PlayStation Home: Build A PixelJunk World

This week’s PlayStation Home update is a bit lighter then we have seen in recent weeks but, I can tease that, since I’ve writing these posts, I have been given a glimpse of a few things in the pipeline and it is exciting stuff.

Moving back to the matter at hand, those PixelJunk Monsters invade PlayStation Home this week in the form of a range of furniture that you can use to create scenes from the game in your apartments. There are rugs, foliage, towers and, of course, the monsters themselves to help you cultivate your own micro-worlds based on the ever-popular PSN tower defence game.


Lockwood is making it easier than ever to get involved in Sodium; here’s what they have to say:

“Lockwood Publishing are proud to announce the new Sodium Hovertank Rental Scheme. As of this Thursday at any Sodium Commerce Point you too can access the full 50 levels of explosive Salt Shooter Action for one day, two days or a full week, for low, low prices”.


“To celebrate this new way to play, we’ll be doubling the amount of Gold, Silver and Silicon available in game for all valid rental ticket and Sodium Pilot Outfit holders for the next seven days. More resources means even more Sodium Credits to use at the VICKIE shop.

“Never has it been easier to get into the action”.

They are also introducing a new brand of clothing called Figment:

“Figment represents a change of pace for Lockwood and a move to high-end formalwear. Figment is all about elegance, poise and show stopping style in the form of Stunning evening dresses, chic jewelled sandals, handsome trilby hats and smart brogues”.


“Figment is about being able to stride confidently into any party, room or restaurant knowing you look great. But most of all, Figment is about imagination and the ability to combine separate items in ways you hadn’t considered before to produce even more incredible looks and outfits. The power is yours”!

This content will be available at the regular time on Thursday.

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Yes, it’s definitely a light update alright… :(

any news for hollywood hills apartment in europe?

Can you please tell when the error z(9,-2) is fixed. So I and many others could use Home again?

James Gallagher 24 February, 2011 @ 09:59

Yes, this is being looked at as a matter of priority but I don’t have a date for a definitive fix. Apologies.

FIX HOME FIRST!!!! It’s been 5WEEKS NOW!!! Are you even working on a fix because I don’t think it can take 5 FREAKING WEEKS.

Yeah light on content because it‘s SCEE the SCEA hasn’t updated they blog i wonder if they content is light. :/


Same as above. You can, and should, do better than this. at least give some word of what is wrong.


When do we get the rest of the IREM spaces? And how about the 3D Dot Game Heroes space?

James! Serioulsy, 5 weeks, what’s going on?

Fun to buy “expensive” virtual stuff in Home and not be able to “use” it? Just say something others that we’re looking in to it or something. After five weeks you should aleast know what the problem is. Or else it’s just sad for everyone of us.

to every one having the z(9,-2) error.
change your DNS server to or
it solves the problem, and you can use home ones more.
did it to get my killzone 3 multiplayer points from the killzone 3 home game.

oh, and make us unluck trophys in home spaces, like the sodium game/space would be perfekt for us to earn trophys.

Tip for home: add trophies and stuff for PSN+ users

nice update i always try to wear a suit! have all of them though, so nice to get some new ones :p

SCEA thinks Think Big be big that is so true like i expected they updated they blog not happy with they shiny mansion & they getting a shiny yacht with a Big TV but oh course they are rich.

were we EU are Poor god it makes me sick there something wrong sony competence.



1. Its not a game
2. There is stuff for PS+ (not PSN+)

Hello Everybody, sorry please but I,m waiting for a great houses , I love The Mansion this. Apartment come in Europe next time??? Thanks and good luck

Five weeks without Home now… :( :(

That’s 35 days. You know, some ppl have spent a lot of money on something they can’t use. And you (Sony) have admitted that whatever is wrong is your fault – SO FIX IT! How hard can it be? You updated Home, then it stopped working. Fix it, or hire someone who can…

You people that keep on moaning STOP and wait just because there isn’t an actual community lead doesn’t mean you complain the whole time.

@16: That’s so easy to say for you. We have been without access to Home for FIVE weeks, and we hear NOTHING from Sony – so we have every right to complain. Especially if we have paid for stuff to use in Home…

Five days would have been bad enough, but five weeks!?! I tell you what that is: ALMOST 10% of a YEAR! If this had happened in UK it would have been fixed within five HOURS, I’m sure, and maybe you would have got some kind of compensation. But we live in Scandinavia, so maybe we should just be thankful that Sony lets us buy their stuff…??? If you think I’m a bit upset then you’re right. Sure, strange things can happen, and I’m sure there’s a good reason why they haven’t fixed this. But please, Sony: Learn to communicate! Tell us what’s happening! This error want go away just by ignoring us…

@17 if you want to use home now then –
change your DNS server to or
it solves the problem, and you can use home.

@13 there are games in home, that should get trophys. sony could make stuff in your apartment that you or your frinds could earn trophys from. lots of ways, thats a great part of home. it has plenty of opportunities. it would definitely get more users into home

does this mean those of us who brought the outfit for full access loose full access to Sodium? and now we have to rent it when we want to go play it???

James Gallagher 24 February, 2011 @ 10:04

No, you still have full access just like before.

That PJ world building feature looks like fun. I used to enjoy buying those cardboard villages in a book and making them into houses and street etc when I was a kid. This looks like fun.As for thos dns’ above, they look like googles dns numbers. Any news on themansion that was teased over new year and Paris and waterfall log cabin? Many thanks

No, changing the DNS doesn’t solve the problem. It made Home so slow it was useless, but I’ve also read you can’t play other games online when using that DNS… :( We can’t keep changing the DNS back and forth!

Sony created this problem – they should fix it too! If changing the DNS is the “solution” it would be easy for Sony make an update that changes the DNS automatically, but they haven’t. There can be only two reasons: a) They know it’s not a solution, or b) They don’t bother fixing this.

I would have liked to say the answer is a, but after five weeks without any response from Sony, I’m afraid the answer could very well be b – they just don’t care. Shame on you Sony, shame on you!

36 days, and still counting…

@21 well im using it, and it works wonders. i can use home, and play online.
see it as a DIY solution, use it or dont – if homes THAT important to you, then you will use it, if not; stop whining.
and you now have a response from sony – in comment 3.

@22: Did you even read my comment? Changing DNS made Home extremely slow, so no, it’s not a solution. And we’re not whining – we are informing Sony that Home isn’t working, and some ppl spent a lot on money on Home stuff. But even if you haven’t spent any money on Home, Sony use Home when advertising for the PS3, so it should be working properly, even in little Scandinavia… 36 days is a long time. 10% of a year has passed since Sony somehow made this error appear… :(

Thank you James for replying – I know this error is not your fault, and that you are reporting back what the tech staff say, but “this is being looked at as a matter of priority” makes me wonder what happens with errors that aren’t a prioriy. The Home tech team should hire someone who knows what they’re doing – or at least fire those who don’t…

any news on PSOne Classics space?

Sony needs your Time in home a second look.

i been home a few times of last week i buy some pets neat idea like it when it follows you & get lost a bit & catch up

Yes it better then last year but 2 years i thought it was 1 years & 3 months in just some ideas & i hoped James.G you know if we getting music/video picture frames and trophy room.

alex did said in the forums that they are working on a some kind of trophies but that was ages ago & Now he jump ship we back in limbo.

the new HCL/HMC needs to address what alex has said.

& Lastly i will use home a second chance. :|

Give HOME a second chance? Hell no, it does not even work properly. Listen to what customers want Sony. I’d rather have some services like cloud saves and party rooms than HOME to be honest. To me HONEST is just a huge waste of resources and a missed opportunity. My 2 cents. Peace.

Sorry I meant HOME not HONEST. Cheers.

ahh yes SCEE the ever growing loser of a region sink to a New time low it good so you lead a New tactics eh censor i loath censorship

stopping ppl from vist to SCEA from our browser are we try to use that link up there at the top now takes us to All-old news Psblog-share.

Bravo your next paycheck be by DWP. :P

Before you say, Yes i deleted cache on my ps3 browser i know the browser sucks but not that bad so im gonna use a laptop tomorrow or are you gonna stop that 2 putting a IP LOCK to a site your sony owed site.

I hope it a fault you better Fix It. :/

About the article where Sony urges to give Home a second chance, claiming it’s a lot better than it was two years ago…

Well, two years ago we could at least log on!!!

But, yes, Home has improved A LOT since it launched, and that’s of course the reason why Scandinavians “whine” when they can’t log on…

Start releasing stuff you dont have to buy(& not bloody clothes), yes it takes money to make it. But will all the money you’ve made from all the crap on there, you should be able to create something new & unique. Not rubbish payed clothes & apartment items every week.

“Figment is about being able to stride confidently into any party, room or restaurant knowing you look great”

What are you talking about? There are no parties in the Home world as there is no way to throw a party

When will my killzone 2 costume be getting fixed or refunded?
Been since last year this was reported.

Will the eu be getting konami space or to be able to buy silent hill 2 costumes?

We in Scandinavia should get compensation for this. When or if you’ll fix it.

You cannot build a PixelJunk world because of the stupid storage limit is set too low.

I still don’t see anything worth buying in Home. Give us Mass Effect stuff! Give us a citadel to hang around on. Mix drinks in the bar and get drunk! I’d love to have the ability to make stuff other than human in the character creation but thatd mean having to have all the clothes remade.

At least you should give the turian species some awesome clothes if you ever add the avatar in stores rather than looking like either Garrus, Saren or Nihlus. Unless you wanted to look like them. Krogan too!

@34: Yes, we should get compensation, but that will never happen. They won’t even apologize, I’m sure.

But wait until Homes is down for just a day in UK (or USA) – then there’ll be compensation, mark my words!

Playstation U.S get’s
Final NASA Shuttle Launch is First Live-Streaming Event in PlayStation Home
playstation japan get’s
Playstation Home Japan Gets Macross Frontier Virtual Concert
playstation Europe get’s
??????????????????????? it’s just 2 big off a waste 2 even care about

I must say how disappointed I am in Home update of the Pixeljunk items in the furniture store this week, the whole range coming in at NZ$40 or €20! They are overpriced, and to make matters worse there are NO bundles to ease off the steep price factor and worst of all is having the same item, take the fir tree for example, but in slightly different shades of colour. I smell a scam. Why not just provide us with the tree and a colour wheel so we can choose it’s colour when we get it out of storage. No, that would be too easy. I was expecting to pay the same as a perspace for this bundle of items, not four times that price, & not being charged for exactly the same item but coloured slightly different Not happy.( What a letdown.

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