PlayStation Plus Exclusive: Mortal Kombat Demo


Just as you’re reeling from yesterday’s bumper PlayStation Plus update, a dark voice booms “Finish Him/Her” and we hit you with this: on Wednesday 9 March, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download the Mortal Kombat demo.

That’s one week before it’s available to everyone via PlayStation Store.

The demo includes four playable characters: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage and Mileena, along with their Fatalities and X-Ray Attacks; two environments: The Pit and The Living Forest; single player and one-on-one versus modes; and stereoscopic 3D support.

Tell us: which Kombatant will you be fighting as first?

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VictorAnalogy 03 March, 2011 @ 16:00



hey i wanted to say get over here!! :(

almighty-slayer 03 March, 2011 @ 16:04

Not a fan of fighting games, so i won’t be downloading this, but great news nonetheless :D

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! are you serious… this bonus right here is a FLAWLESS VICTORY!!!


Dammit now I have to go change my pants :D

awww no Kratos? when will we see HIM in action

damn.. no kratos. you smart monkeys.. i will then buy the game ;)

turbogeek421 03 March, 2011 @ 16:10

Sub-Zero FTW!

VictorAnalogy 03 March, 2011 @ 16:11

@umbrellabio: Tough! I’ve baggsied Scorpion. Everyone else has to be Johnny Cage now.

this is awesome, ps+ is getting better

HELL YEAH! Also, WOW, that’s a pretty hefty demo!

Capcom would charge for something that good lol. :P

Hell-Raiser-85 03 March, 2011 @ 16:28

Thats great would of been good if Kratos was in the demo. James will we get the PS Move Heroes demo? Thanks

Batoutofhell3176 03 March, 2011 @ 16:31

Flawless Victory

i really hope the combo system isn’t as rigid in this mk game, that’s why i’ve not been the biggest fan of the mk games in the past.

in previous games the only way to string more than a couple of moves together was a preset combo, they need to make the combat flow more.

James Gallagher 03 March, 2011 @ 16:58

I’ve played it and was really impressed with the fluidity. It’s very smooth and has a great deal of nuance. You’re probably thinking I have to say that, so let’s exchange notes in a week when you’ve given it a try for yourself.

Plus is getting better, literally.


Does the demo comes for EU Plus User =?


That pretty much covers it.

We want Socom Baby

Is this an online demo or offline only?

I wanna see what the netcode is like.

Mileena <3

when is the socom beta available anybody?

James Gallagher 03 March, 2011 @ 17:30

Every Plus member will have access to the SOCOM beta.

i’ll be fighting w sub btw!

Carnivius_Prime 03 March, 2011 @ 17:30

are we likely to get the infamous 2 beta? hm? That’s the one i want.

Pacman_Ownage 03 March, 2011 @ 17:42

About time the best fighting game graced my console again :D

I will be looking forward to seeing how Scorpion looks in 3D :o


Oh! Me like! Even if I’ve already pre-ordered this games Kollectors Edition, it’s still nice to be able to play the demo some until the game is released. Cheers for a nice extra update!


@VictorAnalogy. Johnny Cage! thats just cruel :(

James Gallagher 04 March, 2011 @ 11:33

That’s who I’ll be using first.


I can’t wait to try it! :D


now that is something that i want to try out

gj bring me more!


Lin Kuei all the way!

lol even australia gets this? isnt the game at present banned?

hollandnigel 03 March, 2011 @ 19:28

Thanks for answering my request in the last MK blog post!

Looking forward to trying this game,
I remember when the original came out… ABACABB

Legion_Dragon 03 March, 2011 @ 19:36

Hey James, do you know when PlayTV will be patched and fixed :-(

Sony have, very kindly, refunded my purchase of the update but it still crashes every week and all I get is “Sony are aware of the issue and are looking into a fix as soon as possible” …

Give me a silver lining to my dark cloud mate :-)

James Gallagher 04 March, 2011 @ 09:38

There was a PlayTV patch released yesterday (Thursday) at 10am, I just discovered. You have to to go into the PlayTV Help menu and download it from there, and it should fix the issues people have been having.

ok james, now you’ve got me interested, i’ll give my opinion next week.

oh, and the first character? gotta be sub zero. ^_^

sephiroth180 03 March, 2011 @ 19:47

Sweet, thanks! :)


This won’t be available for German Plus members I guess?


Will we get this in Australia? Isn’t there an issue with the MA15+ certification not being given and therefore it’s effectively banned?


Just checked my hotmail thank you for replying. i do send suggestions on the forum but you guys just reject them so It gets very frustrating being ignored anyway thank you Sony!!!!!!

James Gallagher 04 March, 2011 @ 09:36

OK, but please don’t spam the blog. It’s a really boring job to go around finding all the comments!


@shortfuse14 what did they say about the browser, just curious.

even if its banned in austrlaia I’ll just get the game from the UK, stupid rating system over here, don’t worry sony you’ll still get my cash it’ll just be in GBP not AUD, Jonny P.

All plus users prepare our self’s for fatality :-) :-)


So, will this be available on the Australian PSN store?

i had no intention of buying this game. then, our morons on the ratings board decided that i am not old enough to make a decision for myself (33 BTW). so now, i WILL be buying it. just from an online/overseas store to stick it to them.
i doubt we will get the demo on our store. but, who knows. soon find out.

AlirezaGamer1 04 March, 2011 @ 08:59

i will 1 in ranking of Mortal Kombat .


Can we get this on the Australian store?
I’ll end up downloading it from the American store once it releases anyway, would be a lot less troublesome if we could just get it from our own though.

Prepare yourselves to feel my icy fingers round your neck.

Oh.. are the Fatalities still hidden in the moves list?

dutchguy1982 04 March, 2011 @ 11:17

I can wait a week :) But i’m stoked!


Freedom fail for Australia… :(

TopcatPlayer 04 March, 2011 @ 11:38



“OK, but please don’t spam the blog. It’s a really boring job to go around finding all the comments!”

Seriously? I’m sorry, isn’t your job to take care of the blog? LOL I bet its boring and I totally agree with the spam but one thing is think that to yourself other thing is say it out loud to the community which without them (us) you had no work, at least on the blog XD

Great news and I’m really looking forward for this game, I don’t play a MK game since MKII for Sega Master System II ah ah that’s right you heard me. For me that was the best MK until now (I hope), but hey its only my humble opinion :p


@smokeypsd that’s why you have the “import” option XD don’t let them rule you, fight the power :)


@VitalogyPJ: How would you know if this is the best game since MK2 if you haven’t played any inbetween? ;) Anyway I do in a way agree with you, even if I’ve been a diehard MK fanboy through the years of not so good titles. MK3 and MKT were also quite fun.

Legion_Dragon 04 March, 2011 @ 11:59

Thanks James, my Plus auto download did download it but I was afraid it was going to break it again haha :-) i looked on here to see if there was an “apologetic announcement” but saw nothing so thought it was the old update again haha

PlayTV FTW again :-D

In other, more post related, news … Mortal Kombat = yeeeeeesssssssss :-D

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