PlayStation Store Video Store Update – 24 February 2011


I have some exciting news to share with you this week. In addition to all the best new releases available, we also have a few exclusives for you too!

We are also offering you a FREE 3D item with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 3-D experience. To experience you will need (3D Television, glasses, HDMI and 3D capable audio).

You can also win an exclusive London film preview for Anuvahood for you and up to 20 of your mates.

Anuvahood is the first UK urban comedy from Adam Deacon, the star of Kidulthood and Shank. The film will be out in Cinema’s from March 18 but if you can’t wait and want to win this exclusive screening check out the trailer below and competition at

To Buy:

– The Social Network
– The Illusionist
– Eat Pray Love
– Despicable Me

To Rent & Buy:

– Red (HD)
– Alpha and Omega (HD)
– The Town (HD)
– Mr Nice (HD)
– Resident Evil Afterlife (HD)
– Marmaduke (HD)
– Diary of a Wimpy Kid (HD)
– Takers (HD)
– Vampires Suck (HD)
– Savage
– Ajami
– I survived B.T.K

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Any idea when we’ll get the video store in Ireland?

Lindsay Iveson 24 February, 2011 @ 16:59

Hi wing126, We are working hard to bring the service to Ireland and we will keep you posted when it will be available. Have you checked out Music Unlimited yet? It is pretty cool. Music Unlimited is available in Ireland now. There is also a 30 day free trial offer!

I second the question by wing126, when is the video store coming to Ireland?

Xbox Live has The Illusionist available to rent in 1080p. Bit of a missed opportunity there guys.

when do we get men in speedos in rockin’ 3d? :D

world is not fair… ^^

Lindsay Iveson 24 February, 2011 @ 17:02

Oh sorry Gameboys not available yet :( agreed, that would be very cool though..

I third the question by wing126, when is the video store coming to Ireland?

Again, when available in the Netherlands? 2011,2012 or 2013….

Lindsay Iveson 24 February, 2011 @ 17:17

Hi avalone, we will keep you posted. We are working hard to expand the service as soon as we can can.

AlexeiMihalchuk 24 February, 2011 @ 17:32

You work hard…. hmm, well not hard enough.

Here in Denmark, there isn’t an abundant amount of awesome video services – like in UK or US. There is practically no competition.

Think, all those Danish customers owning a PS3, ready to pay whatever it costs to stream HD movies. Yet, you are slow as h_ll.

Could you not just deploy movies owned by Sony Entertainment? Is it really that hard to obtain rights to stream movies? Can you not convince major film studios to make more money?
Give us at least something to hold on too – something more than “it is coming”…

I fourth the question by Wing126. It would be great to see the video store come to Ireland.

SCE-UK strikes again with U.K only news

Wow a post for the Video Store. Maybe we will begin to see one everytime the store updates now. Lazy lazy Video Store team.

When is video store expanding to other countries like Finland? Any news?

I fifth the question by Wing126. People of Ireland UNITE!


More anime, please.


we outside of UK are treat like 2nd classe citizens and europeans by SCEE.
no comic-store,no firstplay,no video-store,content missing on other stores,etc…
and all SCEE says is ” we will keep you posted ” or ” We are working hard “,etc…
maybe by 2020 we will have all of that.

I sixth the question by Wing126 and uk is right beside us and we dont have it wat a joke really.

European_Gamer 24 February, 2011 @ 19:12

I completely agree with Alexei, no one is expecting you to launch a full video store in Denmark and other countries at day one.
But it’s years since you launched the video store and you could at least launch a video store including your own Sony Pictures movies.

“We are working hard to expand the service as soon as we can can.”

That’s EXACTLY what they said about the Comic Store too! So don’t hold your breath… :(

First you said 2009 then 2010 and will it release in 2011? Release it one by one instead of everyone at the same time if you can’t handle that.

yup it’s not uk’s fault we should all blame ze germans for no vidzone


The Social Network…:) , if only i had £11.99..:(


I seventh the question by Wing126,just last year a big Irish movie rental chain went under so it really is now or never for this to come into Ireland, least we all go out and buy 2tb media players and do you know what,give the people what WE want.

Not available in your country; no wonder that there are “illegal downloads”…

I’ll join in and be the eighth Irish person to query the lack of an Irish Video Store.When,when and can we have a half decent answer for once.Please:)

Wow a videostore post I was wondering where these went after the start of the year.

So will this release any time soon.. give us dates!!!


How about looking after us in Ireland?

European_Gamer 25 February, 2011 @ 08:02

@ ShadowDoGGG it’s a european blog not a UK only blog.


What about the Swiss video store, is it ever going to happen? Even MS managed to open one on the 360 in Switzerland and they don’t even own a major movie company…

While I’m at it, please give us the choice to watch every movie in its original language when the store finally opens.


Will we be getting regular sales on the video store similar to the 2 weeks game store sale?

Lindsay Iveson 28 February, 2011 @ 16:05

Hello xchris2008x,

Yes we do have sales quite frequently. Please free to let me know any ideas you may have for what you would like to see.


So sad to see the video store team keeps on adding new support like 3D without even rolling the store out to more countries.

Just giving my opinion I think Sony is pushing 3D to much. I will not buy a 3D television if I have to use those lame glasses. Create a Television without the glasses and it will be first on my wish list.

Please put more support on rolling out this service.. It has been overdue for quite some time now.

recently SCE Poland announced they sold 300k ps3s in my country. no wonder they won’t launch vidzone here i’m really glad i have access to basic psn stuff

of course there may be (and probably is) different situation in Netherlands but i’m just saying that we (as consumers) can’t expect too much

Since december 2011 more then a million consoles have been sold and shipped in the Netherlands..!! So 1 out of 17 people has one.. If there were better services launching.. This would double in no time.. Friends would see what I can do with my PS3 and instantly buy one.


Cheers for finally giving us some sort of information I’d given up thinking you guys were ever even gonna bother try to get the Irish Video Store up. I hope we don’t have to wait much longer.

It’s already a year late.

Iv’e seen the HUGE difference in content in both the Uk and US stores and it’s a joke, Barely any good movies that are affordable, Bugger all in Anime (The last time i checked Total Recall was still in the animation section, why?) And no Tv shows available, It’s great we have the bbciplayer etc, but the video store is just obsolete and not worth anyones time, please get some actual content and sort it out!


All of you Europeans should shut up. Do you actually realize how much of a rip-off the video store actually is? I can get the majority of movies for around half the price they charge on DVD. Also you can’t get the movie off the PS3, so if your PS3 breaks you’re screwed. Oh and guess what, they only allow one download before you have to buy it again. So if your PS3 breaks, have fun buying all your movies again. You’re not missing out on anything so stop complaining. You just want something for the sake of having it.


Any idea when we’ll get the video store in POLAND???

Whats the free 3D item?
I purchased and downloaded the 3D swimsuit experience, but nothing extra came with it.

The film looks very nice though, not just nice ladies, but excellent 3D film making.

You can backup all the content you own to an external HDD. When you are ready to watch the movie again, copy it back, it only takes a few minutes.

Sure the store is slightly more expensive than DVD, but the costs involved in getting movies to the store is much greater than a disc based format.

The licencing alone must be a complete nightmare. Then there’s DRM and the licence for that, and bandwidth is very expensive in the UK.

But how many video stores are open at 11pm? None that I know of, and how many let you rent for a whole month? Not many.
There are pro’s and con’s to both systems.
You choose to use the one that works for you.


Could you please shut up yourself. How many times do I have to say this easy for you to talk when you got this service.

Don’t tell people to shut up you will only anger them there is something in this world that is called freedom of speech.

We can speak or minds whenever wherever..!! Just because you don’t use the video store doesn’t mean the rest of Europe won’t. This is the only topic or information point we have so if you don’t like it don’t read the feedback.


guys what is the 3D item free with sports illustrated 3D ?



i agree with you,they get all the services and content and still come here and tell us
to stop complaining.
we have the right to complaining about the disparity between uk and the european stores.


video store for belgium?


Since there isn’t any VOD offer in Belgium expect Belgacom and Voo (ISPs) (even iTunes video store is not available), I guess we won’t get any PSN Video Store soon.

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