few extras
including Stop Start function, rooms the follower can only get to, switching between the two sackbots & there should be many different levels in the future using the Tech

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:21

Pretty impressive tech and it would be great to see you flesh this out even more.

I don’t have any good levels but I made a car from egg sushi and a chair from rubber. Obviously I put wheels, motors and a switch on as well.

I also have a level which I am proud of but it’s not very good. It’s jam packed with stuff at the beginning then there are 2 creatornaitors. One of them fires salmon sushi and the other fires bricks. Quite cool (not :p).

My level will be released in 1 week,who cares?lol!I am kidding it is very cool!

Stinkinmushroom 18 February, 2011 @ 20:46

I’m releasing my first level this sunday normally (3 weeks of work). It’s gonna be called ‘Madness is an option’. Can’t send the link right now so i hope it won’t be too late sunday afternoon. It’s a twinstick shooter with 3 different game modes! 3 completely different kind of gameplay etc. The full soundtrack (8 songs) is entirely self-made with the music sequencer. It has score-prize bubbles, trophies etc. Just remember ‘Madness is an option’

Try my 2-4 player versus level: Red Vs Blue 3, any tips for improvement are very welcome! :)

This level is basically the classic flash copter game remade in LBP.

It has only had positive feedback so far but it’s incredibly hard to get momentum on your level and get the boost of plays needed to kickstart it.

It’s currently on 25 plays, 13 hearts, 17 likes and no dislikes!

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:25

Great level and nice, quickfire fun. I’m going to tweet this one, partly because I’m so addicted to the original flash game!

I’ve made a level with a lot of costumes that looks very nice and is very easy to update!

I also have a level with original gameplay, it’s called Q-box.
Could use an update from myself tough.

Have fun!

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:28

Very original. Reminds me of when me and my friend used to have races to see who could get to 100 first by pounding equals on our calculators. That was gaming!
My Tomb Raiding survival challenge has had 100% positive feedback so far! (Technically it’s only had 2 plays but it doesn’t sound as impressive then) All you have to do is stay alive by dangling from your grappling hook for as long as possible whilst collecting points, (very simple, just like its creator) but it looks pretty though

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:29

I didn’t last very long but I loved the level. Quick and addictive minigame levels are my favourites. Consider this tweeted.


Space Blaster:

This is a modern version of asteroids, with alot excitement, and you can prove yourself in this level that you have a quick reaction! If you want some excitement, I recommend you to try this level!

You can find it here:


James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:33

Nicely executed. I’m not sure about the Start button killing me though! Also, I think you could do with ramping up the difficulty.


Super Sixty Second Sixaxis Space Shooter:

“New Heights”, similar in a way to PSN game Flower:

I’m very proud of both.

Both feature well implemented Sixaxis tilt controls.

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 14:24

New Heights is a bit special and I reckon, with a bit of work, it could be an Mm Pick in the making. One thing I would suggest is some kind of subtle instruction at the beginning, as I crashed right into the wall at the start before realising it was motion control. A lot of people might go back to the pod at that stage. Anyway, more people need to play this so hopefully a tweet will get things moving.


Why is my comment awaiting moderation?


I don’t like to advertise my level since I know how annoying it is to spam the comments section of levels, but this is a great promotional opportunity.

Festive Fun: It’s my only level to date and was created way back at LittleBigPlanet’s launch in late 2008. I know it ain’t nowhere near up to the epic standards of some genius creators out there, but I’m quite proud of it myself considering I ain’t the most creative person on LBP (time constraints too). :P

Any plays, hearts etc. helping me to get some very close PINs and trophies are much appreciated. Will return the favour if you notify me. Thanks in advance. :)


I have published a few levels, without getting any real attention for them (might be a hint? heh) Anyway

Within insanity is a true multiplayer experience, built for you and your friend (or foe?) to solve puzzles together, and in the end defeat the evil mastermind who has put you there (Inspiration taken from the Saw series) The level is chock full of stuff to do, and puzzles to solve, without feeling cluttered.


Agree with the others who say this doesn’t come naturally to self-promote but as you brought it up! I do have a level called Sackjump (Escape from Neotopia).

The level took a while to build because I was learning LBP2’s new tools as I went along. It is loosely based on the popular Doodlejump app and involves Sackthing having to jump vertically up the level, if you drop below the last highest point you reached you start that section again.

I’ve utilised the sequencer to emit the bounce platforms so I can easily tweak the levels (of which there are 4 in total with a special cut scene for those who reach the end). When you get to the scoreboard at the end of the level you can see some pictures showing “behind the scenes” (including the sequencer mentioned above).

My main concern (based on the handful of scores which have been posted) is that it may be too difficult so any feedback on that score is welcome!


James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:39

Lot of potential here, although I think you could also ramp up the difficulty a bit, especially at the beginning. Hearted.

I’d like to try something different. In place of promoting my level for its qualities, I’d like you to try it out and tell me what you think is wrong with it and perhaps how to improve it.

It’s a fast sliding level with cleverly hidden prize bubbles. To get to number one in the rankings you have to grab the Paintinator and access the hidden area near the end of the level.

Here’s the official description:

“Every now and then I just want to slide as fast as I can and feel the wind on my face. Ah… All worries are forgotten!” You’ll start sliding from an Incredible Height! Can you find the most well hidden prize bubbles?

Level link
Sliding is Fun! v9 by Andrefpvs

Any feedback you leave in the comments will greatly improve my skills as a creator. I’ll up-vote any constructive comment you leave on my level. Thanks! :)

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:44

That was a really nice level but I’m not sure if the hundreds of prize bubbles at the end are necessary. Without them, your scoreboard will be a more honest representation of who is the best at your level. Hearted.

Here’s a random photo from the end of the level above, for no reason at all:

I made Frantic ( which is a Frantic arcade shooter ;) Nearly everyone that plays it says it’s one of the best shooters around, so you know, give it a try! :D

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:48

This is brilliantly paced and great fun. In V.2 I think you could work on adding some score multipliers, or a bonus for shooting all of the yellow circles in a chain. It would also be good to have some tougher ‘enemies’ that take more shots to destroy, depending on the weapon. At the moment, the basic fire is so effective that you never need to change. Great work though and I’m going to tweet this one.

My level is called ‘Starlight’, I tried to make it a bit different and to look sort of cool. Hope you like it, and feel free to give me feedback :)

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 13:54

Nice idea with multiple routes.

My level is called jump and die.
My first one, but cool enough :p

Find me as Elgnomo.

If you make it and not die, ill love you :)


Also, try my girlfriends level “Drip Defender”. You control a glass bottle and have to catch the falling drips of water. Each drop you catch earns you points, and if you miss just one it’s game over. I think she did a remarkable job for her first level.

Check out my level. For being the first one I have made, it’s fun and has gotten very excellent reviews. You will have fun playing this level over and over again:

just a quick heart would be great :D

It’s a level dedicated IGN and Podcast Beyond

James Gallagher 19 February, 2011 @ 14:08

I’m thinking about doing podcasts, but they seem so 2005… maybe I could do them live.

My level is a simple but fun shooter with a space-theme. It’s my first level using LBP2 physics so I hope you like it, I myself find it quite addicting :)

I hope you guys check it out, it can be found here:

Here is my link Heart please :)

my 1-4 player battle VS level, if you play one player, there will be
an AI sackbot thats really hard to beat!

Galactic combat! [1-4 player]
By trevortm
battle your friends with crazy weapons and low gravity!

Alton Towers remix
By trevortm
a remix of the Alton Towers theme tune!

both took a while to make but were fun in the process! thank you!

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my 1-4 player battle VS level, if you play one player, there will be
an AI sackbot thats really hard to beat!

Galactic combat! [1-4 player]
By trevortm
battle your friends with crazy weapons and low gravity!

Alton Towers remix
By trevortm
a remix of the Alton Towers theme tune!

both took a while to make but were fun in the process! thank you!

This is Dizzy Wheel Survival Challenge. Jump in a wheel, spin, collect points and dodge the lasers. Especially fun with multiple sacks!



Mine is a pixlated type of LBP, i’m still working on the popit and expresstions. Please take a look at my level! :D

8-bit Sackboy!

Well anyone can go look at my levels if they do so wish. I’ve recently completed a muliplayer arcade plane game, I think it’s good but then again I would. Well yep, I’m going now, Cya. ;-)


This is my first level created together with my cousin Z-O-E-E-E. Saw Dare You Survive?

Hope you like :)

Working on a new level with LBP2 logic and features, look out for it published soon – Safari GP

A little level that will have probably several sequels

I hope you enjoy ^^

Just gonna post my best (and also expandable) level series here.

Its like guitar hero, but with a controlinator :)

The most I’m looking for is reviews, and suggestions for improvements.

Thanks! :D

This small minigame is my first published level,
I spent hours in this until it was cohesive enough to be fun and look great. I implemented as much stuff as I could from the tutorials to familiarize myself with the tools at disposal in this great game.

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