Aussie Killzone 3 Launch Event

The Australian PlayStation community have celebrated the launch of Killzone 3 at an exclusive ‘invitation only’ event at Sydney’s Waterloo. Hosted by none other than ‘Commando Steve’ himself, the warehouse location provided the ideal setting for an ‘ISA Training Camp’ designed to give the 100+ attendees from around Australia, a true glimpse of the Helghan home world.

Upon entry to the event, guests were treated to a 15 minute exclusive developer video produced by Guerrilla Games, detailing the development process behind the game, and shedding some light on the key new features that have been incorporated. This included new details on the multiplayer portion of the game also which particularly excited the community. Next, Commando Steve took to the stage to brief the attendees on the actual training activities of the evening. He ushered them through a red curtained area to reveal a massive Killzone themed world, complete with authentic Helghast trooper in an amazing costume (with fully lit orange eyes).

Commando Steve personally ran all of the attendees through a number of gruelling activities aimed at recreating the harsh conditions of the Helghan home world. This involved for example, playing Killzone 3 while being ‘blasted’ by high output wind fans and snow-making machines. Also, playing Killzone 3 inside a giant ‘wind freezer’ designed to recreate the arctic-like temperature on Helghan. Of course it wasn’t all just about the elements. Weapons assembly was another key activity, with attendees having to learn how to disassemble and reassemble their Killzone weapon at double time, all while being blasted with strobe lighting designed to mimic the ‘flash fire’ of live combat.

Activities aside, the event was truly about Killzone 3 the game, and there were approximately a dozen Killzone 3 demo units set up, allowing attendees to play the finished Killzone 3 game for the first time (using the new Sharp Shooter gun peripheral combined with Stereoscopic 3D televisions no less). There was also a multiplayer challenge where users were able to put the online modes through their paces, and see who the real pros were. One lucky winner at the end of the event even walked away with a Killzone 3 Special Helghast Edition pack.

This was a fantastic event and a worthy celebration for a title that is among the very best that PlayStation 3 has to offer. Killzone 3 launches across Australia on Feb 24th.

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I wish I could have come 🙁 Make them 16+!

xenokiller90 23 February, 2011 @ 11:27 am   2

shame no event in the UK:(


That looked pretty awesome.


Come on SCEE, change your game release day to Mondays. I am sitting here twiddling my fingers for yet another 2 days, while everyone is playing my game. HMV you better not be late with my KZ3HE

kool-chris93 23 February, 2011 @ 12:13 pm   5

Too bad it wasn’t in Melbourne! I would have loved going and checking it out 😀
Can’t wait to get my own copy


No PSN update today?


6# Should come a blog post with in 2 hours.

DNAtlantic 23 February, 2011 @ 1:06 pm   8

360p videos should be banned lol Didn’t you guys have a HD camcorder? Great launch event!

obiadekanobi1980 23 February, 2011 @ 1:06 pm   9

sharpshooter when and how much???

amazon and its £34.99 free del to uk woop just orderd

ROBERTWARNES 23 February, 2011 @ 1:13 pm   10

Launches on the 24th? Ok how come every game shop in Townsville was selling the game brand new on the 22nd?


#8 Internet in Australia sucks and is expensive as hell. Why should they then use a data intensive video for their target audience?


Hi James G,

Just a quick question, I bought the Move SharpShooter here in EU (Spain) only to find it a little gimped….

No decals,

No scope mount

No Mag markings/grip

I know the colours need to comply with the realistic firearms, but why the loss of features, please help I don’t want to spend even more cash on importing a US version…

Already bought Helghast edition, Move Camera and Move controllers, Nav Controller and another copy of Killzone for my brother….

Is there any way of buying these things as upgrades or something.




lol I’m in the vid, free food <3

Zorbane101 24 February, 2011 @ 8:02 am   14

Thanks Sony for an awesome event I had alot of fun. I think it is great that you have made them 18+ because it keeps kids away and allows us adults to enjoy a mature environment and a few beers. The game is great from what I played. Unfortunately I did not win a copy on the night which was a bit sad, but I have ordered my copy online and look forward to receiving it soon.

A_1000fraggers 24 February, 2011 @ 8:45 am   15

Our Aus members over at had a great time…cheers

wooooow its anice game thanke you my bro