SOCOM: Special Forces Bomb Squad And Beta Details

Competitive multiplayer has always been the core of the SOCOM franchise, and SOCOM: Special Forces takes it further than ever before with modes and options that both new recruits and veterans alike will enjoy. We’ve previously covered three of our four competitive modes — Suppression, Last Defence and Uplink — and today we’re excited to unveil our fourth mode, Bomb Squad.

In Bomb Squad, Insurgents have planted a number of bombs around the map and the Spec Ops team must defuse them all before time runs out. What makes Bomb Squad special is that it features the unique Bomb Technician character, played by one member of the Spec Ops team, who is charged with defusing the explosives. He carries both an automatic shotgun and a mobile grenade launcher and is very heavily armoured, making him a deadly force on his own; that said, the technician is still an open target any time he turns his back to defuse Insurgent bombs. Succeeding in Bomb Squad requires tactics, teamwork, patience and confidence to get the job done, all pillars of the overall SOCOM experience.


When can you get your hands on Bomb Squad, you ask? Well, you’ll be able to try out all four of our modes on two maps in our upcoming beta! The SOCOM: Special Forces Beta will include each of the game’s competitive multiplayer modes — Suppression, Last Defence, Uplink and Bomb Squad — all playable on the maps “Port Authority” and “Assault & Battery”. And of course, you’ll be able to play each of our modes in either of their Standard or Classic variants with either the PlayStation Move controller or the traditional Dualshock controls, in addition the Beta supports 3D as well!


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The SOCOM: Special Forces Multiplayer Beta will roll out in two separate phases. It’ll begin with PlayStation Plus subscribers and then it will be available to download from PSN store for everyone! Here’s the schedule for PAL regions.

  • Beginning March 23rd, PlayStation Plus members will gain access to the beta.
  • Starting April 6th, the beta will be freely downloadable to anyone via PlayStation Network.

The beta is scheduled to run until April 13th, at which point the servers will be taken down in preparation for the games release.

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im the 1st and i love socom woooooooooo

better be more like s2 and not call of duty bomb squad sounds rubbish too thats my view

Lets hope the multiplayer on this lasts. Unlike MAG. I would play MAG more often but the update system is stupid and takes too long.

IF it’s like that in this game, I’m not buying.

I just remembered I sold MAG LOL. Doh.

this is nothing like MAG this is a 3rd person tactical shooter no health regen no spwans once yer dead yer dead till the nxt round

I know that. Zipper was the dev for MAG though. That’s more the comparison I was making. :)


Don’t make us download of your crap/slow servers like on MAG.

Still no EU release date for the full game

Don’t make us download off your crap/slow servers like on MAG.

almighty-slayer 04 March, 2011 @ 17:32

Looks like my Move controller is going to get some heavy use this month then, between this and KZ3 :)


ie MP demo

Nice! Looking forward to this. Will be my first SOCOM if I like it.


C_L_O_U_D_M_A_N 04 March, 2011 @ 18:35

Thank you Zipper for letting me live out my EOD fantasies! :B


Actually, Do-_One, unless I’ve misread this is more like MAG than you think.

I could easily be wrong but I seem to recall reading that only ‘classic’ mode or something like that involves no respawn. It’s one of the things that’s annoyed many SOCOM vets. This game does seem to be a break away from traditional SOCOM games.

All in all it seems more like a third person MAG update. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I loved MAG but 256 players doesn’t work. As long as the update system isn’t the same as MAG and Zipper don’t make the game worse with each patch like they did with MAG, this game will be awesome. If they cater for the minority who shout the loudest on forums like they did with MAG, this game will flop whether it has an established fan base or not.

@ 16 EFR Buddy

Sort of agree with you there, might get SOCOM if this betas any good.

:p always PS+ that gets it first but why don’t you give it 2 weeks in advance in place of 1week a week is so short….

lol I am going to look now on my friend list :p


Amazing, been with SOCOM since day one, shame they taken away Demolition for this though, hope EU/UK get it as usual 3 days after US release. Cant wait until 22nd now :)

Jeremy read your messages on you zipper account :p

What’s up with the goofy animations?

Perhaps they won’t be as apparant when you’re actually playing, but for ‘cutscene like’ trailers, they don’t really look very well done.


i just hope they scrapped 1 respawn that was on ranked matches i hated that 1 respawn only


i just hope they scrapped 1 respawn on ranked matches i hated that 1 respawn only

SlovakianEAGLE 19 March, 2011 @ 18:33

Will be there a SOCOM4 MOVE bundle for EU players too.
If not then SONY disappointed me!!!

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