White Knight Chronicles Returns To PS3 And Debuts On PSP

Some great news today for all you RPG fans.

Developer LEVEL-5 Inc. returns with White Knight Chronicles II for PS3, continuing the epic story of Leonard with a brand new 30+ hour single player campaign. Featuring a fully redesigned, dynamic new combat system, you can create and customise your own exciting attack strategies and combos. With online play for up to 6 players, you can choose to tackle co-op quests or free-roam the game world as a team, plus the Georama feature returns allowing you to build your own customisable town online. White Knight Chronicles II will also support easy play chat (via keyboard) and voice chat.


02White Knight Chronicles

White Knight Chronicles is also coming to PSP for the very first time! From renowned handheld RPG developer Matrix Corp., White Knight Chronicles: Origins is a brand new story to the series set 10,000 years before the events of the original PS3 game. With a 30+ hour single player campaign and online play for up to 4 friends, White Knight Chronicles: Origins has plenty to keep you going on the move. You’ll also be able to trade quests and avatars with your friends.



Lots more information to come but in the meantime, please feel free to post your questions below.

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Awesome!! I was afraid we weren’t going to get the sequel :D Also looking forward to the PSP game too.

Sweet! I have finished WKC twice and I’ve been looking forward to some news about the sequel. I was also hoping that the PSP prequel would make it over here, but I wasn’t sure if it had a good chance of actually being released here, so this is great news.

My question is, do we have any idea of a release date, even a release period? Summer 2011 or is this a Holidays 2011 title?

I assume a PSN release for WKC PSP is a given?

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:27

Both games will be released in May this year so not long to wait.

We’ll confirm an exact release date at a later stage.

And yes, WKC: Origins will be available at both retail and via PSN.


Any preliminary release window for the game? I loved the first one in spite of mixed reviews. :)

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:27

As above, May this year for both both games.

I got part 1 as soon as it came out and i hate to say it but it was the most generic RPG ive ever played… 10+ yrs ago it would of been great but these days i dunno.

If they ever made an RPG like Naruto style, that would be awesome!

i have only one question, when can i buy em?

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:33

Both will released in May this year.

An exact date will be announced later.

Please tell me that, like the Japan release, WKC2 will include the first game’s campaign :D

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:29

More news to come on this later.

Martingutten 09 March, 2011 @ 14:10

In Japan WKC1 comes in the pack together with 2, is this also the case in Europe? If so, it is a day one for me =)

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:29

That would be telling…..

From what I understand the Japanese release included the complete original game… Will this be true for this release too?

Woot, set only 10,000 years before the first one. Compu’er says noe, next time use odd numbers AFTER the fact. That way you can add history from the first game into the second.Besides Skyrim,Two Worlds TWO (eventually thank you NOT Namco Bandai, you let NZ gamers down BIG time)and Dungeon Seige 3 are coming. I supposed due to the fact PS3 is in desparate need of fantast rpgs means I’ll be forced to buy this AFTER I’ver gotten thru the other lot.

I hope it includes the original like the japanese release.


Yeah, what Hazel said!…???

Also, is there anyway to get the PSP into a playable format on the PS3 shortly after release?

AFAIK the Japanese release included the original game. Are we not getting it?

shaolinsword 09 March, 2011 @ 14:17

Brilliant news, now we just need a release date

SurrealNightmare 09 March, 2011 @ 14:18

Yay, I’ve been waiting for this news for what feels like forever!

Do you know if the rest of the DLC will be unlocked for the first White Knight Chronicles? Namely the GR9 quests that were temporary quests and the GR 13-15 quests that the Japanese received.

It’s also nice to know that the PSP spin-off is being released over here as I do love RPGs on my portable too.

Martingutten 09 March, 2011 @ 14:21

Btw, Level 5 have said you NEED to have completed 1 to even be able to play 2, so WKC should be bundled in!


Sony should publish Ni No Kuni in Europe too.

AllytheBruce 09 March, 2011 @ 14:24

do you need a save file from WKC then? I rented and completed the campaign but it’s been lost in a YLOD, can’t say the game was good enough to re-play either since the knights were so overpowered the game was pretty easy. But it did have a nice story at least

Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:31

Don’t worry, there will be more news on this later.



Ross Alexander 09 March, 2011 @ 14:32

That’ll be a nice surprise for her.


In May? Wow that is soon. The first one took over a year to get a release. Well I’m happy. Are 8-4 handling the translation again? They did a great job on the original.

Any chance To see the acclaimed “Jeanne d’arc” released digitally on the PAL stores?
It’s a level 5 game produced by SCEJ and allready localised by SCEA. It seems those kind of games are the trend on psp.


looking forward to both versions…


Now is there ANY chance that you guys would translate the white knight chronicles manga?

Also, will the story dlc be included on the disc on WKC2?

Lastly, sme WKC avatars would be nice. :]

I hope it [WKC2] will include both games, WKC1 and 2, like was in Japan.


With the trophies this time, are players looking at 400-500 hours of online grinding, or are they a little more manageable this time.

Luis_FFgamer 09 March, 2011 @ 14:47

May 2011?? THANK YOU!!!!! :D

Now i just need to get platinum on WKC 1 to get my character ready for WKC 2.

shaolinsword 09 March, 2011 @ 14:50

Is it going to be more difficult this time?

looks like sony have almost month with exclusives this year :)

January- LBP2,DC universe
February- Killzone 3,PixelJunk shooter
Mars- Motorstorm:APOCALYPSE and Yakusa 4 and Heroes on the Move
April- Socom 4
May- White Knight Chronicles 2
June – Infamous 2
July – ……..
Aguste- Twisted Metal
September- Resistance 3
October- Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One
November- Uncharted 3


Looking forward to White Knight Chronicles II. Finished the first, so should it follow the same route as the Japanese game, I am all ready to start.

Not so much interested in Origins. I was initially, but the mixed reviews from Japan coupled with the PSP to NGP mess (I won’t be able to play my entire physical PSP library on NGP, and as insane as it sounds, guarenteed this will be a good 25% more expensive on as a digital download than online retailers will sell it for), I think I’ll give it a miss. Maybe if you included a digital download voucher or something I’d be a little more interested.

awsome. loved the online part in WKC 1 – the narrative in the game was bad IMO. the combat where slow in the start of the game.
but all in all – a great game… now my hands are trempling for the next wkc game :)

@kivi95 you left some great games (rpgs) out from your list.

feb: Hyperdimension Neptuni and Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll
marts:ar tonelico qoga

Disgaea 4, Ni no Kuni and The Last Guardian(hoping for 2011 release)

Now this just needs a North American release announcement as well. With both games being localized I can’t see a reason why there wouldn’t be one.

This makes for great birthday news, absolutely loved the first one. Then again, I’m a huge Level 5 fan ever since their first game, Dark Cloud. ^^

just one thing jap dubs Yes or no?

When will it be out in the U.S.?

Ross Alexander 10 March, 2011 @ 11:42

I’m afraid you will have to wait and see.

dragonmagician 09 March, 2011 @ 15:10

I hope this is not some kind of Europe exclusive. I’m still waiting for a similar post on the NA blog (fingers crossed).

Sony needs more JRPG IPs in my opinion…The Legend of Dragoon was a Perfect direction…


Wonder if the release will mean also some increased online activity in WKC1. I played the game late and the online component was basically lost to me because nobody seemed to be online anymore. Maybe I can at least get one session in just for the sake of having played it once :).

CloudBelmont 09 March, 2011 @ 15:20

Yeaaa, this is my news! Thanks Level-5, Thanks Sony. But i dont want wait 1 years…

Thanks for answering my question Ross, I shall look forward to some RPG fun in May so. :)

Finally, cant wait =)
Thank you so much Level 5 and Sony!!!!

pwndius_pilatus 09 March, 2011 @ 16:07

Thank you very much, Sony & Level-5! I was just thinking about to import it, but the new us/eu release will be cheaper^^

Another question:
Some Infos about a Collectors Edition….?

AaronSOLDIER 09 March, 2011 @ 16:28

Cant you guys get more JRPG devs under your belt though?


online coop mode?

ANOTHER? ? ? PS3 Exclusive this year? ? ? :P Cool;)

Luckily i can use my xBox 360 as a heater :D

CloudBelmont 09 March, 2011 @ 17:58

And we want Japanese dubbing. Blu-Ray have for it. :D

if this game only has english dub i’m gonna pass on it cause the English voice dub for the first one was like a horrible nightmare

ShadowhunterrX 09 March, 2011 @ 20:13

Level 5 is great :D , Dragon Quest and Inazuma Eleven are great games :D and WKC was not bad.


Dear Sony
Please include Japanese voice option this time!!!!!!!

(majority of PS3 jrpg are have dual voice option, even smaller publisher like NISA could include japanese voice option in their game, so there is no reason for SCE to not include it)

i really hope in the future PS3 exclusive JRPG published by sony can make it way to the west faster,and could get equal treatment with other PS3 exclusive game published by sony



Fantastic news!

This RPG was like something straight out of the golden era of RPGs and at the same time, fresh.

Truly fantastic game.

I can’t wait for the announcement of Ni No Kuni either! But i expect this in 2012-ish.

No questions, just thankful it’s coming over!


Tell me that I’m going to refresh the US PS Blog and see this same news on there. I loved WKC and have been dying for the sequel. Unfortunately it does take a bit of time when it comes to western releases and Level-5 games it seems…. But the fact that it is coming to EU gives me hope it is coming to NA as well. Any confirmation you want to give to a concerned fan? =x


Good news. I’m happy to know that. I enjoyed WKC although most reviewers gave it a low score.

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