The People Vs: MotorStorm Apocalypse

MotorStorm Apocalypse is the frantic new racing title exclusive to PlayStation 3 that throws you and your chosen vehicle into the middle of a huge earthquake. Ride superbikes, choppers and supercars through utter chaos and see every race, eruption and collision in amazing stereoscopic 3D.

This exciting new title launches in March 2011, so now is the perfect time to ask the developers anything you want about their game. Head over to the official PlayStation Forums at to leave your questions – they can be as weird and as wonderful as you like.

We’ll pick the best questions and put them to the game’s developer, Evolution Studios, and then post the responses over at, so make sure you check back to see if your question was used.

Alternatively, Tweet your question using the Twitter hashtag #peoplevs or drop them into the comments here on the blog.

You have until 22 February 2011 to submit your questions.

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I played it at Playstation Access and thought it was great.

Will there be a demo on the store? Not that I think I really need a demo to convince myself that this is a day one buy, but it would’ve been nice nevertheless :D

yeah, will we get the demo before the eu release, or is it set to arrive after apocalypse releases in the eu, for the sake of the americans?

Game looks amazing!!!

When can we expect a demo?(will buy it but i just can’t wait too try it out!!!!)


Im planning on buying a release game soon, I just can’t decide between this and portal 2, will there be a demo or trailer?

Question for the devs: Who would win in a fight between David Cameron and a badger?

TehPhilosopher 21 February, 2011 @ 15:34

Typically MotorStorm trailers feature a motorcyclist who gets “it” at the end of the trailer. When will we see retaliation and evening of the scores?

also played this at access, the 3d took me a min to get used to but after that i loved it :)

im buying it :)

I’ve got the other 2 Motorstorm for PS3 and the one for PSP. I loved them. I have already preordered Apocalipse. Like some people here asking, any demo before releasing date? Are the monster trucks back? Any other way to cool down the boost while racing? I played the demo in 3D in the Eurogamer Expo, it was awesome!

Do you have any Hybrid (Brilliant UK electronica trio) on the soundtrack?
If Hybrid are good enough to be played on Top Gear surely they’re good enough for Motorstorm!

9# I can answear that. Yes all previous sort of cars will be back inclusiding monster Truck + 5new ones.
I think I read somewhere that their was going to be air cooling for the boost.(not 100% sure)

+1 Demo?

Need something to keep me occupied until release!

Thank you for this. :) Thoroughly enjoyed this post – helped brighten my spirits after the devastating quake here in New Zealand a few hours ago.


any one remember the people vs time crisis razing storm and the fact that it never happend due to the amount comments asking why the game sucked so much.


Looks great, can’t wait :)


I can’t wait to grab this, I loved MS:Pacific but you guys really do need to ramp up the advertising for this game.

I whould realy love if you could add your own playlist to the game from the library on your ps3. Because for me music is a important part of the game xD

And btw plz make it so that you get all the same advantages when you play splitscreen as when you dont. So that when u play splitscreen online u can still unlock perks and such because I love to play splitscreen with friends and family and everybody loves the feeling when you accomplish something (unlock something).

I loved pacific rift only thing that was missing was splitscreen online and more maps and perks (If I remember right u have all those stuff in apocalypse) yay ^^

Since you are focusing on destruction could you create some fun game modes around destruction like “battle” and “team battle” where you race unlimited laps and you should destroy others vehicles and when u die u dont spawn. That’d be you know unique and something diffrent. :)

One last thing….you have to make this game so that you can drive backwards without being teleported forward. because when I play splitscreen offline and I want to mess around with some buddies I cant go back on the track and that realy irritates me after a while because I have to drive a whole new lap to do that jump etc.

Ty 4 the great game. Cant wait.

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