PlayStation Home: Gangsters And Kittens To Roam Home

From Lockwood we hear the pitter patter of tiny paws and claws from some very cute kittens, including a “rough and tumble tabby”, a “relaxed ginger kitty”, or a “scene-stealing Siamese”.


Also, to celebrate the public unveiling of Sodium2 – Project Velocity at this year’s GDC, Lockwood Publishing are marking the occasion with a range of stylish Sodium2 Track wear. They also sent over this description:

“The Racers are hot, loud and dangerous, just like this new range of hardwearing Sodium track gear. Look the part when you hit the pit lane in tough jeans or combats, goggles or shades to shield your eyes from the powerful racer wake and rugged trainers and gloves for when you’re clambering for that perfect view of the course”.

Sodium2 Clothing (Male + Female)

Finally, if some babbo is giving you beef in Home Square, take a walk in an authentic pin stripe suit, a pair of classic Spectator shoes and the ubiquitous Fedora hat, and show them who runs what.


That’s all for this week – all this content will available at the regular time on Thursday.

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Nice, can’t wait for 1.50!

No news for hollywood hills apartment?

Liquid-Funk-X 09 March, 2011 @ 18:40

Yawn, another dull update for content then. Whoopie, more companions, do we really need THIS many? Talk about milking an idea for all its worth, and it was a crud idea to begin with. This i’ll spend my cash down the local take away this week rather than on EU home.

hey dont knock the Pets just thank god we haven’t got much tee-shirts that pointless same with chairs i buy pets and 3 personal space last week each 1 had music in em & i buy a music boombox to listen to in my summer house. it not perfect as i would like my music my vids in home maybe the 1.50 Can will make it so.

i just look on SCEA blog they got a update of a game there already got.

@James.G will we still be getting that conspiracy “avatars with guns”?

but you know what the big headline dont you Yip it cloud storage. ;)

Do the Kittens move? If so. . .I WANT 1! ! ! :P [i love Kittens, so cute] ;)

Liquid-Funk-X 09 March, 2011 @ 19:12

Just goes to show people will buy anything then. I bet if sony sold 79p turds, actually no they would probably charge £2.39 for them, clowns would buy them.

This just smacks of the developers be they lockwood, Ndreams codeglue or indeed sony themselves running out of ideas.

i think there do like the other pets i wish we had a horse 1 that move around instead of the 1 that move slightly i got that & the little dog in a pen 3 weeks ago there about yeah i know i‘m a big softy lol :D

pet crocs pet dangerous tigers next please ;)

Conspiracy… coming to eu home enytime soon?

What Home really needs is some decent mo-capping so we can move more like Nathan Drake and less like Nathan Lane.


Is the pin stripe suit free?

Thirsty-Duck 10 March, 2011 @ 05:38

More Home content. yaaay…?


so what do these cats actually do then ???

Coody-Baroody 10 March, 2011 @ 12:52

12 comments in 24 whole hours? This PROVES that HOME is embarassingly rubbish to all PS3 fans and should be closed down and the budget go to better things that the majority of users want on the PSN. (SUCH AS X GAME CHAT!!!)

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