The Official PlayStation App Version 1.05 Goes Live Today In Multiple Languages

The latest version of the Official PlayStation App (1.05) will be available for download from the iTunes App Store and Android Marketplace from this afternoon.

The App is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch (OS 4 and above), or most Android compatible handsets (OS 1.6 and above).

The Official PlayStation App, Coming Soon To iPhone And Android Handsets

In the latest version (1.05) we’ve added support for most SCEE countries which means you’ll be able to use the app in your language and also read news and find out about products that are available in your country.

The full list of supported countries/languages:

  • Arab Emirates – English
  • Ireland – English
  • Belgium – French
  • Belgium – Dutch
  • Luxembourg – French
  • Luxembourg – German
  • Switzerland – French
  • Switzerland – Italian
  • Switzerland – German
  • Austria – German
  • Portugal – Portuguese
  • Denmark – Danish
  • Norway – Norwegian
  • Finland – Finnish
  • Sweden – Swedish
  • Poland – Polish
  • Russia – Russian
  • Australia – English
  • New Zealand – English
  • Greece – Greek
  • South Africa – English
  • Czech Republic – Czech
  • India – English
  • Turkey – Turkish
  • UK – English
  • Spain – Spanish
  • Netherlands – Dutch
  • France – French
  • Italy – Italian
  • Germany – German

We are already working on the next version (1.1) which will bring new features to the app. I’ll be back on the Blog soon with more details on the next version. For the moment, I hope you enjoy the Official PlayStation App in your language and please let me know your feedback and ideas for new features.

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“Official PlayStation App in your language”

Does this mean you can’t use an other language? (English while living in the Netherlands).

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 07:47

On iPhone, you will be able to change the language independently of your phone settings. On Android, the app will automatically take the language that you’ve selected for your phone.


does the update also mean this will now work on the Sony xperia x10 mini pro yet?

tobiasampersand 10 March, 2011 @ 07:17

As you’ve got “Australia – English” listed as a supported language, does this mean the app will be available in the Australian iTunes store? It’s available in the UK store, but not Australia.

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 07:48

yes the app will be available in your iTunes Store.

Just downloaded!

The Language is changeable, btw :-)

I really like the app and use it all the time on my iPhone. Is there a way you can save the password as it’s a pain in the backside having to enter it so regularly. Thanks :)

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 07:51

We are looking into this for the next version. I can’t promise anything.

When i try to login from the App i get the error:

“Missing return URL parameter.”

At last – thank you Sony :)

Still no love for the HTC Wildfire? Could you guys at least consider making the app available for lower resolution phones?

Apart from that though, great work, keep it up :)


Is it true that if you post a comment from page 3 onwards that Sony have made it an international law to ignore you?


How about not signing us out every time
Friends list like on the Ps3

Overall, its way behind the Xbox app.

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 07:49

The app (1.05) will be available later today. there’s a mistake on the post, we will change this.

Love this thing. Honestly, with this and the online storage for game saves, Sony is really exceeding my expectations


Please bring this out on BlackBerry

my Galaxy S is already have and surfing the blog from it … am in Saudi :)


Um, only looking into saving the password for the next version?! Complete PITA to have to enter username & password every time you want to use the app…

Do we have a proper trophy list in this version? Can we please have a proper iPad version? Is the friends list finally sortable in ANY way?

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 09:13

Hi KnightOrc,
We know the issues with having to sign in every 24 hours and we are investigating a change for the next version. Regarding the trophy list, this will definitely be sorted in the next version. iPad/tablets version of the app is scheduled for later this year.


I would love the app to send and recieve PSN messages, that would be my dream. Anything else is just a bonus.


Looking forward to future updates! :-) Even though I live in the US I was able to download this by making a British iTunes account (very easy to do actually :-)) The one feature I would really like and appreciate is viewing of individual trophies (along with descriptions) and not just the overall percentage. Thanks mates! Did I say that right? Mate?!


Is there no possibility of an app for Blackberry? When I previously queried if one was coming I was told none planned but I can’t understand not producing one for one of the most popular types of phones or at least not having one in the works

dutchguy1982 10 March, 2011 @ 08:36

Great app! I agree with above comments of being signed out every time… makes me not want to use the app regularly. Trophy list would be awesome! Also push notifications for when a friends goes online :)


Ive noticed 3.60 firmware is out when i signed in it said new update available so before i update i go on uk playstation official site to see if its on the site so i am thinking should i update or is it a faked cracked update ,cause remember the end of january 2011 somebody hacked sony servers geohack something like that ( AND CHECKOUT SONY WEBSITE TO CHECK LIKE I DID
So why is 3.60 coming up on my PS3 if it’s not on the official site

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 09:15

The new firmware update will be available from in a few minutes.



No Saudi Arabia/ English?
I like the app but it needs improvements. like someone says here saving the password and user name, being able to post on the blog, arrange the friends list according to status not alphabetically.


What about Windows Phone 7?, Please bring it to Windows Phone 7………..Please.

Please Answer……..


OMG you are kidding me, I waited months for this to come out in NZ and now I found out its not on the market for Vodafone 845 (Droid)

Maybe Symbian compatibility in future ?

almighty-slayer 10 March, 2011 @ 09:03

So no actual new features?

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 09:17

Hi almighty-slayer,
This new version of the app doesn’t bring new features. We’ve translated and localised the content for all the countries listed above.
The next version 1.1 will bring new features.

Carnivius_Prime 10 March, 2011 @ 09:03


firmware 3.60 was mentioned yesterday here as being what is needed for the PlayStation Plus online save feature. Also nicely (for me cos it’s something I use often) it lets you change the time before joypads switch off rather than just the one setting it had before. Don’t panic. It is official.


Can you please update this article to include a link and/or (preferably) a QR code linking to the download in the Android Market?


Sorry for the double-post, but is anyone else having issues logging-in?

When the wife logs-in, the PlayStation application opens a browser and presents a login page… The wife logs-in again and the page simply refreshes, again requesting the she login! We tried this with both Opera and the Android Browser as the default browser, to no avail.

We are in Australia.


As of right now the app does nothing that I couldn’t do before. 3rd party apps on iTunes displayed the friends list and trophies and through my browser I could access the blog. Sure it’s very convenient and Ive downloaded it but how about Sony makes this app distinguish itself from the other 3rd party devs and give us messaging capabilities via PSN on the app. With push notifications!

Again there is nothing really outstanding on the app at the moment and though I have it I wish it was more useful the to just see who’s online right now…

Getting it to my iPhone 4

What,s the name of the app??

Cant find it in the app store?

This app has soo much potential, you need to start rolling out the new features faster before everyone forgets about it, also real connectivity and gameplay features like and gt5 remote racing stuff like that, not just the weak ass website stuff that you can do on, like view your trophies and erm.. view other peoples trophies,

We want to be able to:

-Queue downloads
-Send\receive messages to psn friends
-Browse and queue levels on
-Run GT5 Remote races
-Trophy list leaderboards with all friends not just single compare
-Listen to music on Qriocity
-Watch videos from sing star community
-Post on the blog
-Change avatar and quotes on our psn IDs
-buy and read comics from the comic store


Please make this app compatible for more phones. I have a Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro, and i am not able to use your app, even though i have Android version 2.1 installed. :(


Here’s the kicker, I had to leave the app and launch safari to post this LMAO


do this work with xperia x10 mini pro? if not are you going to try and make it work for the x10 mini pro?

As mentionned in comment #5 : you need to find a way to not have user type in their login and password everytime they use the app to check PSN stuff (friends list, trophies, etc…).
That’s the main reason why I’m not using this app more often. I can’t be bothered to log in every single time. I’m probably not the only one.

blackberry support nay time soon?

I can´t find it on my app store :(

Emmanuel Orssaud 10 March, 2011 @ 11:24

The application was published at 9am this morning but it takes a bit of time for the iTunes Store to refresh, it will show up on the App Store pretty soon.

Bamba_Noodle 10 March, 2011 @ 11:14

I have to ask where is the Windows Phone 7 Love….. Will we be seeing a copy coming to our marketplace soon?

James Gallagher 10 March, 2011 @ 11:23

@gr0undp0und we really don’t recommend people submit their PSN login details to unverified third parties, which is why we removed the comments.


Thanks for heads-up!
I hope there’s a plan to make this app universal with iPad :-)

Hi Emmanuel. One major problem with the app on my iPhone is that I have to log in nearly EVERY TIME i want to check my friend’s list. In the next update can you fix it so that it keeps you permanently logged in?

Apart from that it’s great, just add more features like add / remove friends. Send / receive messages.



Great ;)

What month do you expect v1.1 to come out?

What’s its name?


If you add the features that Xenostar mentioned above this up will be the best thing in my opinion. But I guess first thing that needs to be done is messaging with PSN friends. That would be amazing!

So these three things is a “must” for this app for bringing success to Sony:

-Send\receive messages to psn friends
-Post on the blog
-Change avatar and quotes on our psn IDs

These are essential, these will bring more “social quality” to PSN and unite more gamers. Others are just gamer’s individual wishes.


Remote control functionality and keyboard inputs is much much needed. And turning ON/OFF PS3 though will be a killer… come on Sony.. why everything is coming so slow… looking forward for the new features :)

Good news. Although, I hope Sony someday will understand that most europeans does NOT want their content localized. We prefer english, use your development time to make new features instead, thank you. :)

I prefer my language, Portuguese!!!!!

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