New inFAMOUS 2 Trailer: Being A Hero Is Optional

InFamous 2 Stand_3DPack_AW_ENG

Following on from our packshot, pre-order and special edition unveil last week, we now have for you a brand new trailer for inFamous 2!

Over the past few weeks we have gone into more and more detail about the Karma system in inFAMOUS 2, this kicked off with the PlayStation Experience on February 1st where we unveiled Nix and Kuo, the representations of chaos and order in Cole’s world. If you missed this, check out the interview with Greg from Sucker Punch.

Nix Kuo

This was followed up by a post from Sucker Punch giving more info on the intricacies of morality in the game – and specifically looking at how one mission can play out in two very different ways. Have a look if you haven’t seen it already.

Now we have for you the Karma Trailer. In inFAMOUS 2, Cole will have new powers and will come across many crossroads. Ultimately it will be up to you to decide the path you want him to take.

Take a look at the below and watch out for how Cole’s look changes when he’s good and evil, get a sneak peek of a new faction he has to face, and a small taste of Cole’s new ice powers…

In inFAMOUS 2 – Being a Hero Is Optional.

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Youtube says the vid is private! Please ‘un-private’ it :D

James Gallagher 25 February, 2011 @ 10:06

Working on it… I set it to public myself so it must be a pesky bug.


this video is private

James Gallagher 25 February, 2011 @ 10:08

Should be working now… YouTube was being sleepy.

It works! Awesome vid!!!


working :)

We still can’t Pre-order the Hero Edition in the UK yet, apparently you can in Ireland as from today… =/ Please can you tell me any info on when it will be available to pre-order? Thanks. =P

Elliott Linger 25 February, 2011 @ 10:32

I’ve asked our UK team – so watch this space :)

GOTF-Game Of The Forever !

Elliott Linger 25 February, 2011 @ 10:32

Glad you like it!

I still prefer old cole’s voice though

awesome :) just awesome….

cant wait to play!

(but i hope we’ll get the chance to play the “sunny-beach-cole-character” – from the first video, too. if not, i’d be very angry… just make it as an option please… or even as a “costume” like in uncharted… because i really loved the first version of infamous 2-cole!)

Looks realy good!


This is hitting the right strings. =D I really want to let loose on the action.

Elliott Linger 25 February, 2011 @ 10:31

Not *too* long to wait now….

any news on what “certain PAL regions” the Hero edition will be released in, i want to spend some money.

@TheAlp Saaaaaameee…. =(


Same but the VA didn’t want to do the voice for the game so they had to get a new person.

oh please… tell me, that players have the option to change the “skin” of cole to the “first sunshine-version” … even after first playthrough… please, elliott!

@Gameboys It seems his outfit changes in the trailer above, plus there are DLC Skins in the Special/Hero Editions (Kessler, Old Cole), so hopefully we can change his outfit at like a safehouse or something. =P

oh yes please…. please… i love that dark and sexy young man ;) and wanna play with… i mean,… in the game! ^^

Nice! Any word on a release date and price for the Hero edition for Australia/Europe?

That looks amazing. So glad the ice powers are still in there, after all the backlash to the first trailer (unwarranted backlash) I was worried you’d taken them out. Cole looks more hygenic this time around, changing his t-shirt instead of spending three weeks in the same outfit like last time. I was beginning to think his powers stopped him from washing.
Oh, and evil Ionic Vortex? Oh my god. Want it.

Looks hella fun, I missed out on the original, maybe it’s time to play through it before this one comes out…

Nice trailer, really hyped for this now. Just noticed the PSN logo on the side of the case. Could this mean multiplayer? I know boxart doesn’t require this symbol as God of War III doesn’t have the logo on the boxart. I think Infamous could really benefit from some multiplayer modes.


Game looks absolutely awesome!

The demo was cool but far too short, so I’m looking forward to playing the game and testing out new ice powers. :p

Also, Cole’s T-shirt changed. More clothes to try on in game perhaps?

Either way, it looks awesome. :D

Elliott Linger 25 February, 2011 @ 11:52

Glad you like CaptainCortez :)

Have to agree with #7 / Prangstar
I also prefer the old Cole.

But this movie looks better than the screenshots from 1~2 weeks ago where he looked like ehm… well.. not badass.

So maybe at some point I might get the game. But not sure yet.

Eb games are taking pre orders for the Hero Edition in Australia. I pre ordered mine on Wednesday

Shou_Kobayashi 25 February, 2011 @ 11:49

Where to pre-order in Germany – The Hero Edition that is!

looks nice

looneycartoony 25 February, 2011 @ 11:53

so when coles evil all i see is that he has a scar on his face weres the black vains he had on the first game

when does this game come out in europe im desperate to pre-order the HERO EDITION!!!

Shou_Kobayashi 25 February, 2011 @ 11:59

I tried Amazon and my local vendor but nothing to be found, so would be nice if you could help me out on this one, I don’t want to miss that :(



Please say that’s evil fire!

Very Nice..!! this is a must have for me..!!

looks looks like this game is going to be incredible. Important question tho, is Playstation Move supported?

It was announced back in august it would be but havent heard a peep since and it doesnt say it does on the box

@Elliott or anyone else

What’s the music being used in the video? Those are some sweet sounds and I’d like some more please sir!

Between the Hero Edition being announced recently (Need it…so…badly.), and now this amazing trailer, I couldn’t be more psyched for this game. Infamous was my first PS3 game, so naturally I’ve been excited for the sequel since the Game Informer info was first revealed last year.

Question though: Seen as I’ve heard us Irishmen and Irishwomen can pre-order the Hero Edition already, what retailers are certain to be stocking it. I really could care less if its Game or Gamestop, but I’d really like to know soon.

I’d ask if there’s any news on the PAL Date, but if PR and Marketing for Sony and Sucker Punch wanted to give the date, they would have by now.


Fisrt I diliked the change of voiceactor, but i think he sounds a little bit more like Kesler now, which might just be my inner fanboy convinceing me.

Why is the generally negative woman black, but the generally positive one white?

Was that really necessary, and that way around? :-/

@35, I think you’re looking into it too much, if it was the other way around it wouldn’t make any difference and if they were both black or white it wouldn’t make any difference.

On topic, great trailer. I like the different looks, also did I see some fire powers for evil cole being used there?

@nemo20000 Nix (the “black” woman) is not negative really, she just finds a lot of fun in chaos. And Kuo (the other woman) is a guardian of the order in the world and she seems rather Asian-type-ish to me, to be clear. And I think it’s pretty obvious that they chose the colours of their skins just to differentiate them not just psychologically, but in their appearance as well. But anyway, please don’t be paranoid and rather listen to some wise people who know how everyone in the world should see it

Oh and Elliott, I’m also one of those who really don’t want to miss the Hero Edition and can’t wait to have somewhere to pre-order it. So make us happy, please :)


HERO edition is a day 1 buy for me so far, keep it up.

any word on how the game will read our old save data?

Keep the box art like that, dont spoil it by putting them stupid round things on it like the one on the KZ3 box art.

@T-Jani / #39
I think it already has been put on it (printed, as always… :-( ) but this is the untouched box art….

The Improvements made from Infamous to Infamous 2 is so wide apart its like they are totally different games.
Hard work always pays and you earn my respect and interest with this game.
Deffinately going to purchase :D

Elliott Linger 25 February, 2011 @ 17:30

Thanks for the positive comments tosyn_88 – I’ll pass back to Sucker Punch :)

Finally found a store in Norway to pre-order the Hero edition. So now it’s just to wait for this (from what it seems to be) amazing game to be released. :D


I know this is completely of topic but when are you guys gonna update the PS3 internet browser. Youtube search button does not work and Facebook is practically useless nothing shows on the pages except for my profile pic and photos. I dnt have a PC of my own so use the PS3 browser alot. please update ASAP Sony!!!!!

@cthulhu85 What store might that be? Elkjop, Game and lefdal arent taking pre orders on the Hero edition :(

I m going crazy for this game, totally loved the first one.

One thing tho, He sounds like his 50 years old :| I miss Coles old voice:(:(
Anyways i know this game is going to rock!!!

TehPhilosopher 26 February, 2011 @ 18:38

So playing evil is now what the cool kids do? It used to be that you could play evil in games, but there were consequences. Are there in I2?

I cant wait to buy this……… I think I might buy the hero edition

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