God Of War III Director: “It’s An Honor” For Kratos To Appear In Mortal Kombat

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a shout out to Ed Boon (http://twitter.com/#!/noobde) and Netherrealm Studios for getting close to wrapping up Mortal Kombat! From what I have seen, I think everyone is going to be really happy once they get their hands on it.

Mortal Kombat had a HUGE influence on me growing up. I remember the first time I saw it in the arcade — I almost crapped myself! I was like, “Look what they did to that guy! I’m out of quarters! When well I be able to play this at home?” Then I learned about Mortal Monday, the official launch day when the arcade game came out on the SNES and Genesis. I was a poor college kid at the time, but I circled the date for two reasons: I couldn’t afford it, so I needed to reserve it a month in advance at the video store; and September 13, 1993 was my 21st birthday! So instead of going to the bar on my 21st, I ended up sitting with my friends playing MK all night long.

Sometimes, life has a strange way of working out. Here I am, 17 years later, having been able to work on the incredible God of War series…and then one day we get approached to include Kratos in the new Mortal Kombat! This was a complete no-brainer. I remember interviewing at PlayStation eight years ago and seeing Kratos in the very early stages of God of War 1 and thinking, “this guy looks like he was pulled straight from MK!” Which to me, was a good thing. One of the things that I always felt separated Mortal Kombat from other fighters was its character design. When you combine this with Kratos’ attitude and tendency for violence, it’s a match made in heaven!

Another thing that made this collaboration a good fit is that our studios have ties with one another. Several of us at Santa Monica used to work at Midway, including Adam Puhl (Lead Combat Design), Bruno Velazquez (Lead Animator), Chris Sutton (Lead Environment), as well as me, so we all knew Ed and had a relationship with members of his team. It was easy for all of us to get on the same page. It also made the decision on our end to work together because we trust them fully and we know that they will deliver on the promise to make this the most complete and authentic Mortal Kombat yet.

So for me personally, this is a really cool story. Mortal Kombat influenced me when I was younger in many ways, and it is still influencing me today. You can see this plainly by looking at God of War III. I was always encouraging the team to push the gore and violence in the kills, and a large part of that was the way MK struck me when I college kid. Its one of those games that changed the industry, and is why I bet a lot of people have the “I remember MK because” stories. It is an honor to be involved with it.

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Cyberendpunk 15 March, 2011 @ 18:07

It feels really good to see Mortal Kombat back on form, I was a huge player of the games back in the late 90’s, I kinda forgot about the franchise in recent year but now I’m glad the series has returned with a bang. I was going to get MK9 regardless of any exclusive characters but Kratos definitely is the icing on an already delicious cake. And I agree he fits the franchise like a glove.


Can’t wait to play the demo tomorrow! :D


Some say, he can eat his own head – all we know is.. he’s called the Stig

Talking about god of war 3, is there any DLC on the way?

Ahmedz_LOLZaMan 15 March, 2011 @ 18:16

For the love of all that is gory please tell me that we can perform fatalities on Kratos!

When will we see ACTUAL gameplay of Kratos then guys.

As for god of war 3, i took it out to play again this week from start to end, i had to appreciate how epic the game was.


Oh wow!! You can see Kratos has been taken straight from the end of God of War 3. The scar (Or the gaping hole) from the ending! T.T I love the little touches. Does this merge with the story? Has he entered the MK Lore for life now? =D

Hey stig do you ever feel kinda bad when you see the awesome dlc people like EA do for games like Dead Space, Mass Effect 2 and Assassins Creed?

Shou_Kobayashi 15 March, 2011 @ 18:58

I’m on the fence on getting MK… because hey it’s MK and Kratos is the little extra :)


It‘s Good to see Big brute K back btw why the vid says PEGI-18 will it be on the store as well.

this is why i like our BBFC they dont take crap from any-one “both games are 18 passed with-out cuts”


i will Weep When BBFC is no more. :(

Yeah. . .now make him appear in ‘God of War 4’! ! ! :P [Hint, hint]


*Dam the link broken just Copy/paste link to get it working. :/

I am so hyped for Mortal Kombat..!! Loving the Demo will probably keep playing it till launch in April!!

Carnivius_Prime 15 March, 2011 @ 20:21

An honor? In Mortal Kombat? You’ve got to be joking.

god of war 3 was just epic and will like to thank Stig Asmussen,and his team for making god of war 3 one of the best games i played and will love to see how kratos gameplay will be like day one buy for me.


It’s also not an honor that MK isn’t coming to australia.
We’re not even allowed to import it because if we do we’ll be paying a $10,000 fine.


The demo is awesome pulled off scorpions special, and got a old school feelin, happy days.


I remember all the God of War I/II/III making ofs and interviews, it was cool seeing how Stig Asmussen move up to direct the third, my favourite in the series.

It’s great to see Mortal Kombat return to form and it’s awesome that the PS3 version will get Kratos.


Kratos is perfect for Mortal Kombat. It really makes sense. Can’t wait to see his fatality.
As for the story, I also remember walking into the arcade and seeing MK for the first time. The realistic visuals and the never before seen level of violence blew my mind. I had to try it right away.
Played the hell out of it on the mega drive as well, especially ultimate mortal kombat 3.


@smashrash dude have you ever imported a game before??? I get every game from overseas from zavvi because its so much cheaper and there is no way to tell what game is in the package and i’m pretty sure on the customs declaration they write gift not game anyway. By the way the demo is up free for all on the U.S. store right now, Jonno.

Hi Stig Asmussen.
I loved God of War III but at the end of the game the STORY set in the Greek mythos also ended.

Let GOD OF WAR IV begin Kratos’ story anew set in ancient Egypt. Starting from the beginning. The pyramids. Imagine it with Ra as the Zeus/ god of gods figure. The beautiful Isis as the love interest. Anubis the evil lord of the dark realms. Think of the movie, The Mummy with an army of dog-headed warriors.

As the series progresses you could have Kratos having slight memories of… something. The story would not be a retelling it would be a continuation from GOW III! It would have been Zeus’ way to escape into a parallel existence however, as scripture foretells “The ending of this story will not change…!”


Obviously he likes the US more


Hey Stig, I Just Wanted To Say, God Of War 3 Was Game Of The Year Last Year…. Easily, There Wuz No Competetion To Me! I Got The Platinum Trophy Too!!! Im Dieing To Play The New MK… I Must Spend 2 Hours On The Demo Everyday… Cant Wait For This [DELETED]!!!

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