PlayStation Home Version 1.50 To Be Shown At GDC


As the world’s dev community gathers in San Francisco for the Game Developers Conference (GDC), one of the talking points will be a new version of PlayStation Home that will empower them to create richer, more sophisticated and better connected gameplay experiences than we have seen before.

PlayStation Home version 1.50 introduces real-time multiplayer, improved physics and graphics, greater control over collision detection and much more as part of a suite of new technology that developers can use to create the connected gaming experiences that PlayStation 3 owners are looking for.

While PlayStation Home users might not notice any immediate changes on the release of version 1.50, you can look forward to playing first-person shooters, racing games and more, all in the connected online world that you are familiar with.

The first game that will make full use of this update is SodiumTwo from Lockwood, the anticipated follow-up to the high-speed jet racer already playable in Home.

Now it’s over to our development community to bring even richer games to PlayStation Home.

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Hoping for NGP integration aswell. ;)

Death_Seaker3000 01 March, 2011 @ 20:40

Looking great! SodiumTwo.. The Next Gaming Experience…
Keep up the good work guys at SONY! ;)

isn’t that nice not seen the changes=Crap no change then when i read the GDC at the top & new core client i was thinking Yeah what better to introduce video/music streaming that will be worth showing at GDC.

maybe something big for E3 eh. :/


havent used ps home since the White Knight Chronicles event space was there. :P

I hope this is true because PlayStation Home, as been a massive let down for me and a waste of investment, that could of be spent on in cross-gaming chat!

P.s if anyone from the UK wants to play Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Street Fighter IV online with me, send me a message or a request!

Any plans to integrate Home or at least the avatars into XMB?


Unless SCEE can sort out localisation process I find it hard to be interested in another Home update.

The trouble SCEE have is that if something is released in SCEA Home it can take a long time to be available here, and by then it has already been superseded by a new SCEA release.

I was only interested in the trophy room in Home, when it was first revealed all those years ago.

Now it’s just a poorly implemented Second Life, complete with the trolls, guys dressed as girls and teenagers either swearing at each other or throwing sexual innuendos at each other.

For me, Home is just a prime example of how some people in sony are more than happy to build a lack luster service on a foundation of broken promises.

Also, the fact that it’s “over to the development community” to try and produce anything good shows how whoever is in charge of this project has just lost the plot. If I were in charge, I’d honestly scrap the entire thing and start again.


I like Home alot more now but it is still such a seperate experience and slow on XMB and in-home. Yes it has got quicker but it is still slow by standards.
Any plans on Home Avatar Integration into PSN avatar photo or alongside XMB and any plans on music being able to be played in the background of Home? I would love that so much.

the Home 1.50 is U.S only cause there is never any real improvement in europe


there more to 1.50 that mention on here there are More features as well & a Vid Yes Wipeout clone in home. lol



Can you make the avatars look happy or smile please as they look so depressing atm, I like home but I feel like I’m walking around a bunch of depressed manikins, lighten their facial expressions up a little.

Shame HOME couldn’t load-up as you switch on your PS3 & be ready without you having to load it up. Saying that it really loads up fast now anyway;)

Carnivius_Prime 01 March, 2011 @ 21:19

they have expressions now. I have mine usually walk around looking angry.

anyways yeah I do like Home, certainly than some supposed ‘great’ games, and it’s my main chat program even over MSN. always happy to see improvements.

Death_Seaker3000 01 March, 2011 @ 21:43

if its advertised on the EU blog that means we’ll get it aswell. we all get the same update guys not just US.


Only thing that was good about Home was the ability to stream your videos to friends… then they didn’t’ implement.

So what about those features from last years GDC?
The potions etc???
Home is a utter joke.
Filled with empty promises, a huge disappointment.
I’ll bet my lungs that this years GDC Sony will reach out to devs to make overpriced online games with their “new tech” only to get laughed at again.


that is awesome, home has been dying for a big update, cant wait til it goes public (you could always send me a beta code), Jonny P.

almighty-slayer 01 March, 2011 @ 23:22

Awesome stuff :) Good to see Home keep improving. Nice work, Home team




I posted this on another forum about Home

The IDEA of Home is nice.
However the execution of it and outside support is bland at best.

Home needs:

‘ Better Avatar creation-tool (Aion, Tera level customization++)
‘ Stop feeling disconnected from each area withing same category.**
‘ Automatically update all areas you have once downloaded.
‘ Support from ALL gamedevelopers offering rewards, anything from a poster, wallpaper, gear, trinkets in Home.
‘ MAJOR improvement in loading textures while inside Home, a lot of the times you just see transparent avatars running around for minutes or even longer.

** Sonys Home Plaza feels like its standalone from the rest of Sony Theater, Shops, Flats etc. You need to be able to move seamlessly between areas in the same “category” without loading, loading, loading.

Woohoo, You fixed scandinavian Home, not a day too late :D
I guess thanks. :)

/best regards.

P.S. still compansation? ;)

omegajames2236 02 March, 2011 @ 00:34

awsome seems intresting cant wait to see or hear more info


I know this is completely of topic but when are you guys gonna update the PS3 internet browser. Youtube search button does not work and Facebook is practically useless nothing shows on the pages except for my profile pic and photos. I dnt have a PC of my own so use the PS3 browser alot. please update ASAP Sony!!!!!


I know this is completely of topic but when are you guys gonna update the PS3 internet browser. Youtube search button does not work and Facebook is practically useless nothing shows on the pages except for my profile pic and photos. I dnt have a PC of my own so use the PS3 browser alot. please update ASAP Sony!!!!!1

Are they going to fix a bug with Parental Control check in the 1.5???

Cyberendpunk 02 March, 2011 @ 07:29

I have to hand it to Sony they are definitely persistent with PS Home, just when I think I am done with the service they add something interesting which makes me want to go back to it. And this new update has to be the best yet, seriously awesome.

I’m gald to see I’m not the only one who see’s Home as a complete waste of time. All it has every been is a virtual chatroom with mediocre games nothing more. I just don’t get the point really, would have found it intresting if you had intergrated the trophy room like you showed of in 2007!

I love HOME!! its so fun, every time i want relax for gaming, I visit HOME ! :D i glad to see those changes and support from Sony
More free clothes please :D

StefNighthawk 02 March, 2011 @ 08:36

Home should have more XMB/PSN integration. ie. Access to your avatar from XMB, integration with the scorecard, Trophy display in Home.

Ask devs to have the matchmaking lobby access through Home (with or without avatar). ie. Player chooses multiplayer from in-game menu, game connects to lobby in Home and tries to join a game. The players that started in Home can see those players in the virtual lobby (with the indication that those are using the in-game menu and not the virtual lobby). The players in the virtual lobby can choose to join a multiplayer game from a virtual terminal or from the navigation menu.

Ask devs to include a spectator slot into their multiplayer games. That slot should then be occupied by a stream displayed on a screen in the game’s virtual space in Home.


So will you finally remove the beta status with 1.5?


I don’t care about the version number – right now I just want Home to work again. We’re closing in on SIX WEEKS without it now here in Scandinavia (unless it suddenly started working again the past few days… but somehow I doubt that).

Six weeks is 11,5% of a year… :(

(And yes, I know about the DNS “fix” – but it made Home so slow it was useless…)


@23: I thought they had fixed Home too, the other week. But it was just pure luck I got in. The next day it was back to the now normal state of showing that dreadful error message. :(

So, is it REALLY fixed? I’m sad to say that I doubt it…

And yes, they should compensate us, but that will never happen. But just you wait and see what happens if UK or USA have to be without Home for just a day or two… Then there will be compensation, mark my words.

@33, tm2010swe. It works? I tried it yesterday and it worked fine, without changing my DNS settings. :D Finally, after five weeks.

@34, tm2010swe; I’m in now Have you tried it today? :S


@35: Well, if it works for you today too, then they probably have fixed it. Has it been five or six weeks? I guess maybe I’ve lost count… But five weeks is still far too long… :(

But I’ll try to forget that if it’s working properly again! :) :) :)


@36: No, I can’t try it until later, but it sounds promising that you can use it today too!


@26 If you hit Triangle > Tools > Javascript > Off then Facebook will load up property. As for YouTube, I recommend you use PS3Youtube, it’s a much better version and you can see your subscription videos there too.


can you guys get EA to make a Fifa level, maybe you could like assemble a team to compete against other teams or just go to the field and be picked for a team, you could maybe have a ranking, if you add that plus paintball (or a Home version of COD :D) then I will definitely return and spend money on Home.


Looking forward to this.

Good to see Home picking up the pace a bit.


nice, hope it keeps improving, i liked the killzone 3 and lbp minigame, other than that ive been mostly just buying outfits lol, which could really use a pricecut too :p

a212goldnewwave 03 March, 2011 @ 08:58

i think its time to move on too!!!


I want some more black man faces ’cause the black man doesn’t really have much facial options. My avatar looks weird as hell.

Better avatar textures please.


why don’t playstation home have support trophies and when will home updating will it be free


is GDC General Dental Council’s never heard of it before


will it support move

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